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Robert CIA Gates last Hurrah's.....

Robert CIA Gates last Hurrah's.....

Secretary Of Defense Gates Remarks

Comment: The best sentence that I have read from Secretary of Gates address is the following ....

.... "In my opinion, any future defense secretary who advises the President to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should have his head examined, as General MacArthur so delicately put it."


But I know that our leaders and those who vote them in will soon forget what Secretary Gates said in his speech yesterday......

Billions Lost On Contracts In Iraq And Afghanistan --

Washington -- A new report blasts the U.S. government for wasting tens of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan by relying too much on contractors and doing too little to monitor their performance.

The interim report from the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan points out that contractors in the war zones sometimes have exceeded the number of military personnel. Numbering 200,000, contractors now roughly match the military force.

Read more

More News On Waste In Iraq And Afghanistan

Study says US wasted billions in Iraq, Afghanistan -- AFP

US wasted billions in Iraq and Afghanistan, says report -- RFI

Wartime contracting commission details years of waste -- Government Executive

US oversight of war-zone contractors labeled weak -- Bloomerbg Businessweek

Commission Concerned with Contingency Contracting -- Project on Government Oversight

Comment: With so much money 'sloshing around' .... who has any motivation to stop these wars and conflicts?

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According to the Dutch newspaper De Gay Krant, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, is totally gay..... Mohammed went to college in Brussels and regularly hung out in gay bars there, De Gay Krant said. Mohammed VI is said to have helped the poor....somewhat....but has mostly helped his MAFIA and the Western gangs of criminals..... It would not be unfortunate if he was toppled. Violent riots would make Democracy possible at last.....

The CIA-Mossad people may be in two minds about Morocco....

On the one hand, they do want to protect "the Zionist André Azoulay and his team" who run Morocco. (MOROCCO)

On the other hand, they want to destroy Moroccan culture and make Morocco part of the New World Order....

Recent Facebook and YouTube material suggests that the CIA-Mossad-Nato people have decided to do to Morocco what they have done to Egypt.

Moroccans would like Morocco to keep its culture, redistribute wealth and kick out the CIA/MOSSAD and their utterly corrupt Mafia and the GAY King, who's marriage was orchestrated in Paris by the Infamous DGSE/MOSSAD creeps.....

Andrey Azoulay, the King's Jewish adviser.

Former BBC Morocco correspondent Richard Hamilton says Morocco has "a gap between rich and poor described by one commentator as 'obscene'; and parliamentary elections said by critics to be a fig leaf for an undemocratic system." (Morocco protesters demand change)

"Morocco scores among the lowest on economic indicators, ranking 114th in the 2010 United Nations Human Development Report ... compared with Bahrain at 39th.

"Morocco's gross national income per capita of $2,770 and literacy rate 56%, according to World Bank data, are particularly low.

"Libya, Iran, Jordan and Bahrain have GNI per capita ranging from $4,000 to $25,000, and all have literacy rates above 80%." (Region's Protests Spread to Morocco)

On 20 February 2011 there were reports of peaceful protests.

The story changed on 21 February....

Millions protest in Morocco Casablanca 28 10 2010

On 20 February 2011, it was reported that "In Rabat, the capital, and in Casablanca, the largest city, there were between 3,000 and 5,000 protesters, and there were smaller demonstrations in Marrakesh, Tangier and other cities.

"All were peaceful." (Fears of Chaos Temper Calls for Change in Morocco)

"As protests began Sunday (20 Feb), there was virtually no visible uniformed police presence in Rabat.

"By 4 p.m., there was no sign of the state violence witnessed in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain or Iran, and the crowd had dwindled to around 1,000.

