Saturday, December 20, 2008

U.S.A. engages in infamies of deception, lies, Intel slights of hand, stovepiping..., Honeypot, Blackmail, bullying of the international community.

Leading the charge with fabrications against Hezbollah in Congress, It is the same Aipac-puppet-hypocrite that said the following:

House Foreign Affairs Committee chairwoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) called the statement regarding Mr. Gross “yet another wakeup call that the United States cannot negotiate with ruthless dictators…” LOL

But watch-out for events in Saudi Arabia … It’s been known for years that unless the Saud Dynasty disappears and its symbiotic alliance with the Wahhabi’s/crazies vanishes completely, there is very little hope for Muslims , since Saudis would like for all Muslim Sunnis to remain backwards and obscurantist and remain utterly beholden to US/Riyadh/Pakistan and the Saudi Dynasty for money, for Qurans, for Mosques and for all useless/ill-focused Jihadi activities worldwide….

I love the USA, by the way… I love its people and its amazingly beautiful nature. Its the EMPIRE and the infamous White House Murder INC, which I hate…

This is what I despise:

The U.S. will engage in infamies of deception, lies, Intel slights of hand, stovepiping..., Honeypot, Blackmail....and bullying of the international community, in order to further the goals of the, " the power behind the power in the USA....of the few " the diabolical dream goes on, the day of reckoning is near.....There are Politicians of Mass Destruction all over Washington DC....


ALL the actions of STL/TSL demonstrate clearly that it is not only hunkering down…but deliberately pursuing the goals of the USRAELI crumbling Empire for the crude destabilization of Lebanon and Iran via fake accusations of Hezbollah…., while Syria is the Primary culprit since January 24th 2002…

STL is part and parcel of the Infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant….and it is going about doing what is required of it by the Evil US/Israeli/EU criminal assassins, in cahoots with Asef Shawkat and the Dictator of Damascus….

This is absurd. It's not enough that we are hated by a quarter of the world because of our unflagging loyalty to a corrupt and violently repressive regime. It's not enough when a celebrated peace activist like Jimmy Carter is vilified and all but ostracized by a disingenuous media smear campaign because he *dares* to speak out against the iniquities of the Israeli treatment of the Lebanese. But now we turn the other cheek when they lie, cheat and steal from us? Again? How much more of this open contempt from Israel can we take? Frankly, I've had enough.....But the Busshies of PNAC are still at it.....

The Bush regime's lies about Iraq are exposed while their lies about Iran are on going. The Bushites lies are not getting any traction in LA or NY or even in Peoria. But La-times roster of neocons and editors maintain the fog of lies. The guy was caught with the cash and he accepted his guilt. Bushites lectures and lies need to be exposed rather than sonorously lectured to Iran. While maintaining a world wide kidnap and torture gulag around the world US is in no position to lecture anybody....We don't think Biden tells the truth enough! We feel sure that things are a lot worse than 'they' are telling us and Joe is not telling it close enough to the truth! How long are we fooling ourselves (they/them) about bailing ourselves out of all of these messes? There is no such thing as 'absolutely tanking"...we are either tanked or not tanked already! And obviously, we are 'tanked'. Joe Biden knows more about this country and other countries than the young Polo model wanna-be can begin to know. By the way, to be clear, we aren't bailing ourselves out!

What about the mole inside the US government called Mega? It is time for the U.S. to break the grip that the unholy alliance of Christian and Jewish Zionists have on our foreign policy. Israel is upset because we may not support them while they do their dirty work against us.. Israel is the biggest and most dangerous destabilizing force in the Middle East. Israel is the rogue nuclear power. Israel is the state that is practicing apartheid. At present, Israel is not a source of stability but a serious catalyst of instability because of its belligerent policies. Israel has proven itself to be the most demonstratively warlike state in the Middle East. They have attacked Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, factions inside Lebanon and currently occupy territory in at least two other sovereign nations using "defense" as justification. Israel hasn't complied with a single UN resolution. Cut off their aid and be done with them. We have our own PNAC killers to attend to...., and we need to break the evils axis of CIA2/MOSSAD for starters.....

The arrest of 84-year-old Ben-ami Kadish on charges of spying for Israel continues to fuel speculation and analysis here and in the U.S. A Jerusalem Post survey showed that 71% of more than 3,000 respondents believed that the Kadish case would harm U.S.-Israeli relations.

Much of the speculation centers on the curious timing of the arrest — not only more than 20 years after Kadish's alleged crimes took place but one month before President Bush will travel here to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel's founding.

■ خيار بلمار المستغرَبCIA2-

«إن ثقة الجمهور العام أمر أساسيّ لصدقيّة أي عملية تحقيق أو إجراء قضائي. والجمهور، سواء كان شعب لبنان أو المجتمع الدولي، يجب أن يثق في العملية التي أنشئت من أجل التوصل إلى الحقيقة وتحقيق العدالة» قال القاضي دنيال بلمار لمجلس الأمن يوم الأربعاء الماضي. لكن تعيين رئيس للمحققين في مكتب بلمار كان متهماً بإخفاء معلومات عن القضاء أقلّ ما يقال فيه موضوعياً إنه لا يشجّع على الثقة بصدقية التحقيق.
من مصر إلى لاهاي عبر أوسترالياCIA2
ولد نيك كالداس في مصر عام 1958 وانتقل مع أبويه إلى أوستراليا عام 1969. التحق بشرطة «نيو ساوث وايلز» وشغل فيها وظيفة مفاوض متخصّص، كما عمل في مكافحة العصابات وشارك في تأمين حماية الألعاب الأولمبية في سيدني قبل أن يعيّن رئيساً لقسم مكافحة الإرهاب. كالداس الذي شغل منصب مستشار أمني للحكومة CIA2العراقية بطلب منCIA2 قوات الاحتلال الأميركي، قال أمس لصحيفة «ذي دايلي» الأوسترالية: «إنه لشرف لي أن أعيّن في هذا المنصب بينما كان من الممكن أن CIA2تختار الأمم المتحدة شخصاً لهذا الدور من دوائر أخرى». وأضاف «إن العمل مع الأمم المتحدة يعدّ المناسبة الأفضل لتمثيل شرطي CIA2 في الخارج، وهو دور سأقوم به بمسؤولية عالية» وختم: CIA2«سيكون CIA2 أساسياً».CIA2

في الوقت الذي لا تزال فيه عملية اغتيال الشهيد اللواء فرنسوا الحاج يحيطها الكثير من ‏الغموض، في ظل غياب الادلة والمعطيات التي تؤدي الى توقيف الفاعلين، الا ان مصادر على صلة ‏بالتحقيق اشارت الى ان الرأس المخطط لها هو امير «CIA2/MOSSAD

