Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The neocons and MEMRI mis-translation game now trains its sights on Vladimir Putin

July , 2010 -- The neocons and MEMRI mis-translation game now trains its sights on Vladimir Putin...

The neocons, who can always be relied upon to lie, cheat, steal, fabricate, have also refined the propaganda art of mistranslating foreign language quotes of various foreign leaders for their own insidious purposes.

In 2006, the corporate media hyped the supposed statement in Farsi by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad that Israel should be "wiped off the map." In fact, what Ahmedinejad actually said, "the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time." Certainly, regime change, something the neocons advocate against governments hostile to their global designs, is not the same as wiping a nation off the map.

The mistranslations of Ahmedinejad's speeches were largely courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a Mossad front operation that operates out of a post office box in Washington, DC.

It now appears that Reuters, taking a page from MEMRI, is conducting the same kind of mistranslation operations against Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In a July 24 report from Foros, Ukraine, Putin is quoted that he recently met the so-called Russian spies, arrested in the United States and swapped for four Western agents imprisoned in Russia. The article claimed that Putin said he "sang Soviet songs" with the expelled agents told them he admired what they did. However, one of the expelled agents, Anna Chapman is only 29 years old and she would have only ten years old when the USSR collapsed.

Reuters was apparently playing as fast and loose with translations of Russian as MEMRI does with Farsi and Arabic. RIA Novosti reported that what Putin actually said was he and the expelled agents "sang patriotic songs accompanied by live music and talked about life during the meeting." That is certainly different than Putin, an ex-KGB agent, singing "Soviet songs" as part of some sort of nostalgic remembrance of the former Soviet Union and KGB. But that is the picture painted by Reuters from Ukraine, a nation that is embedded with operatives of the CIA's master-manipulator of disinformation tactics in the former Soviet bloc, George Soros.

The neocon Wall Street Journal also ran with the "Soviet song" story, when, in fact, one of the songs was from a 1968 series that ran on television in Moscow. The Guardian (UK), which has suspiciously hyped the CIA/DIA/DOD/Wikileaks leak of tens of thousands of classified documents dealing with Afghanistan and Pakistan and had to point out that it did not pay Wikileaks for the material, described the TV show theme song as a "sentimental Soviet song." Putin did not call the song Soviet -- that task was taken up by certain Western media like The Guardian, which are more interested in propaganda dissemination than in news reporting.

A former U.S. intelligence analyst who tracked Russian government communications told WMR, "The Russian word for Soviet is советский (Sovetskiy). The Russian word for patriotic is отечественный (otechestvennyy). Putin either said Soviet or he said patriotic. If Putin was speaking in Russian, as of course he would, then these words could not have been 'mistranslated' by Reuters. Patriotic Russians these days do not sing the Soviet anthem."

Putin was also reported to have told the alleged Russian agents, "As far as those people are concerned -- everyone of them had a tough life." Reuters reported that Putin was referring to the expelled agents. However, according to the former U.S. intelligence analyst, Reuters, again, appears to have mistranslated Putin's comments. The ex-analyst said, "When Putin spoke of 'their life being hard,' he was not referring to the alleged hard life of the so-called Russian spies. He was speaking generically about the difficulty of being a spy." Putin was a KGB agent assigned to East Germany during the Cold War.

Reuters and RIA Novosti agreed on one of Putin's comments to the swapped agents. Putin said he knows those who betrayed the agents by name. Putin said of the scandal, "As I said earlier, this came as a result of betrayal. They [the betrayers] always end up badly taking to drink or drugs, in a gutter' he said, adding that he knew all betrayers by their names."

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has also been a victim of mistranslations from the same "usual suspects." In 2006, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles launched a polemic against Chavez claiming he said, "the world has wealth for all, but some minorities, the descendants of the same people that crucified Christ, have taken over all the wealth of the world." The canard of Chavez's anti-Semitism was echoed by the neocon Weekly Standard, as well as the Voice of America. In fact, Chavez was not talking about Jews but the Romans and Spaniards. Chavez actually stated:

"The world has an offer for everybody but it turned out that a few minorities--the descendants of those who crucified Christ, the descendants of those who expelled Bolivar from here and also those who in a certain way crucified him in Santa Marta, there in Colombia--they took possession of the riches of the world, a minority took possession of the planet's gold, the silver, the minerals, the water, the good lands, the oil, and they have concentrated all the riches in the hands of a few; less than 10 percent of the world population owns more than half of the riches of the world."

The neocons would have the world believe that Chavez said the Jews expelled Simon Bolivar from Venezuela, when in fact he was referring to the Romans who crucified Christ and the Spaniards who expelled Bolivar. Facts matter little to the neocons, whose stock in trade is comprised of mistruths, half truths, blatant forgeries, wars and extra-judicial assassinations in the Levant and the world by the infamous White House Murder INC,.....

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya was also subjected to mistranslations after he re-entered Honduras and was given refuge in the Brazilian embassy. Again, the culprits were the "usual suspects," particularly the Miami Herald.