"Stores were largely unshuttered and cafes open along the protesters' route toward the parliament, as patrons watched from their sidewalk tables sipping cafe au lait in the partly Francophone capital." (Region's Protests Spread to Morocco)

"There were reports of scattered violence on Sunday evening in Marrakesh, where protesters, some of them throwing stones, clashed with the police and attacked a McDonald’s" (Fears of Chaos Temper Calls for Change in Morocco )

On 21 February 2011, we read that Morocco Joins in, Defying Predictions :

"Video clips uploaded to Youtube overnight showed what purported to be groups of protesters in Tangier, Fes, Marrakesh and other cities Sunday, including several clashes with police and apparent vandalism.

"A clip from Al Hoceima, a port in northern Morocco, showed a hotel gutted by fire and young men milling around among broken glass from the blown-out windows.

"Clips purporting to be from Tangier and Sefrou, a town near Fes, showed skirmishes with police. In the clip from Sefrou, a group of police severely beat one protester with clubs."

The King and his Jewish/MOSSAD friends may be unable to prevent violence. In 1955, Berber tribesmen descended on the village of Oed Zen and killed every Frenchman they found. On 20 June 1981, up to 600 people were killed in rioting in Casablanca (Le Figaro 1 July 1981, page 2). In 1984, up to 200 people were killed in rioting in cities such as Tetouan (Le monde 26 Jan 1984, page 4).

We know that the CIA-Mossad-NATO want to "strip influence from what a U.S. diplomat described as Morocco's 'monarchical autocracy' in a 2008 U.S. State Department cable published by WikiLeaks." (Region's Protests Spread to Morocco)

Like Mubarak, Sultan Qabous [ Qabous is GAY with wild thirsts in London with Gay lovers....always filmed by MI5/MI6 gangs...] and Ben Ali, the King of Morocco has his gay fans in NYC, Tel Aviv, Paris and DC.

"This king works some...for the people. He has done a bit for the poor," said a 67-year-old who said he was a landscape artist and gave his name only as Mohammed. "I don't know what these young people want, we who are older have seen a lot." (Region's Protests Spread to Morocco)

The CIA-Mossad-NATO people seem to want peaceful change...?

According to Robert M. Holley, a retired U.S. diplomat and executive director of the American Moroccan Center for Policy, a lobby in Washington, D.C. "The point is that if people want to change the government in Morocco, they just have to wait a couple of years until elections and do it." (Region's Protests Spread to Morocco)

Andre Azoulay/MOSSAD, who "advises" the King of Morocco.

The Moroccan people are reportedly governed by "the Zionist André Azoulay and his team."

(André Azoulay, le véritable régent au Maroc - [ Translate this page ])

Why is Morocco not like Tunisia?

1. According to Judith Miller at

"Morocco... unlike most of North Africa has remained calm."

Tunisia's 'Jasmine Revolution' Could Quickly Wither)

Morocco is much poorer than Tunisia.

Morocco: Gross National Income per person: $2,790
Tunisia: GNI per person $7,810

In Morocco, much of the wealth is in the hands of the King, his generals and a few businessmen.

Illiteracy and poverty are widespread in Morocco.

"Tunisia's 10 million people enjoy high rates of literacy and a good educational system, relative equality for women, a strong middle class and impressive economic growth and development." Tunisia's 'Jasmine Revolution' Could Quickly Wither

The King of Morocco, whose father was worth $40 billion

2. Ratings agency Fitch has said that:

"it does not expect a Tunisia-style uprising in Morocco, because the country has invested in social housing and made progress in alleviating poverty." (uprising unlikely in Morocco -Fitch Reuters / Protests as Tunisia readies cabinet reshuffle )

In Tunisia we saw a lot of social housing.

When we were in Morocco, fairly recently, we saw a very strong military presence, and a lot of slums and poor kids.


In January 2011, at UN Post, Gabrielle Pickard wrote (Poverty in Morocco UN Post):

"Poverty is particularly rife in rural areas of Morocco, where as many as one in four people living in rural regions are poor...

"Uneven development ... has led to many people moving to the bigger cities such as Marrakesh looking for employment and a better standard of living.

"But do they find it?