» عبد الرحمن عوض المتواري في ‏مخيم عين الحلوة، وتؤكد المصادر ان لدى بعض الجهات الامنية تسجيلات صوتية بين عوض وشاكر ‏العبسي ابلغ فيها عوض الاخير باغتيال الشهيد الحاج اثر وقوع العملية.CIA2/MOSSADوبالاضافة الى ‏التسجيلات الهاتفية المذكورة يتوقف المتابعون للمـلف المذكور امام محطتين:‏ ‏ الاولى تشير الى ان اغتيال النقيب الشهيد وسام عيد من المرجح ان يكون احد اسبابه ‏الرئيسية ان عيد حصل على معلومات عن الجهة المنفذة والمخططين لهذه الجريمة، مما ادى الى ‏اغتياله بغية نسف التحقيقات وعلى قاعدة «الاموات وحدهم لا يتكلمون» ولعل اللافت ان ‏طريقة التفجير التي استهدفت الشهيدين الحاج وعـيد هـي نفسـها.

‏ السؤال الملح هو: لماذا تمهلت الاجهزة الامنية باعتقال عوض الذي رفع عنه الغطاء في مخيم عين ‏الحلوة، علما ان امير فتح الاسلام نجا مرتين من كمين اعدته له الاجهزة الامنية في الاشـهر ‏القليلة الماضية في اللحظات الاخيرة من الوقوع فيه، فهل تحسم الاجهزة الامنية الامر، ام ان ‏عوض توارى الى الابد كما توارى قبله الكثيرون من المطلوبين للعدالة في جرائم معـروفة

One interpretation was that the Bush administration was using the case to pressure Israel into greater concessions in its talks with the Palestinians. Another claimed that the U.S. Justice Department remained obsessed with proving that convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was just part of a larger ongoing network.

"The Justice Department is targeting Israel," said former Mossad official Yossi Alpher. "They have been looking for additional Americans spying for Israel for a long, long time."

The American Conservative magazine's blog, citing Israeli sources, alleged that the case was initiated by a leak from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government — with doves inside the government seeking to sabotage a looming Bush-Olmert push for military confrontation with Syria.

A fascinating article in the Congressional Quarterly puts forth another possibility. Kadish wasn't fully retired from spying. The article said Kadish remained in contact with his former Mossad handler, a man identified here as Yossi Yagur, who also handled Pollard and fled the U.S. after Pollard's arrest.

Kadish even apparently visited Yagur in Israel in 2004, a meeting that only makes sense if Kadish was still Yagur's agent, author Jeff Stein writes.

"One role Kadish could play was as a 'spotter' who could size up possible recruits for Israeli intelligence even while living in retirement," the article says.

One thing seems clear: The Kadish case has damaged the chances of a presidential pardon for Pollard, who is serving a life sentence and whose supporters had been campaigning for a pardon before the end of Bush's final term.

Pollard, according to his wife, says he never knew Kadish. , of course, compartmentalization is in full force.....CIA2/MOSSAD and the power behind the power in USA still persists in wanting to perpetuate the goal of a world Government under their thumb.....

This was already going to be a year where we heard a lot about convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Jay Pollard. As the Bush administration winds down, speculation has been steadily building about a potential end-of-term pardon for the former Navy analyst serving a life sentence for espionage.

President Clinton, at the end of his presidency, considered a pardon for Pollard -- who was granted Israeli citizenship in prison. But Clinton was reportedly talked out of it by the intelligence community, which was still livid about the scope of the damage done.

Now a new Israeli spy scandal has brought up Pollard's name again. Accused spy Ben-ami Kadish, an 84-year-old retired Army engineer, reportedly had the same handler as Pollard, an allegation which revives longstanding speculation that Pollard was just part of extensive and ongoing Israeli network in America.

"This was a much larger espionage operation with sleeper cells in the United States than we understood or could have known at the time," said Joseph E. DiGenova, the former U.S. attorney who helped prosecute Pollard.

The Government was willing to let this go with a plea if Mr. Kadish had been willing to cooperate with the investigation. The reason he did not cooperate is that Israel told him not to cooperate. The reason Israel told him not to cooperate is that if he had cooperated, the investigation might lead to additional intelligence assets, some of which are still operational......

The U.S. likes to have it both ways. So many of the international problems has been U.S. CIA2 minions gone bad -- Saddam, Noriega, Somoza, Marcos, the Shah, and the list goes on and on, Maliki, Siniora, Fayyad, Sadat, Hosni Moubarak, Sarkozi....etc.. We have had to eliminate some of these former allies time and time again after they outlived their usefulness to USA cabal of PNAC Killers of CIA2/MOSSAD, or invent needed a scapegoat.

Then there are those like Iran, where it should be pointed out, the US encouraged and supported the nuclear program there in its beginnings....and YES, through the network/CIA of H.Q.KHAN.... There were no WMDs in Iraq and there are none in Iran. US has been using strong arming tactics against these far away nations in order to control their resources. Throughout history US has used bombardment of their cities, coups and sanctions in order to make them mere fiefdoms of the US. Iraq showed what Bush administration is saying is all a pack of lies and these lies are costing the tax payers and the economy hugely.....

America's standard for saying which countries can have nuclear weapons is simple: Countries we like can have them. Countries we dislike can't.....To much of the rest of the world, our double standards appear sanctimonious, self-righteous, and based on a notion that some are inherently responsible enough to be "trusted" with these weapons of the apocalypse, while others are not. How is it possible that those who make World Wars, drop bombs, make thousands of nuclear arms, torture in their jails, and wiretap—that is to say, the biggest violators of human rights in the world—can try and impose their model on everyone else?

It still remains quite likely that the U.S. -- as enamored as it is of its Machiavellian skills -- will sell the rope with which it is later hung.....

In the meantime, the U.S. will engage in infamies of deception, lies, Intel slights of hand, and bullying of the international community.

Unfortunately, the U.S. populace are non-players (accept in lending their uninformed and cowardly acquiescence at the required moment) having succumbed long ago to the TV/chatter boxes....Fox being the latest craze of MOSSAD, and many others..., the mall, and Wal-Mart.

The Iranian leadership is, for all intents and purposes, playing this JUST as they need to in order to maintain legitimacy domestically.

As long as the continue to abide by or at the very worst test the lines of the NPT, to which they are a signatory, any pressure from the outside world towards Iranian sovereignty and self-interest will continue to be viewed through the scope of Iranian history. This only serves to coalesce the Iranian people around the Fuqaha and Ayatollahs!

Nothing like a good Marghbar Amrika! Marghbar Esraeel! to help you forget about your economic situation. After all, the Americans want to rob the Iranian people their legitimate right to produce nuclear energy. If this were to happen, those hefty oil profits would suddenly disappear in order to cover the costs of providing alternative sources of energy to Iran.

