Monday, October 18, 2010

AMERICAN political machinations are utterly controlled by the power behind the power in USA, the CIA/MOSSAD alliance of evils for total control Jerry Brown holds a small lead over Republican Meg Whitman in California’s gubernatorial race, according to a new poll.
Fox News owner Zionist Rupert Murdoch Greenberg attacks and smears on
former California Governor and Democratic candidate for governor, Jerry Brown.

AMERICAN political machinations are utterly controlled by the power behind the power in USA, the CIA/MOSSAD alliance of evils for total control of congress and non disclosure of most Covert Operations. The MSM is a primary tool if this endeavor, utterly controlled by CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 and the UKUSA alliance....

Here is one such small example......

UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch Greenberg has issued a secret directive to FOX News personnel to engage around the clock personal attacks and smears vs current Democratic candidate for governor, former California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Reference: FOX News have become media surrogates for the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate and Goldman Sachs stooge, Meg 'bitch' Whitman aka Madam Pinocchio.
The point man for these attacks is none other than known Bush Crime Family puppet, FOX News political hack Sean Hannity aka Sean Hanowitz.

Item: Hannity suffers from a known disease which inflicts him on a 24-hour basis. It is called diarrhea of the mouth.

Hannity Hanowitz is assisted in this anti-Brown activity by current USC aka university of spoiled cheats law professor, closet Republican and known neocon, anti-Catholic bigot, Susan Estrich, also of FOX News.

Estrich actually leaked anti-Brown articles to her close friend, internet mogul, homosexual in-the-closet and sexual terrorist dying of AIDS, Matt Drudge aka drecht.

Reference: Both Estrich and Drudge known tribalists and stooges of current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet, half Jewish Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Note: USC aka university of spoiled cheats recently released a poll showing Whitman running ahead of Jerry Brown. The poll allegedly originated in the English Department.

The poll is bogus and we can now divulge that Jerry Brown has as much as a 13-point lead that is widening.

Clearly this poll was released by Estrich, who, of course, represents this bogus university whose athletic department has been tarnished with high level scandals, and rumor has it that alleged student athletes are still being paid cash under the table by sport agents and USC alumni.

Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings, which will include new details and evidence currently being held by the NCAA that will unleash the most massive college football scandal aka pay-to-play since pre WWII.

It is also important to note that both Estrich and Drudge are archenemies of former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.

Both Jerry Brown and Al Gore are opposed by the big oil interests of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and the big shot neocon media stooges who want to continue to enable the criminal bank scamsters that have LOOTED the United States of America and its Treasury.

Reference: Jerry Brown is also disliked by the criminal infrastructure that occupies America.

Jerry Brown is a lifelong opponent of the Internal Revenue Service and a proponent for a 'Flat Tax', which would clearly energize the U.S. economy.

Could it be that former Governor Brown is now ready, if he becomes governor, to get rid of the California state income tax.

We also want to divulge that former Governor Brown has fully endorsed the tax free, privately financed high speed rail program, the AmeriRail, advocated by American patriot Ambassador Leo Wanta

That is right, folks, the AmeriRail, a high speed rail program that does NOT involve any taxes at all!

At this hour, we can report that former Governor Brown's opponent, Meg bitch Whitman has said she has taken the AmeriRail program off the table. We assume Ms. Whitman would rather build a Goldman Sach's freight train loaded with bribe money similar to the dirty loot that was used to bribe the U.S. Supreme Court allowing Ms. Whitman's buddy, nation wrecker, election stealer, Constitution shredder, U.S. Treasury embezzler, homosexual in-the-closet, cocaine snorting, AWOL, war criminal George W. Bush to take office illegally in the year 2000 presidential election.

Meg 'bitch' Whitman and Zionist Rupert Murdoch Greenberg

P.S. At this hour we can divulge that FOX News Rupert Murdoch Greenberg and his bitch, Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, along with her EBay corporation, have been tied to Bank of America and a massive mortgage-backed securities derivative fraud scheme that enabled the LOOTING of the State of California CalPERS pension fund.

Reference: Murdoch Greenberg, who is a campaign contributor to Meg Witman's gubernatorial campaign, has been given a direct promise by bitch Whitman that she will enable Murdoch and his FOX News Corporation to get direct financial control over 80% of California airwaves while, at the same time, giving Murdoch-owned internet-based NewsMax corporation control over California-based internet portals.