"Judging by the sheer scale of beggars on the streets in Marrakesh and destitute children, many as young as three ... life in the city is just as hard..."

Larache by Chach Coati - Chach Coati's photostream

3. Some people see Andre Azoulay, counselor to King Mohammed VI of Morocco, as the most important person in Morocco.

Andre Azoulay is Jewish/MOSSAD/.

Morocco is one of those Moslem countries that appears to be run by the military and the secret police.

Morocco is one of those Moslem countries that is friends with Israel and the Pentagon.

The King of Morocco and his generals are very, very rich.

The bulk of the population is very poor.

There are huge slums on the outskirts of cities such as Marrakesh which the tourists never see.

In 2003, when a Moslem party began to win support among the poor, bombs went off.

No Jews or Israelis were among the casualties.

The bombs were blamed on the Islamists. There was a crackdown on opponents of the military. More than 3,000 people were arrested.

Morocco occupies a strategically important position and is useful to the Pentagon.

Some people know that the CIA/MOSSAD recruits Moroccans, Jordanians, Algerians and other arabs for some of its work.....

Welcome to Morocco!

4. The Sunday Times reported, 12 February 2006, that, according to intelligence sources, the USA is involved with the building of a new interrogation and detention facility at Ain Aouda, near Rabat.


Locals said they had often seen American vehicles with diplomatic plates in the area.

According to The Sunday Times:

The construction of the new compound, run by the... the Moroccan secret police, adds to a substantial body of evidence that Morocco is one of America’s principal partners in the secret “rendition” programme...together with Jordan, Egypt and Syria....[ Asef Shawkat....]

A recent inquiry into rendition by the Council of Europe ... highlighted a pattern of flights between Washington, Guantanamo Bay and Rabat’s military airport at Sale...

The secret police HQ at Temara has a fearsome reputation among former inmates. Binyam Mohammed, a Briton later sent to Guantanamo Bay, told Amnesty International that interrogators there cut his chest and penis when he refused to answer questions.

5. I got the impression that something was seriously wrong with Morocco.

I came across a small malnourished, ragged child staring at some postcards outside a shop.

I gave the boy a few coins. He kissed my hand gravely and thanked me many times.

Moroccan cities also seem to have more than their fair share of the mentally backward (caused by inbreeding?) and the mentally ill (caused by poverty and powerlessness?)

I was in the main square in the Moroccan city of xxxxxxxxxx one sunny morning (2002).

There were riot police, and ordinary police and soldiers stationed in the square.

There were riot police down the various side streets and sitting in cafes.

There were plain clothes police and uniformed officers on all the major roads.

In the square there were speeches given by the smartly dressed leaders of one of the 'left-wing' parties. These leaders were dressed like the mafia. The crowd which had gathered to listen was small and their applause was less than lukewarm.


Riots are common in Morocco.

In 1955, Berber tribesmen descended on the village of Oed Zen and killed every Frenchman they found.

On 20 June 1981, up to 600 people were killed in rioting in Casablanca (Le Figaro 1 July 1981, page 2).

In 1984, up to 200 people were killed in rioting in cities such as Tetouan (Le monde 26 Jan 1984, page 4).


So what is happening in Morocco?

Morocco's former king, Hassan, was said to be worth $40 billion.

Out of the 100 richest people in Morocco, 'the top 50 are in the armed forces or police.'

'The fortune amassed by the 20 richest army officers would be enough to pay off Morocco's foreign debt of $17bn.'

I visited a shanty settlement. I am not brave; I simply wandered in by accident.

This was a place of barking dogs, piles of rubbish, home made shacks with no water supply or sewage disposal, and ragged children who looked seriously malnourished.

A high wall hid the shacks of the poor from any tourists on the main streets.

A sizeable chunk of the population lives below the poverty line.

According to ex-army officer Ahmed Rami, who is now in exile, the former King of Morocco, Hassan, was a puppet of the Jews, MOSSAD, DGSE and of the CIA.

