Monday, April 25, 2011

I-Phone, Android, etc. back doors are courtesy of the NSA.

April , 2011 -- I-Phone, I-Pad, Microsoft, office, Sun, Java, Android, etc. back doors are courtesy of the NSA.

NSA: Spying on innocent Americans since 1952....

News reports that Apple's I-Phone and I-Pads, as well as Google's Android operating system-enabled phones can track a user's location, as well as Internet activities, is nothing new, according to a well-placed intelligence source. In fact, the Apple and Google "spy ware" is courtesy of a deal struck with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which is the ultimate recipient of the location and web data being collected by Apple and Google.

NSA's aggressive insistence that it have "back door" access to state-of-the-art commercial communications products was on display in the 1990s when Britain's Ministry of Defense discovered eight different back doors installed in Windows 98 and subsequent releases of the operating system. Microsoft is a long-time partner of the NSA in ensuring that its products are accessible by the American eavesdropping agency.

Although Britain's Government Communications Headquarters is a signals intelligence (SIGINT) partner of the NSA, a "rainbow team" representing computer security experts, drawn from multiple British government agencies. discovered the NSA back doors while conducting a security evaluation of Britain's latest tank battlefield system. While back engineering the Microsoft source code at their research facility at Farnborough, the team discovered the eight NSA back doors.

Microsoft threatened legal action against the British government for what the firm considered to be the illegal examination of its source code. However, after the British government claimed Crown immunity and threatened to leak the information about the NSA back doors to the media, Microsoft backed down. Britain removed the eight back doors and was able to secure its tank and other battlefield systems from the NSA.

Apple, Facebook and Google, like Microsoft, have remained quiet about the surveillance capabilities of their products. Our intelligence source stresses that the silence from Apple and Google is being directed by the actual developer of the surveillance back doors, the NSA....