As you can see, folks, Rupert Murdoch Greenberg is a political terrorist, who needs to be immediately arrested and deported to a sheep farm in his native Australia.

P.P.S. We can now also divulge that anti-Catholic bigot Murdoch was tied to a secret slush fund that had a direct link to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme that helped smear the daughter of our late assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, when she was seeking the vacated U.S. Senate seat of then New York U.S. Senator soon to become U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Enablers in this personal assault on Caroline was, of course, FOX News, MSNBC's early talk show "Joe in the Morning" (are you listening Mike Barnacle), Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate financial bag man Morton Zuckerman of U.S. News and World Report, as well as Zionist-controlled TIME magazine, and their known neo con stooge and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate enabler, anti-Catholic bigot Joe Klein.

We can also reveal that Murdoch and Zuckerman, along with former BushFRAUD Deputy White House Counsel Karl Rove, have been fingered in spreading the anti-Catholic Caroline Kennedy garbage to both the Zionist-controlled Washington Post and the New York Times. Personal note: At this time I would like to congratulate former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez for telling the truth concerning the total, radical, neocon, Zionist Jewish control of the U.S. media as it affects U.S. policy, U.S. national security, political and economic coverage.

The alleged U.S. media is nothing but a front for the criminal U.S. banking and corporate interests that have enabled the LOOTING of the U.S. Treasury and are now attempting to financially fund their puppets and stooges who want to continue to have the United States of America under financial occupation and turn the United States into a whorehouse....
P.P.P.S. As we bring this intelligence briefing to a close we want to make it crystal clear that neocon puppet Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate enabler Bob Woodward of the Washington Post does not write his own books. His books are written by his fellow Washington Post journalist Walter Pincus.

I want to remind everyone, again, that Woodward is an Israeli Mossad/CIA asset whose role in Watergate was minimal compared to the work of his fellow Washington Post journalist at that time, Carl Bernstein.

Reference: For years Woodward has covered up that the real Deep Throat was not the late FBI agent Mark Felt but the REAL Deep Throat was none other than Daddy Bush himself aka George Herbert Walker Bush.

During the 1990s Woodward and his Zionist-controlled Washington Post conspired with then Clinton era Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, as well as both Bill and Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to frame then Vice President Al Gore for allegedly making phone calls from the wrong room in the White House. This was all an attempt to distract and cover up misconduct by Starr in "sealing" evidence tied to the assassination of the late White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster and also cover up and illegally "seal as national security" evidence that the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate engaged in a TREASONOUS Iran-Contra era money laundry, illegal narcotic trafficking, along with a black market weapon sales operation, from the noted Mena, Arkansas airport known as Operation Deal Room.

Woodward also directly participated as a "pilot fish" in setting up for assassination Whitewater witness and Clinton relative, Neil Cooper Moody, when Woodward traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas in the late 1990s with a $100,000 cashier's check from the Washington Post that would be used to bribe Moody in reference to documents that would be turned over to Woodward that dealt with the aforementioned Operation Deal Room, as well as documents in Moody's possession linking then First Lady Hillary Clinton and then White House official Rahm Emanuel to an Israeli Mossad espionage operation that would soon involve Clinton era White House whore Monica Lewinsky.
Israeli Mossad asset Bob Woodward and lesbian in-the-closet, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton

This is interesting that scumbag Woodward is now advocating the removal of current Vice President Joseph Biden and replacing him with none other than loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

One could only presume that if loser Hillary was able to assume the Vice Presidency, without being elected, it would just be a matter of time before this mentally ill bitch assumed the presidency, without an election.

Sounds like BushFRAUD doesn't it, folks?

It is clear that Woodward still believes in a Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate monarchial line of succession.

We suggest that Woodward study closely the events and history of the French Revolution since it may be coming soon to Washington, D.C.

In closing, if you can't watch the World Series in Philadelphia and New York City you can directly blame Rupert Murdoch Greenberg's FOX News Corporation, which has been recently fingered by the FCC for stealing millions of dollars in program fees from the local affiliate Cablevision Systems Corporation. Murdoch and FOX are trying to extract fees from pay TV operators for signals that were once free.

As we have stated before, and we will state again, foreign reprobate and neocon Zionist stooge Rupert Murdoch Greenberg is a political and media terrorist who must be immediately removed from American soil and his Fox News Corporation needs to be dismantled.

Murdoch is not only a threat to free airwaves in America but to our Constitution and our utter way of life.


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