To Rami, King Hassan could not take a step without the Jew André Azoulay, a Zionist "adviser".

Azoulay - and people like him - allegedly made the important decisions, such as helping the rich get richer, and being sympathetic to Israel and the USA.

Education, the media and the whole of social life were regulated by these advisers, not by the Moroccans themselves.

In July 2000 (Le Monde diplomatique - English edition) it was reported that:

At least 25% of Morocco's population of 29 million are unemployed.

More than half the population is illiterate (70% of women) and two-thirds of people living in the country do not have access to drinking water, 87% are without electricity and 93% receive no medical care.

Morocco makes its money from the receipts sent home by Moroccans working abroad (most Moroccans want to get out of Morocco because of its corruption), from cannabis (sold in Europe), from smuggling (stolen cars and other goods), from phosphates (used in farming), from fishing (sardines), from farming (most of the best land is owned by a small rich elite, including army officers and politicians), from textiles (most Moroccan industry is still medieval and there is much competition from cheap-labor countries such as Turkey), and from tourism (Morocco gets about 2 million tourists per year while Spain hosts 45 million; Morocco has surprisingly few hotel beds).

The farms of the elite have been given much help and produce lots of oranges and vegetables intended for export to Europe; but Europe would rather buy its fruit and vegetables from the likes of Spain or Portugal. Morocco is no longer self-sufficient in wheat but has more oranges than it knows what to do with.

The farms of the poor suffer from having too many people and not enough water.

The rural poor escape to the cities -Tangiers, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh - where they crowd into shanty towns on the outskirts or even in the centre.

I visited a poor farming area. The children's faces looked pinched.

Few of the girls went to school.

The houses had no water or toilets or electricity.

Transport was by donkey.

The 5 star Gazelle d'Or hotel, near Taroudant, has been visited by the likes of the Duchess of York and Michael Portillo. It refused to let me in. Rooms cost hundreds of dollars. Not far from the Gazelle d'Or I came across villages with falling down houses and ragged children.

Photo by Rosino at

7. Muhammad VI came to the throne in 1999.

In all the main towns and cities there are large posters showing his face. (A bit like Baby Doc's Haiti?)

According to Le monde Diplomatique, in 2000, (Morocco: the point of change - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition)

When he came to power, the new socialist Prime Minister, Youssoufi, undertook to straighten out the economy, decentralize administrative bodies, clean up public life, fight corruption, reform justice, combat poverty, develop low-income housing for the very poor, introduce a national pact for employment and, of course, find a solution to the dispute over the Sahara.

Not much has been achieved....

The figures for illiteracy, poverty and health-care have scarcely changed. Many reforms are incomplete, though some of them, such as electoral reform, changes to legal procedure, labor law or the law on public freedom, are vital to the continuation of the transition process.

And there is still high unemployment, as well as discrimination against women, corruption, feudal authoritarianism and sporadic human rights violations.

In the poorest neighborhoods people are turning to the Islamists and not the socialists. The Islamist Justice and Welfare association founded by Sheikh Yassin visits the sick, helps them to buy medicine, contributes to funeral expenses, organizes evening classes for the schoolchildren and supports single women, widows and divorcees.

A quote from Le Monde Diplomatique: "Latifa, aged 45, teaches math in a secondary school in the suburbs of Casablanca.

She says "The middle classes account for barely 5% of the population, compared with more than 35% in Tunisia. Morocco's dominated by a system of networks, nepotism, clans, interconnected families who would rather give a job to an unsuitable, incompetent relation rather than a highly qualified young person from a poor background."

In May 2003, there were bomb attacks in Casablanca. Over 30 people died. Islamic militants were blamed. The government was then able to have a clampdown and 'hundreds' were arrested.

Enough of politics....

8. Moroccan cities are full of female prostitutes. But they are generally for the Moroccans (soldiers and those not yet married) and not for the tourists.

AIDS is very widespread.

