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Bill Clinton cashes in dirty $$ while his "wife" looks the other way....

Bill Clinton cashes in dirty $$ while his "wife" looks the other way....

April , 2011 -- Bill Clinton: Bag man for Nigerian and other money?

On March 25, 2011, former President Bill Clinton was in Lagos, Nigeria for the ThisDay annual awards for Excellence and Good Governance at the posh Eko Hotel. Clinton was in Nigeria in his capacity as the head of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Informed sources have told us that Clinton's CGI fund has been raking in millions of dollars from dubious and suspect businessmen and government leaders around the world. The former President's money raising activities are being conducted with the full knowledge of the U.S. State Department and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, according to the official record, departed Lagos to speak to the 2nd Global Sustainability Symposium in Manaus, Brazil on March 27. However, we have been informed that Clinton made a stop after visiting Nigeria and Brazil in the Cayman Islands. The purpose, we are told, was to make a sizable deposit in a Grand Cayman bank account.

In the wee hours of May 28, Clinton's private jet arrived at Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman. The official reason for Clinton's Cayman stopover was to speak at the "Embracing our Common Humanity fundraiser at the Ritz-Carlton on March 28. US Secret Service and Royal Cayman Islands Police Service personnel accompanied Clinton's motorcade to a residence on Grand Cayman.

With reports that Clinton has benefited from the financial largess of unscrupulous mining tycoons from Canada to Kazakhstan, suspicions have been raised that the purpose of Clinton's stopover in the Caymans was to deposit some ill-gotten loot from Nigeria, which has become a virtual kleptocracy as a result of the siphoning off of billions in revenues generated by the Nigerian oil industry, and from international businessmen cronies who Clinton met in Brazil.

Suspicions raised after Bill Clinton's plane arrives in early morning in Grand Cayman.

The Clinton Foundation has been cited by a number of critics for its lack of transparency. The Foundation's main benefactors are Canadian mining magnate and Clinton friend Frank Giustra and Mexican telecommunications multi-billionaire and the world's richest man Carlos Slim Helu. Giustra's business links to the Kazakhstan dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Kazakh state uranium agency Kazatomprom have served as a basis to criticize Clinton's own business links, using the veneer of the Clinton Foundation, to collect money from some of the world's most unsavory leaders and business interests.

The Clinton Foundation has also received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, Jamaica, Italy, Qatar, Brunei, Norway, Dubai, Kuwait, and the Dutch National Lottery. The foundation's corporate donors have included the former Blackwater security company and Colombia's Gold Service International, a firm with close ties to the former Colombian President and human rights criminal Alvaro Uribe. The Clinton Foundation has also attracted sizable contributions from Canadian zinc and copper mining companies, as well as from Israeli-American Zionist businessman Haim Saban, Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Jr., the American Jewish Committee, and disaster capitalist George Soros....

In Manaus, Clinton called for the United States and Brazil to cut greenhouse gas emissions. However, in Nigeria and Brazil Clinton apparently benefited personally from green cash emissions...

Contract fraud in USA reaches into the upper echelons of the Democratic and Republican parties.

Contract fraud in USA reaches into the upper echelons of the Democratic and Republican parties.

April , 2011 -- More to DC corruption case than meets the eye...

There's an old saying in journalism that there is no news story if a dog bites a man, However, if a man bites a dog, that is something that rises to the level of a reportable event. The same situation exists, of course, with corruption in the District of Columbia government.

In a lawsuit filed before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on October 15, 2010, the construction company Cheeks of North America, Inc. (CNA) alleges that a
consortium of inter-linked construction firms have successfully bid on road and highway construction and repair contracts in DC that have effectively frozen out other competitors.

CNA also charges that
the firms that have reaped millions of dollars in construction contracts, including increased funding made available by President Obama's "stimulus" package, have been siphoned off in kickbacks to top DC politicians from the winning bidders.

The civil case has been assigned to U.S. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. The suit by CNA owner John C. Cheeks, charges that Fort Myer Construction Corp., Anchor Construction LLC, Capitol Paving of DC, Inc., Civil Construction, LLC, and A&M Concrete Corporation have rigged bids to ensure that the five companies, all with inter-locking directors and officers, that resulted in the "near total subversion of the control mechanism of the infrastructure contracts in the District of Columbia."