Isn't this sort of political game a very pragmatic move by Khamein'i and his advisors? It's simple, maintain the impression that Iran is once again under siege from the West, and crack down brutally on dissenters who wish to point out the human rights abuses and democratic deficits seen in the Islamic Republic and you shall remain in power.....

Another critical report -- not yet published but circulating among top officials in Washington - is a 513-page history of America's lamentable yet highly-expensive failure at rebuilding Iraq after the devastation it caused in overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Entitled Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience, the report was compiled by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, led by Stuart Bowen, a Republican lawyer.....attempting to hide the fact that it is exactly the same PNAC, CIA2/MOSSAD killers are running the show there, plowing tens of Billions of Dollars into illegal slush funds.... and flying carpets.... in the Levant for future covert operations, outside the box, and outside the realm of any accountability from both houses on the Potomac and the gullible media freaks.....

It tells a shocking story of deception, waste and poor planning; of fighting between different U.S. government agencies; and of the sheer impossibility of making progress with reconstruction in an environment of terrible violence. Tens of billions of dollars were squandered in the attempt - or were corruptly diverted into the pockets of Iraqi politicians and tribal chiefs.

ينما باشرت لجنة التحقيق الدولية في جريمة اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري عملية الانتقال الى مقر المحكمة الدولية في لاهاي، تنتظر جهات عدة في لبنان من فريقي الادعاء والدفاع نتائج جلسة مجلس الأمن غداً واللقاءات المفترضة بين رئيس اللجنة دانيال بلمار وعدد من مندوبي الدول الاعضاء إضافة الى المؤتمر الصحافي لبلمار نفسه ظهر الثلاثاء. وهذا الانتظار مردّه تقديم توضيحات بشأن أمور عدة أبرزها ما يتعلق بمصير المعتقلين في سجن رومية من دون اتهام أو محاكمة ومن دون إبراز أدلة لوكلاء الدفاع أو للموقوفين أنفسهم، ما عدا تلك «الخبريات» التي تولت وسائل إعلام تيار «المستقبل» بثّها على الدوام قبل التوقيف وبعده، والتي تبيّن من خلال التحقيقات اللبنانية والدولية أنها غير ذات صدقية، ما دفع الى حملة من المراجعات القانونية والسياسية أثمرت مسوّدة قرار أعدها المحقق العدلي السابق الياس عيد تقضي بإخلاء سبيل اثنين من المعتقلين هما جميل السيد وريمون عازار. ثم قاد فريق الادعاء حملة ضغوط مباشرة على القاضي عيد قبل التقدم بطلب إزاحته بحجة أنه في حالة محاباة مع المدعى عليهم، وانتهى الامر بإبعاده عن الملف.

ومنذ ذلك التاريخ وفريق التحقيق اللبناني يقول إنه غير جاهز لبت طلبات إخلاء السبيل لأن المعلومات الخاصة بالتحقيق لم تكتمل بعد، وهناك العديد من الملفات التي لا تزال بحوزة لجنة التحقيق. وعندما قال رئيس اللجنة في مراسلات بعضها مكتوب وبعضها الآخر سجل في محادثة رسمية وأخرى في جلسات عمل مع القضاء اللبناني إنه قدم ما لديه من معلومات، أصر فريق التحقيق اللبناني على عدم اكتمال الصورة. إلى أن صدر التقرير الأخير عن لجنة التحقيق وتضمّنت الفقرة 48 منه الآتي: «إذ يتواصل التحقيق، تمضي اللجنة في إطلاع السلطات اللبنانية المختصة على مضمون كل ما تحصل عليه من معلومات مهمة. وتدرك اللجنة أن مسألة احتجاز أفراد في لبنان أو إطلاق سراحهم تقع ضمن دائرة اختصاص السلطات اللبنانية دون سواها. وفي هذا الصدد، استمرت اللجنة في تزويد السلطات اللبنانية بكل ما تحتاج إليه من معلومات لاتخاذ قرار مستقل بشأن مسائل الاحتجاز بدون الرجوع إلى اللجنة. ورفعت اللجنة أيضاً آراءها بشأن هذه القضايا إلى المدعي العام».

وقالت الناطقة باسم اللجنة راضية عاشوري لـ«الأخبار» إنه في ما خص قضية الموقوفين فإن القاضي بلمار كان واضحاً في الإشارة الى أن الأمر من مسؤولية القضاء اللبناني. وقالت عاشوري «إن اللجنة قدمت كل ما لديها من معلومات الى الجهات اللبنانية المسؤولة حصراً عن هذا الأمر، وإن اللجنة ترى أنه ليس للقضاء اللبناني العودة الى اللجنة لاتخاذ القرار بشأن استمرار التوقيف أو إخلاء السبيل».

لكن المرجع القضائي المعني بالملف وبالتحقيق اللبناني قال إنه ليس مضطراً إلى مناقشة أمور تتعلق بمحادثات فريق التحقيق اللبناني مع لجنة التحقيق. أما في ما خص انتهاء العمل بملف التحقيق، فقال المرجع إن بت مصير الموقوفين لا يمكن أن يكون قبل أن ترسل لجنة التحقيق كل ما لديها، وهي لم تفعل ذلك حتى الآن، وفي آخر تقرير تحدث بلمار عن 288 مقابلة أجراها، أي إن لدى لجنة التحقيق ملفات استماع أو استجواب لـ288 حالة ولم يصل منها شيء الى الجانب اللبناني. وعن قول بلمار إن اللجنة قدمت كل ما لديها بشأن الموقوفين قال المرجع القضائي لـ«الأخبار» إننا أمام جريمة واحدة وملفات مترابطة وبالتالي فإن القضاء اللبناني لا يقدر على القول إن كل الملفات موجودة وفي النهاية فإن أمر بت مصير التوقيف أو عدمه يعود حصراً الى المحقق العدلي صقر صقر حتى ليلة الأول من آذار من عام 2009.