My male guide, Hamid, walked ahead of me with his male friend. Hamid spent most of the time gently rubbing his friends back or holding his friend's hand. According to the experts, Moroccans like spending time with a single friend of the same sex. Same sex friendships are very important for Moroccans all through their lives. There are few limits to intimacy in same sex friendships. Moroccans 'usually marry out of a sense of duty.'

According to 'Culture Shock- Morocco co' by Orin Hargraves (Kuperard), "Homosexual relations among boys and young men are common."

"Pederasty is exceedingly prevalent" wrote Edward Westermack in "Ritual and Belief in Morocco."

In Morocco, homosexual sex by tourists is heavily punished; and sex with minors is very heavily punished with long jail sentences. In any case, tourists are not loved by the average Moroccan who sees the tourist as an alien

The hotel, the Gazelle D'or, at around £600 a night, is rather special. Visitors have allegedly included Michael Portillo, Jacques Chirac, Fergie, Rory Bremner, Mick Jagger, hosts of pop stars, statesmen, politicians, personalities, and 'the world's wealthiest closet Queens.'

According to Scallywag magazine, "As far as Westminster is concerned, the Gazelle D'or was first "discovered" by the notorious gay MP Sir Charles "Charley" Irving who died from aids in 1993. Irving, who chaired the Commons catering Committee, was famous for his private parties in the Pugin room in Westminster where he outrageously flirted with the male members of staff. Many of the 100-plus gay Tory MP's who inhabit "The Palace", often furtively, were fellow guests........

The REAL attraction of the Gazelle D'or is not just the exclusivity, or the fabulous luxury. It is, quite simply, that they boast one of the most superlative men-only Turkish baths, Sauna and Massage Parlor in the world, manned by hand-picked and specially trained swarthy Berbers who are most willing to accommodate every whim of their customers. The whole concept of the place is designed to be a veritable paradise for gays....."

The Middle East Revolutions – All Part of American Public Diplomacy 2.0 Initiative – The New Shock & Awe?

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US Military Plane In Argentina With Mind-Altering Drugs, Spy gear, snipers and assassins On Board

Image: AFIP, Customs and PSA

02 2011

One of the Locked Cases Containing Psychotropic Drugs Having Padlock Cut-Off...

A U.S. military plane attempted to enter an undeclared shipment of military weapons, encrypted communication equipment, software and narcotic drugs and narcotics. CFK ordered to open a suitcase, which the Americans refused to surrender. The government reiterated refusal to militarize and internal security. The Salvadoran gang and the favelas of Rio as a model for towns in Argentina. Macrì’s speech on immigration was a replica of one of Scioli.

By Horacio Verbitsky

The national government forbade the entrance of “load sensitive” secret arrived at Ezeiza International Airport on a flight from Air Force United States and whose employment is not provided satisfactory explanations. Sensitive load expression was used on Monday by the Minister for Administrative Affairs Dorothy Sarro to request authorization for a truck-trailer could enter the operating platform. The huge C17, a Boeing freighter Globmaster III, larger than the known Hercules, arrived late on Thursday with an arsenal of powerful guns for a course on crisis management and hostage-taking offered by the U.S. government to Group Special Operations Special Federal Police (GEOF), which should take place throughout February and March. The government estimates the total cost of transport and the course is around two million dollars. The course was approved by the Argentine government, but when staff checked the contents of the load coincides with the list provided in advance, appeared cannon machine gun and rifle and a strange bag that had not been included in the statement. Although the course was intended for Argentine police forces, the burden was on a military transport and was received by the aggregated Ezeiza military and defense, Colonel Edwin Passmore and Mark Alcott. All boxes had the stamp of the 7 th Army Airborne Brigade based in North Carolina. Clandestinely tried to pass in thousand cubic feet, equivalent to one third of the cargo plane that arrived after stops in Panama and Lima.