Also named in the lawsuit, among others, are former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty; DC Attorney General Peter J. Nickle; the DC Water and Sewer Authority; the DC Department of Transportation; and DC Councilman Jim Graham, the chairman of the Council Committee on Public Works and Transportation. Current Mayor Vincent Gray, although not named in the suit, is said to have known about the bid-rigging while serving as DC Council President, according to sources familiar with the case. One DC Council member who is said to be clean in the affair is the previously scandal-plagued mayor Marion Barry.

The corruption involving rigged construction and other infrastructure contracts might be chalked up as "more of the same" except for one major wrinkle. WMR has been told that the FBI has been trying to close down the rigged construction contract operation, said to extend from Washington DC to New York and Philadelphia over the past ten years. However, after some brief success in New York, the DC federal investigation of the multi-million dollar scam has encountered a slowdown with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. WMR has been told by informed sources that the Superior Court for the District of Columbia has been part of an attempt to stymie the prosecution of the construction corruption principals. Holder was appointed as a judge on the DC Superior Court by President Reagan in 1988.

In addition, WMR has been told by informed sources that the construction contract corruption involves DC Delegate to the House of Representatives Eleanor Holmes-Norton and House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. WMR has also learned that the FBI has been investigating the multi-city contract fraud as part of an overall investigation of organized crime syndicates that have taken over government construction bidding and contract award processes. The FBI's focus has been on New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Politicians who have received campaign donations from the construction consortium principals named as defendants in the CNA suit include Fenty; Graham; DC Council Members Kwame Brown, Muriel Bowser,and Phil Mendelson; and former DC Mayor Anthony Williams. National-level politicians who received donations from the construction cartel include Hillary Clinton for her 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain for his 2008 presidential campaign, and Virginia Senator Mark Warner.

John Cheeks, WMR has been informed, has received a number of death threats since blowing the whistle on construction contract fraud. Cheeks has also been followed. The FBI, we are told, is aware of the threats against Cheeks but also appears to have been constrained in aggressively pursuing the fraudsters from higher-ups in the Justice Department.

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I-Phone, Android, etc. back doors are courtesy of the NSA.

April , 2011 -- I-Phone, I-Pad, Microsoft, office, Sun, Java, Android, etc. back doors are courtesy of the NSA.

NSA: Spying on innocent Americans since 1952....

News reports that Apple's I-Phone and I-Pads, as well as Google's Android operating system-enabled phones can track a user's location, as well as Internet activities, is nothing new, according to a well-placed intelligence source. In fact, the Apple and Google "spy ware" is courtesy of a deal struck with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which is the ultimate recipient of the location and web data being collected by Apple and Google.

NSA's aggressive insistence that it have "back door" access to state-of-the-art commercial communications products was on display in the 1990s when Britain's Ministry of Defense discovered eight different back doors installed in Windows 98 and subsequent releases of the operating system. Microsoft is a long-time partner of the NSA in ensuring that its products are accessible by the American eavesdropping agency.

Although Britain's Government Communications Headquarters is a signals intelligence (SIGINT) partner of the NSA, a "rainbow team" representing computer security experts, drawn from multiple British government agencies. discovered the NSA back doors while conducting a security evaluation of Britain's latest tank battlefield system. While back engineering the Microsoft source code at their research facility at Farnborough, the team discovered the eight NSA back doors.

Microsoft threatened legal action against the British government for what the firm considered to be the illegal examination of its source code. However, after the British government claimed Crown immunity and threatened to leak the information about the NSA back doors to the media, Microsoft backed down. Britain removed the eight back doors and was able to secure its tank and other battlefield systems from the NSA.

Apple, Facebook and Google, like Microsoft, have remained quiet about the surveillance capabilities of their products. Our intelligence source stresses that the silence from Apple and Google is being directed by the actual developer of the surveillance back doors, the NSA....

