Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The NSA Super Center - 1 Sony Pl, San Antonio, Texas.

The NSA Super Center - 1 Sony Pl, San Antonio, Texas.


Just south of the NSA, across Loop-410, with the two huge circular waste treatment compounds, is the "Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research". (Some of those rows of cages on that site look startlingly like high security prison administrative segregation units with small individually fenced-in recreation/sun areas, much like a dog pound. Just saying...) Wikipedia lists them as the only privately owned safety level-4 lab in the country. That puts them in the class with Fort Detrick, Md. Their specialty is virus and immunology and they are one of the largest breeders of lab monkeys (I guess that explains the Ad Seg units that I think could easily serve MK-ULTRA/Guantanamo functions). Those circular waste compounds have me concerned. Obviously, they are treating toxic waste there.

Farther east, and visible on the map I provided via link, is another highly secured "Southwest Research Institute". Here is a list of their divisions:

Aerospace Electronics & Information Technology
Applied Physics
Applied Power
Automation & Data Systems
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Engine, Emissions & Vehicle Research
Fuels & Lubricants Research
Geosciences & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Signal Exploitation & Geolocation
Space Science & Engineering
Training, Simulation & Performance Improvement

Lackland Air Force Base is close by to the southeast.

To the north is Camp Bullis where the secret CIA site is located. We now know of it's existence through a recently filed lawsuit by a former CIA employee whose family is now sick because of the secret toxic waste dump located there abouts....