Twelve military experts

Note that the Ambassador Vilma Martinez sent in November to Justice Minister Julio Alak, who by then was also responsible for security, remember that the first phase of training to GEOF to rescue hostages had been held in April, “so which we were asked to perform other more advanced. “ On another note, sent on December 21 the Security Minister Nilda Garre, who had taken over five days before, Vilma Martinez Alak told that it had approved the completion of the course and come to dictate twelve “U.S. military experts.” Similar courses were held in 1997 and 1999, under the presidency of Carlos Menem, and 2002, during the months when the former senator Eduardo Duhalde served an internship by the Executive. There were none during the government of Nestor Kirchner and resumed in 2009 under the current government. The new course of five weeks, was scheduled for August 2010 but had to be postponed for a similar episode. At that time Ambassador Vilma Martinez was that he refused to receive the cargo because the numbers of weapons did not match that of the previous list, which shows the conflicts that this practice occurs within the U.S. government. ”This is an embarrassment,” Martinez said then, before charging back to North Carolina.By order of the President CFK, Foreign Ministry officials and the Federal Ministries of Planning and Security of the AFIP and Customs supervised the procedure. Then technicians joined the ministries of Health and the Interior.

The boys of the bag

In his classic book The Mission. Waging War and Keeping Peace with America’s Military, published in 2003, journalist Dana Priest The Washington Post described the dramatic Pentagon primacy in the formulation and implementation of U.S. foreign policy. With more than a thousand people, the Southern Command exceeds the number of specialists in Latin America of the Secretaries of State, Defense, Agriculture, Commerce and Treasury combined. This imbalance has continued to grow and the U.S. tries to export to the countries under its influence, which is almost everyone. As night fell Thursday, Cristina ordered seal the bag and resume the task the next day, which stipulated that the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry sent to the site staff trained to understand what it was. For six hours on Friday, several U.S. Marines sat on a rotating on the bag, which suggests the importance they attached to their content. According to U.S. software and equipment is sensitive to security. A colonel said there had to be opened in the open because it could reveal secrets to satellites flying over at that time. The plane also contained a box of merchandise to give to the Argentine police, including hats, vests and other trinkets. Héctor Timerman Chancellor remained almost all day at the airport, along with Transportation Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi, pursuant to presidential instructions, along with staff of the Airport Security Police, Customs and the AFIP and the main management of the Directorate of Information, Technology and Systems Security and Interior Ministry. It also involved two inspectors of the National Drug Institute (Iname) and the National Food, Drug and Medical Technology (Anmat). Intervention took the economic criminal judge Beron de Estrada Ezequiel. The embassy withdrew from the airport and his senior staff refused to consent to the opening of the bag. After a full day of pushing and pulling, Timerman said he would use his legal powers to open. He was accompanied by the principal officer Patricia Rodríguez AdrianM Muiños, Imports section of the Federal Police, which was addressed to the load. By checking the official decision to proceed, and the deadline end of an hour set Timerman, the embassy asked for ten minutes of extension until the arrival to Ezeiza press chief, Shannon Bell Farrell. Both she and Stephen Knute added Kleppe said they had no key to the padlock, so that Customs decided Timerman cut it with pliers. When this happened, on the afternoon of Friday, appeared transmission equipment, military backpacks, officials said drugs were expired, pen drives, over whose content should dictate the experts, and narcotic drugs and narcotic and stimulating the nervous system. Among the material were three scripters for communication devices. Inside the secret bag also appeared an envelope super-, green cloth. As the embassy staff said he had the key on, was also opened by expeditious means. Inside were two pen drives labeled “Secret”, a software key information I2, a hard drive is also marked “Secret.” Encrypted communications codes and funny brochure translated into fifteen languages with the text: “I am a United States soldier. Please report to my embassy I have been arrested by the country. “ None of these materials match the specifications that the embassy sent to the Foreign Ministry on the nature of the course to be taught to rescue hostages. After witnessing these findings, embassy officials decided to withdraw, despite a formal request to stay there, and did not sign the minutes. On Thursday, Colonel Alcott said he knew that something similar had happened anywhere in the world. The weapons and bags were seized and declared no tomorrow Monday 14 continue the verification of its contents. For example, antibiotics, antihistamines, vitamin supplements, sunscreen and hormones found, would be due according to the information on their packaging. But the government wants to check if it is to say drugs packaging and if it is true that are past due. The rest of the material, which coincided with the previous statement was carried on a freight from the embassy to the headquarters of the RCMP in the street Cavia. At the end of this article embassy sources in Washington said it was preparing a document with the official position and they felt that the training would be suspended. The State Department cited the Argentine Ambassador Alfredo Chiaradía and expressed his “surprise” for the procedure as “America wants to maintain friendly relations with Argentina.” Curious way to go. Any Argentine, civil or military, who tried to smuggle weapons and drugs not reported to the United States would be arrested immediately....