وفي هذا السياق انطلق بحث سياسي ـــــ حقوقي في الاحتمالات الخاصة بمصير المعتقلين بعد الأول من آذار واحتمال قيام حالة فراغ قضائي تعطل القرار بشأن المعتقلين، ولا سيما أن مرجعاً قضائياً سابقاً قال إنه في حالة الفراغ القضائي وغياب لائحة اتهامية فإن مذكرات التوقيف تعدّ ملغاة. لكن المرجع المعني بالتحقيق اللبناني قال لـ«الأخبار» إنه لا داعي لمثل هذه التقديرات لأن الاتفاقية المعقودة بين لبنان والأمم المتحدة في ما خص التحقيق والمحكمة الدولية، حاسمة لناحية أن لبنان سيسلّم قبل الأول من آذار كل ما لديه بخصوص التحقيق، من ملفات موثقة وأدلة وموقوفين، وليس للمحكمة الدولية الحق في رفض تسلّم أي عنصر من عناصر الملف بما في ذلك الموقوفون، لأن سلطة المحكمة تصبح هي العليا وتبطل صلاحيات المحقق العدلي، وحتى في إذا قرّر المدعي العام الدولي عدم الاستعانة بالمحقق العدلي اللبناني فهو يقدر على ذلك وبالتالي لا يعود هناك محقق عدلي لبناني في هذه الجريمة، لأن الاتفاقية تقضي بأن يفتح المدعي العام مكتباً له في بيروت ويكون على تنسيق يومي مع السلطات اللبنانية ويطلب إليها ما يشاء في إطار استمرار أعمال التحقيق لناحية التبليغات أو الاستدعاءات أو جمع معلومات تخص التحقيق. وحسم المرجع بأنه بعد الأول من آذار سيكون هناك قضاة في المحكمة يمكنهم بت أي أمر يخص التحقيق، سواء كان توقيف أحد أو إخلاء سبيل أو خلاف ذلك.

بلغاريCIA2 لبناني وأصوليّون على الخطّ: أين كانت سيّارة جبران قبل اغتياله؟CIA2
كان يجب أن ينتظر المرء أسبوعاً على مرور الذكرى الثالثة لغياب جبران تويني، قبل أن نعود لفتح الملف الممنوع: ماذا عن جريمة اغتيال جبران؟
CIA2أول خيط السؤال يعود إلى الثقب الأسود الكبير في بديهيات التحقيق: أين وضعت العبوة الناسفة؟ هل كانت خارج سيارة جبران؟ أم داخلها؟
نظرية سيارة «رينو ـــــ رابيد» الجانية والمفخّخة انطفأت سريعاً. يؤكد مطلعون أن أي تحقيق لم يتابعها، وأي محقق لم يسأل عنها وعن مصدرها وصاحبها وسائقها، بخلفية أنها أداة الجريمة. سقطت محاولة الإلهاء سريعاً وطويت، ما يفتح مجال السؤال على مدى أوسع: لماذا قدّر لعبوة بزنة طن، انفجرت إلى جانب سيارة رفيق الحريري المصفّحة في 14 شباط 2005، أن تُبقي السيارة المستهدفة على مسارها فوق الطريق الذي كانت تسلكه، فيما عبوة أقل بكثير قدّر لها أن ترمي سيارة جبران تويني، المصفّحة أيضاً، مئات الأمتار بعيداً عن مسارها؟ وعلى خلفية هذا السؤال، ينفتح الثقب الأسود الثاني في الملف: أين كانت سيارة جبران قبل عودته إلى بيروت؟
القريبون من جبران يعرفون تماماً أنه منذ محاولة اغتيال مروان حمادة، عمد «ديك النهار» إلى حماية نهاراته. فالتزم في شكل دقيق أسلوب السيارات المموّهة والمغفلة. وفق آلية سرية وشديدة التكتم والتعقيد، تأتي كل يوم أكثر من سيارة مستأجرة، يتم التسليم والتبديل خفية، ويستقل جبران مركبته. ولهذه الغاية اعتمد المسؤولون عن حمايته شركة معروفة لإيجار السيارات. هي للمصادفة الشركة نفسها التي كانت تزوّد لجنة التحقيق الدولية بسياراتها المستأجرة. وهي لمفارقة معروفة ومفهومة، الشركة نفسها التي كانت تملك السيارة المستأجرة منها، والتي تركها حسام حسام، قبل فراره إلى دمشق. والعودة إلى أرشيف هذه المسألة في الإعلام اللبناني، تؤكد مطابقة الأمر. وهو ما قد يعطي صدقية أكبر لرواية حسام، عن الجهة التي زوّدته بالسيارة المستأجرة، ثم وعدته بسيارة أخرىCIA2...
المهم، أنه بعد أشهر من هذا التكتيك الناجح، تمكّن أحد السياسيين من أقرباء جبران من إقناعه بالتخلي عنه، واللجوء بدلاً من ذلك إلى شراء... سيارة مصفّحة. استغرب كثيرون من محيط جبران الفكرة. رفضوها. وحذّروه منها، من دون جدوى. بعد أسابيع كانت السيارة المصفّحة مركبة وحيدة لتنقّل جبران، وبالتالي هدفاً ثابتاً وسهلاً للرصد والمتابعة والاستهداف.CIA2
لكن السر الأكبر كان وضع السيارة المذكورة، طيلة أسبوعين في تصرّف شخص آخر، وظلت معه حتى صباح الاثنين 28 ت2، يوم استردّها جبران واستقلّها لزيارة سمير جعجع في الأرزCIA2.
أين كانت طيلة هذه الفترة؟ مع شخص لبناني مقيم إقامة دائمة في بلغاريا. وهو كان أحد المسؤولين عن المواكبة الشخصية لمسؤول لبناني كبير سابق، يشغل حالياً رئاسة حزب مسيحيCIA2.
يؤكد العارفون أن القريبين من جبران يعرفون لماذا أعار سيارته إلى اللبناني ـــــ البلغاري. لكنهم يتكتّمون في المسألة، ويواجهونها بالنكران الكامل، وخصوصاً لناحية CIA2هوية مَن أقنع جبران بذلك.
أما ما هي حاجة الشخص الذي استعارها إلى سيارة مصفّحة، فإشكالية تحمل الكثير من الأسرار والألغاز، ذلك أن الشخص اللبناني المقصود، بعد انتهاء عمله إلى جانب المسؤول اللبناني الكبير أواخر الثمانينات، انتقل إلى فرنسا، حيث تردد أنه عمل لمصلحة أجهزة أمنية فرنسية. غير أن اسمه ظهر فجأة في العاصمة البلغارية، صوفيا، كأحد المتورطين في حروب مافيات تجارة الأسلحة والمخدرات، واستيراد حبوب الكابتاغون المصنّع في الشرق الأوسط، إلى دول أوروبا الشرقيةً.
حتى إنه سنة 1997، أعلن الاشتباه برجل الأعمال اللبناني المستجدّ، في ما سمّي «قضية أوبيتزفت»، وهو اسم ضاحية لصوفيا ضبطت فيها عملية تصنيع ضخمة لمخدرات كيميائية مركّبة. غير أن القضية لم تلبث أن أقفلت. ويومها راحت صحافة الدول المعنية تتحدث عن ارتباط اللبناني الشهير، بمافيات بلغاريا المنبثقة من انهيار الحكم الأحمر. وسالت أقلام كثيرة تربط بحبرها اللبناني نفسه بمافيا الإخوة غاليف، ومن ثم برجل الأعمال المثير للتساؤلات، البلغاري نيكولاي جيفوف.
والطرفان غالباً ما ذُكرا في قضايا فساد دولي ورشوة على مستوى زعماء دول، إضافةً إلى نشاطات غير قانونية عابرة للقارات.
هذا السجل الحافل للبناني الذي استعار سيارة جبران، تعمَّد أكثر من مرة بالدم. ففي ت2 2002، تعرّض الشخص نفسه لمحاولة اغتيال بإطلاق النار على سيارته في صوفيا. فغاب عن بلغاريا أشهراً، قيل إنه أمضاها في صربيا، حيث كان يتعاون مع «جماعات» ناشطة في مجالات عمله. والجهة الصربية ذاتها عادت فظهرت مع رجل مافيا بلغراد، سريتان يوسيتش، الذي قيل إنه تورّط في أيار 2004 في محاولة اغتيال الأمين العام لوزارة الخارجية البلغارية، في قضية لم تغب عنها أسماء اللبناني نفسه والإخوة غاليف وجيفوف وآخرين.
غير أن ما يزيد من خطورة الأمر، أن تلك «الجماعات البلغارية» على علاقة تعاونية وثيقة مع الجهات الأصولية والوهابية في صوفيا، وخصوصاً مع «مؤسسة الوقف الإسلامي»، التي تمثّل واجهة للنشاط الوهابي المموّل من دولة خليجية. ومن رموز هذه الشبكات أصولي سوري معارض بارز، يدعى موفّق أحمد الأسعد. حتى إن تقارير صحافية عادت سنة 2007 فربطت بين اللبناني نفسه والمجموعات الوهابية في بلغاريا، على خلفية إحدى المواجهات مع المافيا الدولية المتعددة الجنسيات، والممتدة من صوفيا إلى بيروتCIA2...