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Kim Philby

Kim Philby trained James Jesus Angleton. (The Cambridge Spy Ring - The Education Forum)

Kim Philby was a spy, but for whom was he really working?

Harold "Kim" Philby (1912 – 1988) was born in India.

His father, Harry St. John Philby, was a British spy.

St John Philby, left, and family

In 1921, Harry St. John Philby 1921, became UK head of the Secret Service in the British Mandate of Palestine.

He was in favour of Jewish immigration into Palestine. He got to know the Rothschilds. (St John Philby - Wikipedia)

In the 1930s, Harry St John Philby worked for Standard Oil of California (Socal), helping it get control of oil in Saudi Arabia.

Harry St John Philby, aided by Allen Dulles, helped Saudi Arabia negotiate a deal to allow Saudi oil to reach Hitler's Germany. (St John Philby - Wikipedia )

Victor Rothschild joined MI5 during the Second World War. After the liberation of France, Rothschild worked with Dick White, Kim Philby and Malcolm Muggeridge at the MI6 offices established at the Rothschild family mansion in Paris. Edward Heath, in 1970, appointed him head of the government's Central Policy Review Staff. Later Margaret Thatcher appointed Rothschild as her unofficial security adviser.

While a student at Cambridge University, Kim Philby began his long friendship with Victor Rothschild.

Lord Victor Rothschild became an important memeber of the British security services, and reportedly gave away many secrets to Russia and Israel.

At Cambridge, Kim Philby also got to know Maurice Dobb; a Communist sympathizer'. Dobb put Kim Philby in contact with the Communist underground in Vienna, Austria.

In Vienna, Kim Philby fell in love with Litzi Friedmann (née Alice Kohlmann), a Communist of Hungarian Jewish origins.

Kim Philby and Litzi Friedmann married 1934. Reportedly, Litzi recruited Kim Philby as a Soviet spy.

Kim Philby became a journalist and a member the Anglo-German Fellowship, which supported the Nazi Party in Germany.

In 1936, Litzi and Kim Philby split up. They divorced in 1946.

In 1937, Kim Philby traveled to Spain, reporting on the civil war for The Times, and apparently working for Soviet intelligence.

Kim Philby 'trumpeted' the victories of the fascists and was awarded the Red Cross of Military Merit by Franco in 1938.

John Philby (son of Kim), Kim Philby, George Blake, in Moscow. In 1948, when John Philby was five, Guy Burgess came to stay for a holiday at the Philbys sprawling villa in Turkey. "John's mother resented Burgess and his close relationship with her husband, and began staging accidents to claim attention; she once reported being mugged in her car, and on another occasion set fire to the living room, suffering serious burns. She was later sent to a Swiss clinic for treatment. Philby was posted to the United States the following year." Website for this image

While in Spain, Philby had an affair with Frances Doble, Lady Lindsay-Hogg, an actress and aristocratic divorcée who was an admirer of Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler.

In 1940, Philby began living with Aileen Furse in London. Their first three children were Josephine, John, and Dudley Thomas.

In 1940, Walter Krivitsky, a Soviet spy who had defected to the West, was interviewed by MI5 officers in London.

Krivitsky claimed that a certain Soviet intelligence agent had worked as a journalist for a British newspaper during the civil war in Spain.

In 1940, Philby was working for MI6.

In 1944, Philby became head of MI6's Section Nine, which kept an eye on Communist activities.

Reportedly, James Jesus Angleton had his suspicions about Philby's loyalties.

In August 1945, Konstantin Volkov, a high-ranking Soviet spy in Istanbul, wanted to defect to Britain.

Volkov claimed to know the names of three Soviet agents inside Britain. Philby warned the Soviets about Volkov, who was sent back to Moscow.

In February 1947, Philby was appointed head of British intelligence for Turkey, and posted to Istanbul with his second wife, Aileen, and their family.

In 1949, Philby became chief of British intelligence in Washington.

He was responsible for liaising with the newly-formed CIA.

From September 1949, the British and American intelligence services had been developing a plan to topple the communist regime in Albania.

Albanian émigré guerrillas were trained by British and American forces, and from 1950 to 1952, these guerrilla forces were parachuted into Albania.