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The NSA Super Center - 1 Sony Pl, San Antonio, Texas.

The NSA Super Center - 1 Sony Pl, San Antonio, Texas.

Just south of the NSA, across Loop-410, with the two huge circular waste treatment compounds, is the "Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research". (Some of those rows of cages on that site look startlingly like high security prison administrative segregation units with small individually fenced-in recreation/sun areas, much like a dog pound. Just saying...) Wikipedia lists them as the only privately owned safety level-4 lab in the country. That puts them in the class with Fort Detrick, Md. Their specialty is virus and immunology and they are one of the largest breeders of lab monkeys (I guess that explains the Ad Seg units that I think could easily serve MK-ULTRA/Guantanamo functions). Those circular waste compounds have me concerned. Obviously, they are treating toxic waste there.

Farther east, and visible on the map I provided via link, is another highly secured "Southwest Research Institute". Here is a list of their divisions:

Aerospace Electronics & Information Technology
Applied Physics
Applied Power
Automation & Data Systems
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Engine, Emissions & Vehicle Research
Fuels & Lubricants Research
Geosciences & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Signal Exploitation & Geolocation
Space Science & Engineering
Training, Simulation & Performance Improvement

Lackland Air Force Base is close by to the southeast.

To the north is Camp Bullis where the secret CIA site is located. We now know of it's existence through a recently filed lawsuit by a former CIA employee whose family is now sick because of the secret toxic waste dump located there abouts....

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History will be fair to our fallen Heroes

History will be fair to our fallen Heroes

Of course CIA and company have not yet explained just why the US supported the Syrian occupation of Lebanon for 30 odd years ....(remember that?), or just why the US gave a green light to the Israelis to invade in 1982 , 93, 96, 2006, (remember that?), or...why the US cut and ran like cowards in 83..., or what did they say to the LF in 84...? only to do exactly the opposite in 86..., Or....the actions of the Infamous White House Murder INC, from 2002 to 2008, Or....

ALL what is said about Mr. Elie Hobeika is pure hearsay with the obvious intent of further demonizing Elie unfairly, because none of you really knows anything about the man and his real record during the long war...

On the other hand you March14th idols' record is well established and well documented...

Samir Geagea was behind many atrocious deliberate assassinations that are too numerous to even count: Tony Frangieh and his family, kids and about 21 innocent people. This particular hit was also orchestrated by the Gemayels, with a very heavy Mossad input. Geagea also assassinated a sitting Sunni Prime Minister by the name of Rashid Karame. Geagea also assassinated Dany Chamoun, his family and kids. Geagea also lined up against the wall with a firing squad, many Lebanese Army officers during his battles with Michel Aoun in 1988/89 with hundreds of casualties. Geagea also launched an insurrection against comrades in arms in 1986 to secure total control over his sector of the country, whereby over 650 young Christian combatants lost their lives in a futile battle of wills. Geagea blew up a Patriarchate and a Church killing and maiming many innocent by-standers...Geagea stole hundreds of Millions of USD from the coffers of the LF. Geagea was tried and convicted in 94 for some of those crimes and was sentenced for three consecutive life sentences and served 11 years in solitary confinement. He was recently Pardoned in 2005 following American/CIA machinations, because CIA needed his "services" again and has re-launched his political party and other related CIA/subversive activities etc. confronting again the policies of GMA [ General Michel Aoun ] in a political rematch of sorts...