بينما باشرت لجنة التحقيق الدولية في جريمة اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري عملية الانتقال الى مقر المحكمة الدولية في لاهاي تباعا وعلى دفعات، تترقب الأوساط اللبنانية نتائج جلسة مجلس الأمن غداً واللقاءات المفترضة بين رئيس اللجنة دانيال بيلمار وعدد من مندوبي الدول الاعضاء إضافة الى المؤتمر الصحافي الذي سيعقده المحقق الدولي ظهر غد الثلثاء. وفي هذا الإطار كشفت مصادر مواكبة لعمل لجنة التحقيق الدولية في الجريمة لـ"المركزية" أن هذه اللجنة التي عملت باحتراف عال وتقنيات متطورة واستعانت بمحققين وخبراء في علم الجريمة توصلت الى أدلة حاسمة وقاطعة، وبالتالي فإن المهلة الجديدة التي طلبها رئيس اللجنة القاضي الكندي دانيال بلمار والتي تمتد الى الثامن والعشرين من شباط المقبل ما هي الا مهلة لتمكين اللجنة الدولية من نقل الملفات والوثائق والمستندات والمضبوطات التي بحوزتها من مقرها في بيروت، الى مقر المحكمة في لاهاي، وتتيح للمدعي العام الدولي (بيلمار الذي يعين قريبا في هذا المنصب) اعداد الخطة والآلية التي تساعده وفريق عمله على نقل الموقوفين والشهود سواء كانوا في لبنان أو أي بلد آخر الى هولندا، وانجاز برنامج حماية الشهود، وتأمين وصول القضاة الدوليين واللبنانيين الى مقر المحكمة، ما يتيح لهذه الأخيرة عقد أولى جلساتها مطلع شهر آذار المقبل لتوضع اوراق ملف اغتيال الحريري والأدلة التي سيقدمها المدعي العام قيد المناقشة والتدقيق.

وأشارت المصادر الى ان هذه الاجراءات والخطوات بالغة الدقة والخطورة، لأن المعطيات والمعلومات المتوافرة عن نتائج عمل اللجنة، تؤشر الى ان ثمة اسماء لمتورطين من شأن الاعلان عنها ان يحدث صدمة كبيرة لدى الرأي العام اللبناني وحتى العربي. وكان صدر التقرير الأخير عن لجنة التحقيق وتضمّنت الفقرة 48 منه الآتي: "إذ يتواصل التحقيق، تمضي اللجنة في إطلاع السلطات اللبنانية المختصة على مضمون كل ما تحصل عليه من معلومات مهمة. وتدرك اللجنة أن مسألة احتجاز أفراد في لبنان أو إطلاق سراحهم تقع ضمن دائرة اختصاص السلطات اللبنانية دون سواها. وفي هذا الصدد، استمرت في تزويد الجهات القضائية المعنية في هذا الشان بكل ما تحتاج إليه من معلومات لاتخاذ قرار مستقل بشأن مسائل الاحتجاز من دون الرجوع اليها. وقد أكدت الناطقة باسم اللجنة راضية عاشوري ان القاضي بيلمار كان واضحاً في الإشارة الى أن الأمرفي ما خص قضية الموقوفين من مسؤولية القضاء اللبناني. وأكدت ان اللجنة قدمت كل ما لديها من معلومات الى الجهات اللبنانية المسؤولة حصراً عن هذا الأمر، في القضاء اللبناني العودة لاتخاذ القرار بشأن استمرار التوقيف أو إخلاء السبيل.

أسماء المتورطين في إغتيال الحريري صدمة كبيرة للرأي العام اللبناني والعربي

Assassinat de Hariri: la commission d'enquête fait état de nouveaux progrès....
De nouveaux indices pourraient permettre de lier de nouveaux individus au réseau criminel responsable de l'assassinat de l'ex-Premier ministre libanais Rafic Hariri, indique le dernier rapport de la Commission d'enquête internationale sur ce meurtre, publié mardi.

La Commission a recueilli "de nouvelles informations qui lui permettront peut-être de lier de nouveaux individus au réseau qui a perpétré l'assassinat", dit ce rapport remis au Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU, sans toutefois nommer aucun de ces individus.

La Commission a également fait "de nouvelles découvertes qui aident à identifier l'origine géographique possible du kamikaze", ajoute le rapport.

Représentant éminent de la classe politique libanaise opposée à la domination exercée par la Syrie sur le Liban, Rafic Hariri a été assassiné le 14 février 2005 dans un attentat à la camionnette piégée à Beyrouth qui a tué 22 autres personnes.

L'enquête a déjà permis d'établir que la camionnette était conduite par un kamikaze, mort dans l'attentat.

Il s'agit du 11e rapport de la Commission, désormais présidée par le Canadien Daniel Bellemare.

