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911: America Nuked ....- Jeff Prager

Over the last 10 years researchers have developed a decent narrative of the whos and whys of the Barbaric inside Job of 9/11....
Where we continue to spin round and round chasing our tails is with the hows. That's by design.

Some of us are just curious in a scientific way so the hows will always be relevant.

I'm not in the business of trying to convince anyone of certain viewpoints so I'll just link this new emagazine by Jeff Prager and anyone interested can take it how they will.

9/11 America Nuked part 1

9/11 America Nuked part 2

At 247 pages and very detailed it's not an easy read but there are lot of excellent photos that make the downloads worthwhile even if you don't or can't take the time to read it. Since it's free, the only cost is in time.

Mr. Prager has been variously described as one of the best 9/11 researchers ever to a disinfo shill. I'll leave it to each individual to make up their own mind. Input would be appreciated.

Mr. Prager describes his philosophy as this:
9/11 was a Zionist, Mossad, CIA, NeoCon Conspiracy. If you don't get it I probably can't help you but I promise, I'm going to try....

In The Beginning ... Fine tuning geopolitics using dead civilians - from the America Nuked preface
Unlike aristocrats capitalists are not tied to a country or to the maintenance of a country. Capital is disloyal and mobile – it flows to where the most growth can be found, as it flowed from Holland to Britain, then from Britain to the USA, and most recently from everywhere to China. Just as a copper mine might be exploited and then abandoned, so under capitalism a whole nation can be exploited and then abandoned, as we see in the rusting industrial areas of dying America and already dead Britain. And we see capital flowing to Africa, Iraq, Kazakhstan and many other countries in the form of resource extraction; oil, gases, minerals, water, agricultural, manufacturing – even human resources are usurped for capital gains.
This detachment from country and people leads to a different kind of geopolitics under capitalism, as compared to aristocracy. A king goes to war when he sees an advantage to his nation in doing so. Historians can ‘explain’ the wars of pre-capitalist days, in terms of the aggrandizement of monarchs and nations.

A capitalist stirs up a war in order to make profits, and in fact our elite banking families have financed both sides of most military conflicts since at least World War One and before. Hence historians have a hard time ‘explaining’ World War 1 in terms of national motivations and objectives. Explaining it and any other wars since means admitting the mass murder of millions under the disguise of war. Propaganda still works, even in the alleged enlightened, intellectual and learned 20th and 21st centuries.

In pre-capitalist days warfare was like chess, each side trying to win. Under capitalism warfare is more like a casino, where the players battle it out as long as they can get credit for more chips, and the real winner always turns out to be the house – the bankers who finance both sides of the war (with the corporations that make the bullets and bombs) and they decide who will be the last man standing. Not only are wars the most profitable of all capitalist ventures; the most profitable of all human endeavors, but by choosing the winners, and managing the reconstruction, the elite banking families are able, over time, to tune the geopolitical configuration to suit their own interests and gobble up even more currencies and resources. Gold, silver, oil, gas, timber, minerals, agriculture, water, cheap labor (humans) ... these are their currencies. Nations and populations are but pawns in their games. Millions die in wars, infrastructures are destroyed, and while the world mourns, the bankers are counting their winnings and making plans for their postwar reconstruction investments. It doesn’t really matter who wins although that’s decided well in advance. What matters is how much money is loaned to whom and what the price for those loans really is in terms of lost lives; murders for capitalism, essentially. The spoils matter.

From their position of power, as the financiers of governments, the banking elite have over time perfected their methods of control. Staying always behind the scenes, they pull the strings controlling the media, the political parties, the intelligence agencies, the stock markets, and the offices of government. And perhaps their greatest lever of power is their control over currencies. By means of their central-bank scam, they engineer boom and bust cycles, and they print money from nothing and then loan it at interest to governments. The power of the banking elites is both absolute and wholly concealed ... much like the explosives in the Twin Towers ... wholly concealed. As an anarchist I’m opposed to capitalism and all of its components. While capitalism is an absurdity I’ve made it a point to include integrity and accuracy within these pages in spite of the capitalists urge to suppress it.

Photos from the book

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