Thursday, October 27, 2011

EXPOSING MURDER: Federal Judge Myron Thompson...A story by Real Insiders ...

EXPOSING MURDER: Federal Judge Myron Thompson...

Appointed to bench Sept. 1980 After representing narcotics officer’s widow...

By John Caylor

A story by Real Insiders ...

On the cold foggy night of January 31, 1979, Dothan, Alabama, “narcotics officer
Sgt. Robert Jackson” pulled into his driveway at 10:30 P.M. and was immediately
shotgunned to death from a double barrel 12 gage sawed-off shotgun by “Jimmy
Albritton, a Florida man” who was never identified as the shooter of the Mafia
contract murder - despite being a police officer.

Sgt. Jackson’s murder is the longest running murder cover up in Alabama’s and possibly
the nation’s history.

It has never been acknowledged or investigated and all reference to Jackson’s name or
his murder has been buried since “Myron Thompson persuaded Jackson’s widow to file
a civil law suit against the City of Dothan, Alabama.“

Thompson was immediately appointed a federal Judge and served as Chief Judge from
1991 to 98. All reference to Thompson’s former private law practice at Dothan, Alabama
has since been buried. Judge Thompson is the “Alabama Casino Bribery Judge.”

Civil Rights Attorney, Fred Gray who thought he was the nominee to the bench "was
floored" when he received a phone call from Alabama Senator Howell Heflin, Alabama of
the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in the middle of the night while attending a
convention in Texas," according to my source (The family member who heard the death
bed confession of W.D. Williams, an Alabama car dealer - who hired the hit) spoke to
Gray and he continued that Gray related to him that Thompson was approved before
he was even nominated.

There is a long list of people who have been murdered which may now be tied back to
the contract murder of Sgt. Robert Jackson. First and foremost should be the death of
my former case agent, “Bobby Sides,” a United States Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
agent, in 1981. Since that dreadful time in my life I’ve taken on a dogged determined effort
to bring these people to justice. I’ve gone through pure hell - as my life nears the
end the answers have suddenly come in person from people who, like me, have been
deeply involved and can’t shake loose from the truth, which Judge Thompson and these
evil people have insisted on concealing. I’ll admit that I have a personal stake in these
casino gambling and other racketeering caes involving all these people that I will put out
in the next few days - If I’m alive.

Being an investigative journalist, starting in my early twenties in 1970 working both
broadcast and print, then publishing an investigate reporting magazine in the Panhandle
of Florida for four years, now on-line with “”, my long experience
certainly gives me a better view of what is needed if anything to insure the free flow of
ideas and thought in our so-called democratic republic.

First and foremost, government interference and capitalism has failed to produce
anything resembling a free press since it’s inception. News reports have always been
biased and unfair and based upon advertising dollars, political bullying, or outright
lies, intimidation and physical violence and threats or very real arrests by law enforcement
officials who have most always been worse than the gangsters I’ve reported
on in over 40 years.

The misinformed public has always voted for corrupt politicians and pinned a gun and
badge on the biggest crooks in America, compliments of the corporate press who started
out as circular and funny paper printers looking for a way to feed their families.
They soon wound up being jailed, bullied and swayed to write all things favorable to
would be kings or their presses were burned and their lives shattered.

Over the past several decades I have often left the media business and started up
profitable computer and technology companies only to close them down and return to
my first love and that has always been uncovering and exposing the truth, being the
ass and controversial independent knowing my life has always been about doing the
right thing for society and not just my own wallet.

It’s difficult to explain to this generation of American’s who don’t give a damn about
the idea of freedom and what it really means to be at the forefront of the battle for
independence and equal justice for all.

I’m now 61 years old and tired because of all those battles fought with little money
and support from my loyal readers. The last two years I’ve been a fugitive from justice
from the state of Florida, whose politicians wanted to be rid of me so bad that they
outlawed free speech and managed to arrest me for requesting copies of public records
at the Bay County Courthouse in 2006, in connection with the boot camp death
case of a 14-year old black teenager.

More later - other media people who want to find me - Please call 360-656-5669 as
this is where I am now hiding near the Canadian and U.S. border as far away as you
can get without leaving my beloved country. My National Press Club in Washington,
D.C. membership contact information is incorrect since I have been in hiding....