Le 10e rapport, publié en juin, affirmait que l'assassinat de Rafic Hariri avait été commis par un "réseau criminel" d'individus, qu'il ne nommait pas pour assurer la sécurité et la poursuite de l'enquête.

Depuis juin, la Commission a aussi "découvert de nouveaux éléments permettant de corroborer l'existence de liens entre l'assassinat d'Hariri et d'autres attentats avec lesquels de tels liens avaient déjà été établis", ajoute le dernier rapport.

Certaines indications laissent penser "qu'il pourrait aussi y avoir un lien entre le meurtre d'Hariri et un autre attentat avec lequel une telle connexion n'avait pas encore été faite". Le rapport ne précise toutefois pas de quel attentat il s'agit.

La Commission, créée pour enquêter sur l'assassinat de Rafic Hariri, a également été mandatée par le Conseil de sécurité pour apporter une aide au gouvernement libanais dans ses enquêtes sur 20 autres attentats commis depuis 2004 au Liban, généralement contre des personnalités antisyriennes.

La Commission a récupéré "une arme qui a été prétendument utilisée dans l'attentat contre l'ancien ministre Pierre Gemayel", ajoute le rapport. Cette arme, est-il précisé, a été envoyée dans un laboratoire étranger pour des analyses balistiques dont les résultats sont attendus dans les prochaines semaines.

Ministre de l'Industrie, Pierre Gemayel avait été assassiné le 21 novembre 2006, dans la banlieue nord de Beyrouth.

Selon le rapport, la Commission a continué à travailler étroitement avec les autorités libanaises et "la coopération fournie par les autorités syriennes continue d'être généralement satisfaisante".

Au début de l'enquête, Damas avait été accusé de ne pas coopérer par un des prédécesseurs de M. Bellemare, l'Allemand Detlev Mehlis.

Le rapport prend enfin note de la décision du secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, de faire commencer le 1er mars les travaux du Tribunal spécial qui devra juger, à La Haye, les futurs inculpés dans cette affaire. Il demande en conséquence l'extention jusqu'au 28 février du mandat de la Commission d'enquête, qui expire fin décembre.

Lorsque son enquête sera terminée, M. Bellemare deviendra le procureur de ce tribunal.

Lebanon's Voice: Complete Independence, ounce and for all now.

RIVAL powers are pouring vast sums of money into Lebanon in the hope of influencing the outcome of the general election to be held sometime this spring. The Kingdom of Saudi Wahabism Salafism Arabia is championing the drive in order to cling to a fake majority, hell-bent on following the dream of Arabia, the KSA, to Islamize Lebanon by forcing the deadlocked stooges of PNAC, CIA2/MOSSAD into accepting a denominated Muslim President of Lebanon in a "constitutional manner".... the last time the KING of KSA attempted his dirty tricks on Lebanon, came about last spring 2008, prior to the DOHA agreement... and failed miserably....because for ounce the WEST and the EAST.... put him back in his place for good Inchallah.....and they nailed the bastards who gridlocked the country with the CIA Siniora for over 3 electing a President, Made by and For the "history" of the White House Murder Inc.,.....since most assassinations happened under his watch as commander in chief of the Lebanese Army, whereby the Lebanese/Syrian Military Intelligence were heavily implicated in executing these CIA2/MOSSAD odious crimes.

There are exact figures concerning these efforts to buy the election. But observers of the Lebanese scene know that hundreds of millions of dollars have been pumped into the underground economy, producing an enviable growth rate of around 17 percent this year.

The Salafist/Wahabist regime in KSA has emerged as the "biggest spender," showering its various agents, clients and allies with "more money than they could use," says a former Lebanese army officer. Indeed, "the Saudis have decided to buy enough votes to secure a majority in the next parliament and form the future government."

The biggest recipient of KSA's largesse is the Hariristan Clan and the PSP of the thug/war criminal walid Joumblatt (the Party of Satan), a militant Druze feudal outfit that MI6 created in 1953 and controls through some 5 members of the Jumblatt family and numerous theological and political "commissars, and YES men, like the Hamades and Aridi Ghazi, who was an agent for Ghazi Kanaan....."

In the last general election, in 2005, Hezbollah drew some 11 percent of the vote. This time, Hizbullah hopes the party will win at least 60 percent, since he will not be in a coalition agreement with the agents of the PNAC, KSA, CIA/MOSSAD killers, the Hariristan Clan and their stooges in Lebanon, the 14HMARS.

But the key to who will govern is held by the Maronite Christian community, as always.....

That's because the last redrawing of the electoral map - in a deal made by Lebanese parties at last year's "compromise summit" in Doha, Qatar - will make it hard for other communities to change their respective weight in the next parliament.

In the country's south, the two Shiite parties - Hezbollah (led by Hassan Nasrallah) and the Amal (Hope) Movement - will have little difficulty winning almost all seats. That leaves the areas in which Maronite Christians still form a majority - but the Maronites are deeply patriotic and supportive of the Resistance in Lebanon, and will vote for a consensual and UNITED Lebanon, free of foreign influence peddling of the CIA2 killers of the MOSSAD Axis of Evil.

New-generation car bombers are graduates of CIA terrorism schools.

In a column on March 23, 2006 (A Vision, Bruised and Dented), David Brooks of the New York Times' wrote about "the rise of what Richard Lowry of the National Review calls the ‘To Hell With Them' Hawks." In part, Brooks characterized these hawks as being conservatives who "look at car bombs and cartoon riots and wonder whether Islam is really a religion of peace." One of the advantages of history is that you have to check such thoughts at the door. If Islam can't be considered a "religion of peace," thanks to what Mike Davis calls "the quotidian workhorse of urban terrorism," then at least its jihadists join a roiling crowd of less-than-peaceful car-bombers that has included Jews, Christians, Hindus, anarchists, French colonials, Mafiosos, members of the Irish Republican Army, and CIA operatives among others.

The car bomb seems such a weapon of the moment that who even knew it had an 80 year-long, tortured history. But Mike Davis, whose most recent projects include the only significant book on the Avian flu, The Monster at Our Door, and Planet of Slums, a startling analysis of the way significant parts of our planet have been rapidly urbanizing and de-industrializing all at once, almost invariably produces the unexpected. This week, Tomdispatch offers his two-part history of the car bomb, a series that puts one of the more terrifying phenomena of our moment into a new perspective and shines a dazzling light into any number of dark corners of our recent past. It will, at some future point, be expanded into a small book and so Davis would like to hear from anyone with information on other car bomb campaigns of the last half century. (Tomgram)

Part I The Poor Man's Air Force: History of the Car Bomb

"You have shown no pity to us! We will do likewise. We will dynamite you! -- Anarchist warning (1919)

On a warm September day in 1920, a few months after the arrest of his comrades Sacco and Vanzetti, a vengeful Italian anarchist named Mario Buda parked his horse-drawn wagon near the corner of Wall and Broad Streets, directly across from J. P. Morgan Company. He nonchalantly climbed down and disappeared, unnoticed, into the lunchtime crowd. A few blocks away, a startled postal worker found strange leaflets warning: "Free the Political Prisoners or it will be Sure Death for All of You!" They were signed: "American Anarchist Fighters." The bells of nearby Trinity Church began to toll at noon. When they stopped, the wagon -- packed with dynamite and iron slugs -- exploded in a fireball of shrapnel.