The US takes the same failed projects and US puppet personalities...draws similarly eerie plans from the past...and seems to always take off the "shelves" past operations for an Encore...The end result is all around us with what is taking place today all over the ME...and from Quetta to Darfur...

My view is that nothing can be done about US Foreign policy until the American people wake up and take charge of their Government again, throwing all the rascals out....

I understand you were distracted, far away and busy, these were times when events were moving faster then any of you could keep pace with...

To deny the essential hubris of the everlasting, all conquering Self was always to hold dear something older, some vague memory of higher ideals, greater meaning....History will be fair to our fallen Heroes no matter what is thrown at them by the gullible ignorant few.

من أجل لبنان ....التعذيب لاعتراف البريء بارتكاب الجريمة

من أجل لبنان ....التعذيب لاعتراف البريء بارتكاب الجريمة

عمر نشابة -

يتباهى بعض المحققين بقدراتهم على «سحب» الاعترافات من مشتبه فيهم موقوفين لديهم. لكنهم يشكون، في جلساتهم الخاصة، ممن «عذّبهم» خلال التحقيق لعدم رضوخه للضرب المبرح والإذلال الذي تعرّض له. «هيدا الكلب عذّبنا كتير والله. ما كان يعترف... لا البلانكو نفع معو ولا الفرّوج» يقول المحقّق «القبضاي» ممتعضاً. ثمّ يبتسم، «بس بالآخر بدّو يعترف». يسكت للحظات ثم يضيف: «متل الشاطر بدّو يعترف».

سيخضع «الشاطر» لشطارات المحقّق «القبضاي»، لكن حفلة الصراخ من الألم والجوع والعطش والإهانة والخوف لا تنطلق إلا بإشارة، ولو غير مباشرة، «من فوق». كلمات قليلة يعبّر عنها ضابط أو قاض أو «خواجة» تكفي لفتح أبواب جهنّم على وجه الموقوف وجسده في مركز التحقيق أو المخفر أو السجن أو النظارة أو مكتب الضابط. يُقال للمحقّق «عالجه»، وقد يعطيه المسؤول «من فوق» فرصة لإثبات شطارته: «فرجيني شو فيك تعمل».

لن يعترف المحقق بعد ساعات من الاستجواب بعجزه عن انتزاع الاعتراف من الموقوف لديه، بل سيزيد من ابتكارات الإيلام والإذلال. وينتقل من الضرب إلى الكهرباء إلى التهديد باغتصاب والدة الموقوف وزوجته وشقيقته وأطفاله. فالمحقق القبضاي لا يتراجع. أما البراءة، فلا تهمّ ولا تعني إلا صاحبها. «الشاطر» سيعترف.

كيف لا والألم يدخل أعماق أعماقه من أسفل رجليه (الفلقة) إلى رقبته (السحسوح) مروراً بصدره وبطنه وعضوه التناسلي؟

كيف لا والدماء تسيل من طرفي عينيه فتسقط أرضاً ليختلط عرقه بدموعه ويبول عليها المحقق «ليغسلها»؟

كيف لا والخوف والبرد والجوع والعطش لم تترك له فرصة للتنفّس؟

اعترف أخيراً الموقوف بارتكاب الجريمة. أي جريمة. فلا يهمّ نوعها وحجمها ومن استهدفت ومن ارتكبها أصلاً. المهمّ أنه اعترف. برافو. وحاز المحقق الترقية وأصبح ضابطاً «من فوق»...

يحيا العدل

ISF suckers and criminals, Ashraf RIFI and Wissam Hassan. & the MI should be locked up for life...