WMR exposed this disinformation tactic: "The Herald reported on a telephone interview with Zelaya and said the Honduran leader said he was being subjected to 'high-frequency radiation' from Israeli mercenaries who are supporting the Honduran junta. The paper also reported that Zelaya said that the Israelis were using “mind-altering” gas and radiation. In actuality, that is not what Zelaya stated in his conversation on September 24 with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was attending the UN General Assembly session in New York. Chavez said he spoke to Zelaya by phone at 1:00 pm EDT and the Honduran leader said a piece of equipment on the rooftop of a neighboring home had been recovered and brought into the embassy by Zelaya loyalists. When Zelaya checked the gear’s serial number on the Internet, it turned out the equipment was a cell phone jamming device manufactured in Israel. What Zelaya stated to Chavez and presumably to the Miami Herald is that the junta and its Israeli private security company advisers were jamming the cell phones of those holed up inside the embassy. Zelaya never spoke of radiation death rays but that is the impression the Herald gave and it was quickly picked up by various neocon and Zionist-controlled media outlets."

The cold warriors and their allies -- the Zionists, the right-wing Cuban exiles, and other retrogressive elements in the Obama administration, appear hell-bent on re-creating the Cold War. Putin joins Ahmedinejad, Chavez, and Zelaya in the neocon mistranslation arena of lies and distortions. The latest ploy of the neocons is to paint Putin as an unrepentant Soviet KGB agent....

It was 2017. Clans were governing America....

The first clans organized around local police forces. The conservatives’ war on crime during the late 20th century and the Bush/Obama war on terror during the first decade of the 21st century had resulted in the police becoming militarized and unaccountable.

As society broke down, the police became warlords. The state police broke apart, and
the officers were subsumed into the local forces of their communities. The newly formed tribes expanded to encompass the relatives and friends of the police.

The dollar had collapsed as world reserve currency in 2012 when the worsening economic depression made it clear to Washington’s creditors that the federal budget deficit was too large to be financed except by the printing of money.

With the dollar’s demise, import prices skyrocketed. As Americans were unable to afford foreign-made goods, the transnational corporations that were producing offshore for US markets were bankrupted, further eroding the government’s revenue base.

The government was forced to print money in order to pay its bills, causing domestic prices to rise rapidly. Faced with hyperinflation, Washington took recourse in terminating Social Security and Medicare and followed up by confiscating the remnants of private pensions. This provided a one-year respite, but with no more resources to confiscate, money creation and hyperinflation resumed.

Organized food deliveries broke down when the government fought hyperinflation with fixed prices and the mandate that all purchases and sales had to be in US paper currency. Unwilling to trade appreciating goods for depreciating paper, goods disappeared from stores.

Washington responded as Lenin had done during the “war communism” period of Soviet history. The government sent troops to confiscate goods for distribution in kind
to the population. This was a temporary stop-gap until existing stocks were depleted, as future production was discouraged. Much of the confiscated stocks became the property of the troops who seized the goods.

Goods reappeared in markets under the protection of local warlords. Transactions were conducted in barter and in gold, silver, and copper coins.

Other clans organized around families and individuals who possessed stocks of food, bullion, guns and ammunition. Uneasy alliances formed to balance differences in clan strengths. Betrayals quickly made loyalty a necessary trait for survival.

Large scale food and other production broke down as local militias taxed distribution as goods moved across local territories. Washington seized domestic oil production and refineries, but much of the government’s gasoline was paid for safe passage across clan territories.

Most of the troops in Washington’s overseas bases were abandoned. As their resource stocks were drawn down, the abandoned soldiers were forced into alliances with those with whom they had been fighting.

Washington found it increasingly difficult to maintain itself. As it lost control over the country, Washington was less able to secure supplies from abroad as tribute from those Washington threatened with nuclear attack. Gradually other nuclear powers realized that the only target in America was Washington. The more astute saw the writing on the wall and slipped away from the former capital city.

When Rome began her empire, Rome’s currency consisted of gold and silver coinage. Rome was well organized with efficient institutions and the ability to supply troops in the field so that campaigns could continue indefinitely, a monopoly in the world of Rome’s time.

When hubris sent America in pursuit of overseas empire, the venture coincided with the offshoring of American manufacturing, industrial, and professional service jobs and the corresponding erosion of the government’s tax base, with the advent of massive budget and trade deficits, with the erosion of the fiat paper currency’s value, and with America’s dependence on foreign creditors and puppet rulers.

The Roman Empire lasted for centuries. The American one collapsed overnight.

Rome’s corruption became the strength of her enemies, and the Western Empire was overrun.

America’s collapse occurred when government ceased to represent the people and became the instrument of a private oligarchy. Decisions were made in behalf of short-term profits for the few at the expense of unmanageable liabilities for the many.
Overwhelmed by liabilities, the government collapsed.

Globalism had run its course. Life reformed on a local basis.