"The horse and wagon were blown to bits," writes Paul Avrich, the celebrated historian of American anarchism who uncovered the true story. "Glass showered down from office windows, and awnings twelve stories above the street burst into flames. People fled in terror as a great cloud of dust enveloped the area. In Morgan's offices, Thomas Joyce of the securities department fell dead on his desk amid a rubble of plaster and walls. Outside scores of bodies littered the streets."

Buda was undoubtedly disappointed when he learned that J.P. Morgan himself was not among the 40 dead and more than 200 wounded -- the great robber baron was away in Scotland at his hunting lodge. Nonetheless, a poor immigrant with some stolen dynamite, a pile of scrap metal, and an old horse had managed to bring unprecedented terror to the inner sanctum of American capitalism.

His Wall Street bomb was the culmination of a half-century of anarchist fantasies about avenging angels made of dynamite; but it was also an invention, like Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, far ahead of the imagination of its time. Only after the barbarism of strategic bombing had become commonplace, and when air forces routinely pursued insurgents into the labyrinths of poor cities, would the truly radical potential of Buda's "infernal machine" be fully realized.

Buda's wagon was, in essence, the prototype car bomb: the first use of an inconspicuous vehicle, anonymous in almost any urban setting, to transport large quantities of high explosive into precise range of a high-value target. It was not replicated, as far as I have been able to determine, until January 12, 1947 when the Stern Gang drove a truckload of explosives into a British police station in Haifa, Palestine, killing 4 and injuring 140. The Stern Gang (a pro-fascist splinter group led by Avraham Stern that broke away from the right-wing Zionist paramilitary Irgun) would soon use truck and car bombs to kill Palestinians as well: a creative atrocity immediately reciprocated by British deserters fighting on the side of Palestinian nationalists.

Vehicle bombs thereafter were used sporadically -- producing notable massacres in Saigon (1952), Algiers (1962), and Palermo (1963) -- but the gates of hell were only truly opened in 1972, when the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) accidentally, so the legend goes, improvised the first ammonium nitrate-fuel oil (ANFO) car bomb. These new-generation bombs, requiring only ordinary industrial ingredients and synthetic fertilizer, were cheap to fabricate and astonishingly powerful: they elevated urban terrorism from the artisanal to the industrial level, and made possible sustained blitzes against entire city centers as well as the complete destruction of ferro-concrete skyscrapers and residential blocks.

The car bomb, in other words, suddenly became a semi-strategic weapon that, under certain circumstances, was comparable to airpower in its ability to knock out critical urban nodes and headquarters as well as terrorize the populations of entire cities. Indeed, the suicide truck bombs that devastated the U.S. embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 prevailed -- at least in a geopolitical sense -- over the combined firepower of the fighter-bombers and battleships of the U.S. Sixth Fleet and forced the Reagan administration to retreat from Lebanon.

Hezbollah's ruthless and brilliant use of car bombs in Lebanon in the 1980s to counter the advanced military technology of the United States, France, and Israel soon emboldened a dozen other groups to bring their insurgencies and jihads home to the metropolis.

Some of the new-generation car bombers were graduates of terrorism schools set up by the CIA and Pakistani intelligence (the ISI), with Saudi financing, in the mid-1980s to train mujahedin to terrorize the Russians then occupying Kabul. Between 1992 and 1998, 16 major vehicle bomb attacks in 13 different cities killed 1,050 people and wounded nearly 12,000. More importantly from a geopolitical standpoint, the IRA and Gama'a al-Islamiyya inflicted billions of dollars of damage on the two leading control-centers of the world economy -- the City of London (1992, 1993, and 1996) and lower Manhattan (1993) -- and forced a reorganization of the global reinsurance industry.

In the new millennium, 85 years after that first massacre on Wall Street, car bombs have become almost as generically global as iPods and HIV-AIDS, cratering the streets of cities from Bogota to Bali. Suicide truck bombs, once the distinctive signature of Hezbollah, have been franchised to Sri Lanka, Chechnya/Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, and Indonesia. On any graph of urban terrorism, the curve representing car bombs is rising steeply, almost exponentially. U.S.-occupied Iraq, of course, is a relentless inferno with more than 9,000 casualties -- mainly civilian -- attributed to vehicle bombs in the two-year period between July 2003 and June 2005. Since then, the frequency of car-bomb attacks has dramatically increased: 140 per month in the fall of 2005, 13 in Baghdad on New Year's Day 2006 alone. If roadside bombs or IEDs are the most effective device against American armored vehicles, car bombs are the weapon of choice for slaughtering Shiite civilians in front of mosques and markets and instigating an apocalyptic sectarian war.

Under siege from weapons indistinguishable from ordinary traffic, the apparatuses of administration and finance are retreating inside "rings of steel" and "green zones," but the larger challenge of the car bomb seems intractable. Stolen nukes, Sarin gas, and anthrax may be the "sum of our fears," but the car bomb is the quotidian workhorse of urban terrorism. Before considering its genealogy, however, it may be helpful to summarize those characteristics that make Buda's wagon such a formidable and undoubtedly permanent source of urban insecurity.

First, vehicle bombs are stealth weapons of surprising power and destructive efficiency. Trucks, vans, or even SUVs can easily transport the equivalent of several conventional 1,000-pound bombs to the doorstep of a prime target. Moreover, their destructive power is still evolving, thanks to the constant tinkering of ingenious bomb-makers. We have yet to face the full horror of semi-trailer-sized explosions with a lethal blast range of 200 yards or of dirty bombs sheathed in enough nuclear waste to render mid-Manhattan radioactive for generations.

Second, they are extraordinarily cheap: 40 or 50 people can be massacred with a stolen car and maybe $400 of fertilizer and bootlegged electronics. Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, bragged that his most expensive outlay was in long-distance phone calls. The explosive itself (one half ton of urea) cost $3,615 plus the $59 per day rental for a ten-foot-long Ryder van. In contrast, the cruise missiles that have become the classic American riposte to overseas terrorist attacks cost $1.1 million each.