Thanks to Philby, the Albanian regime was able to capture and kill the guerrillas.

Guy Burgess

In October 1950, Guy Burgess, Philby's 'flamboyantly homosexual' Cambridge colleague and fellow Soviet spy came to work at the British Embassy in Washington.

Burgess took up residence in the Philby family home.

J. Edgar Hoover complained that Burgess used British Embassy cars to avoid arrest when he cruised Washington in pursuit of homosexual sex.

The morning after a certain party at Philby's house, a guest found "Kim and Guy in bed together drinking champagne."

In May 1951, Burgess, and his fellow Soviet spy Donald Maclean, fled to Moscow.

Philby returned to London to be quizzed by MI5.

In July 1951, Philby 'resigned' from MI6

In October 1955, Philby was officially cleared by Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan, who told the House of Commons, "I have no reason to conclude that Mr. Philby has at any time betrayed the interests of his country."

In August 1956, Philby was sent to Beirut; Lebanon as a Middle East correspondent for The Observer and The Economist.

He was still working for MI6.

Philby began an affair with Eleanor, wife of New York Times correspondent Sam Pope Brewer.

Aileen Philby died in England in 1957.

Philby married Eleanor in 1959.

In 1961, the KGB's Anatoliy Golitsyn defected to the United States from his post in Helsinki.

Golitsyn produced evidence pointing to Philby being a Soviet agent.

In 1962, Nicholas Elliott, an MI6 officer, interviewed Philby in Beirut.

Philby confessed that he worked for the Soviets.

On 23 January 1963, Philby vanished from Beirut and eventually turned up in Moscow.

Reportedly, the KGB did not trust Philby.

Philby began an affair with Donald Maclean's wife, Melinda.

Philby divorced Eleanor.

In 1971, Philby married Rufina Ivanova Pukhova, a Russo-Polish woman twenty years his junior, with whom he lived until his death in 1988.

According to Rufina, in the late 1960s Philby attempted suicide by slashing his wrists.

And what of Philby's 'friend' Angleton?

Angleton, who was of the pro-Israel faction in the CIA. He was head of Counter Intelligence at the CIA from 1954 - 1975.

There is a theory that the key people in the CIA have always worked on friendly terms with the key people in the KGB and the key people in Mossad.

And Jewish folks are very influential in certain countries.

According to Haaretz, "Every appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background check by the American Jewish community."
(American Jews eye Obama's 'anti-Israel' appointees - Haaretz ...

James Jesus Angleton worked for the CIA.

He may also have worked for Mossad.

He may have realised that Mossad always worked closely with the KGB.

USS Liberty

A Spotlight report, of 21 November 1977, claimed that Angleton conspired with Israel to attack the USS Liberty. (USS Liberty)

Reportedly, Angleton believed the sinking of the Liberty could be used as a "Pearl Harbour" type of incident to turn Americans against the Arabs.

It was Angleton who negotiated an agreement whereby Israel and America agreed not spy on each other. LOL (Book Reviews: Every Spy a Prince)

(The agreement was nullified by Admiral Stansfield Turner, when he was Jimmy Carter's CIA director. But, Mossad contined to work closely with the CIA.They are Siamese Twins today..........)

Terence Hawkes wrote that Angleton's friendship with Mossad "gave him a major role in preserving Israel's secrecy in respect of Suez.

"As the officer in charge of the Israeli 'account', he supported the Israeli atomic bomb programme." (James Jesus Angleton by Michael Holzman reviewed by Terence Hawkes TLS)

After Angleton died, a memorial to him was erected in Jerusalem.

James Jesus Angleton's father, according to a close friend, Max Corvo, was "ultra-conservative" and a fascist sympathizer. (James Angleton)

It was during World War II that James Jesus Angleton became a spy.

Reportedly Angleton helped set up Operation Gladio, which involved CIA militias carrying out acts of muderous terrorism in Italy.

"Angleton built on family and business connections in Italy to lay the basis of Gladio...

"He also helped notorious Nazi/fascist mass-murderers such as Junio Valerio 'Black Prince' Borghese elude justice at war's end." (Cached)

Philby, friend of the KGB and MOSSAD.

In 1943 Angleton was sent to London to be trained by MI5 officer Kim Philby, who turned out to be a friend of the KGB and Mossad. (James Angleton)

In 1951 Angleton was sent to Israel where he helped to set up Mossad.

According to Eustace Mullins (CHAPTER FIVE - The CIA - 3): "While CIA station chief in Rome, the CIA's Angleton "worked closely with the Zionist terrorists Teddy Kollek and Jacob Meridor, and later became chief of the Israeli desk at the CIA, helping Philby to set up the lavishly funded international Mossad espionage operation, all paid for by American taxpayers..."

In 1951, the CIA was investigating Kim Philby, the top MI6 agent working in Washington.

The CIA director, Walter Bedell Smith, asked Angleton and William Harvey to write separate reports on Philby. (James Angleton)

Harvey concluded that Philby was a Soviet spy.

Angleton defended Philby.

Smith took the advice of Angleton.

Philby escaped to the Soviet Union in 1963.

Reportedly, Kim Philby was assisted in escaping to the Soviet Union by the Israeli Mossad (Sunday Telegraph, April 16, 1989) Cached.

(Lord Victor Rothschild was allegedly one of the other top Soviet spies in the UK ; Soviet spy Guy Burgess was close to Rothschild.)

In 1954 CIA boss Allen Dulles appointed Angleton as chief of the CIA's counter-intelligence section.

Angleton provided information to the Warren Commission.

Some people have claimed that Angleton was involved in covering up the CIA's involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Angleton interviewed Anatoli Golitsin, a KGB agent who defected to the CIA.

Golitsin suggested that W. Averell Harriman had been a Soviet spy, while he was the U.S. Ambassador to Russia during the Second World War. (James Angleton)

According to Eric Margolis, Angleton "became an active 'asset' or at least very close ally of Israel’s Mossad, and a champion of Israel’s causes in Washington." (FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT, by Eric Margolis)

Clare Edward Petty, of the CIA's Special Investigation Group (SIG), concluded that there was an "80-85 percent probability" that Angleton was a Soviet spy. (James Angleton)


In 1973, James Schlesinger temporarily became Director of the CIA.

Angleton gave Schlesinger a list of people that he thought were Soviet agents.

This list included Harold Wilson, the British prime minister, Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister, Willy Brandt, chairman of the West German Social Democratic Party, Averell Harriman, the former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, Lester Pearson, the Canadian prime minister and Henry Kissinger, the National Security Adviser and Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon.

Schlesinger thought Angleton was suffering from paranoia.

In mid 1973, William Colby became the Director of the CIA.

Colby was not impressed with Angleton.

Colby said he could not find any evidence "that we ever caught a spy under Jim". (James Angleton)

So, are the key spooks often in league with each other?

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported, on 16/9/ 2001, that Osama bin Laden made his fortune in part by working with Jewish-Russian mafia operations in Qatar KSA and Cyprus.

According to Wayne Madsen, "The Bin Laden drug network ... intersects with Geneva-based financial entities established by George H. W. Bush while he was CIA director and Vice President and President of the United States." -

Reportedly, "Angleton had an alliance with ... the Mafia, dating from 1944 when he was an O.S.S. officer in Italy.

"'Operation Gladio' ... was based on Angleton's fascist-Mafia connections, and employed ... the Mafia to assassinate some who couldn't be bribed, e.g. Prime Minster Aldo Moro." (Cached)

International banking and Mafia Fascists...

Thus the question 'Was Philby a communist or a fascist?' becomes irrelevant. He was both! He was whatever served. If International Banking needs to prod the fascists, and then later it needs to prod the communists, then bullshit artists like Philby and Angleton et al will simply swap hats.

For the Rothschilds, wars are dandy and should someone tumble to this agent or that agent (wearing this hat or that hat) so much the better! Like they care if terrestrial powers tear each other apart or tear themselves apart without any outside assistance. It's all good.

The Rothschilds or course don't exist as such and laugh their heads off when we the idiot masses shake our fists at the CIA, or the communists, or whomever the TV points us at.