Third, car bombings are operationally simple to organize. Although some still refuse to believe that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols didn't have secret assistance from a government or dark entity, two men in the proverbial phone booth -- a security-guard and a farmer -- successfully planned and executed the horrendous Oklahoma City bombing with instructional books and information acquired from the gun-show circuit.

Fourth, like even the ‘smartest' of aerial bombs, car bombs are inherently indiscriminate: "Collateral damage" is virtually inevitable. If the logic of an attack is to slaughter innocents and sow panic in the widest circle, to operate a "strategy of tension," or just demoralize a society, car bombs are ideal. But they are equally effective at destroying the moral credibility of a cause and alienating its mass base of support, as both the IRA and the ETA in Spain have independently discovered. The car bomb is an inherently fascist weapon.

Fifth, car bombs are highly anonymous and leave minimal forensic evidence. Buda quietly went home to Italy, leaving William Burns, J. Edgar Hoover, and the Bureau of Investigation (later, to be renamed the FBI) to make fools of themselves as they chased one false lead after another for a decade. Most of Buda's descendants have also escaped identification and arrest. Anonymity, in addition, greatly recommends car bombs to those who like to disguise their handiwork, including the CIA, the Israeli Mossad, the Syrian GSD, the Iranian Pasdaran, and the Pakistani ISI -- all of whom have caused unspeakable carnage with such devices.

The members of the Stern Gang were ardent students of violence, self-declared Jewish admirers of Mussolini who steeped themselves in the terrorist traditions of the pre-1917 Russian Socialist-Revolutionary Party, the Macedonian IMRO, and the Italian Blackshirts. As the most extreme wing of the Zionist movement in Palestine -- "fascists" to the Haganah and "terrorists" to the British -- they were morally and tactically unfettered by considerations of diplomacy or world opinion. They had a fierce and well-deserved reputation for the originality of their operations and the unexpectedness of their attacks. On January 12, 1947, as part of their campaign to prevent any compromise between mainstream Zionism and the British Labor government, they exploded a powerful truck bomb in the central police station in Haifa, resulting in 144 casualties. Three months later, they repeated the tactic in Tel Aviv, blowing up the Sarona police barracks (5 dead) with a stolen postal truck filled with dynamite.

In December 1947, following the UN vote to partition Palestine, full-scale fighting broke out between Jewish and Arab communities from Haifa to Gaza. The Stern Gang, which rejected anything less than the restoration of a biblical Israel, now gave the truck bomb its debut as a weapon of mass terror. On January 4, 1948, two men in Arab dress drove a truck ostensibly loaded with oranges into the center of Jaffa and parked it next to the New Seray Building, which housed the Palestinian municipal government as well as a soup-kitchen for poor children. They cooly lingered for coffee at a nearby café before leaving a few minutes ahead of the detonation.

"A thunderous explosion," writes Adam LeBor in his history of Jaffa, "then shook the city. Broken glass and shattered masonry blew out across Clock Tower Square. The New Seray's centre and side walls collapsed in a pile of rubble and twisted beams. Only the neo-classical façade survived. After a moment of silence, the screams began, 26 were killed, hundreds injured. Most were civilians, including many children eating at the charity kitchen." The bomb missed the local Palestinian leadership who had moved to another building, but the atrocity was highly successful in terrifying residents and setting the stage for their eventual flight.

It also provoked the Palestinians to cruel repayment in kind. The Arab High Committee had its own secret weapon -- blond-haired British deserters, fighting on the side of the Palestinians. Nine days after the Jaffa bombing, some of these deserters, led by Eddie Brown, a former police corporal whose brother had been murdered by the Irgun, commandeered a postal delivery truck which they packed with explosives and detonated in the center of Haifa's Jewish quarter, injuring 50 people. Two weeks later, Brown, driving a stolen car and followed by a five-ton truck driven by a Palestinian in a police uniform, successfully passed through British and Haganah checkpoints and entered Jerusalem's New City. The driver parked in front of the Palestine Post, lit the fuse, and then escaped with Brown in his car. The newspaper headquarters was devastated with 1 dead and 20 wounded.

According to a chronicler of the episode, Abdel Kader el-Husseini, the military leader of the Arab Higher Committee, was so impressed by the success of these operations -- inadvertently inspired by the Stern Gang -- that he authorized an ambitious sequel employing six British deserters. "This time three trucks were used, escorted by a stolen British armored car with a young blond man in police uniform standing in the turret." Again, the convoy easily passed through checkpoints and drove to the Atlantic Hotel on Ben Yehuda Street. A curious night watchman was murdered when he confronted the gang, who then drove off in the armored car after setting charges in the three trucks. The explosion was huge and the toll accordingly grim: 46 dead and 130 wounded.

The window of opportunity for such attacks -- the possibility of passing from one zone to another -- was rapidly closing as Palestinians and Jews braced for all-out warfare, but a final attack prefigured the car bomb's brilliant future as a tool of assassination. On March 11, the official limousine of the American consul-general, flying the stars and stripes and driven by the usual chauffeur, was admitted to the courtyard of the heavily-guarded Jewish Agency compound. The driver, a Christian Palestinian named Abu Yussef, hoped to kill Zionist leader David Ben Gurion, but the limousine was moved just before it exploded; nonetheless, 13 officials of the Jewish Foundation Fund died and 40 were injured.

This brief but furious exchange of car bombs between Arabs and Jews would enter into the collective memory of their conflict, but would not be resumed on a large scale until Israel and its Phalangist allies began to terrorize West Beirut with bombings in 1981: a provocation that would awake a Shiite sleeping dragon. Meanwhile, the real sequel was played out in Saigon: a series of car and motorcycle bomb atrocities in 1952-53 that Graham Greene incorporated into the plot of his novel, The Quiet American, and which he portrayed as secretly orchestrated by his CIA operative Alden Pyle, who is conspiring to substitute a pro-American party for both the Viet-Minh (upon whom the actual bombings would be blamed) and the French (who are unable to guarantee public safety).

The real-life Quiet American was the counterinsurgency expert Colonel Edward Lansdale (fresh from victories against peasant Communists in the Philippines), and the real leader of the ‘Third Force' was his protégé, General Trinh Minh The of the Cao Dai religious sect. There is no doubt, writes The's biographer, that the general "instigated many terrorist outrages in Saigon, using clockwork plastic charges loaded into vehicles, or hidden inside bicycle frames with charges. Notably, the Li An Minh [The's army] blew up cars in front of the Opera House in Saigon in 1952. These ‘time-bombs' were reportedly made of 50-kg ordnance, used by the French air force, unexploded and collected by the Li An Minh."

Lansdale was dispatched to Saigon by Allen Dulles of the CIA some months after the Opera atrocity (hideously immortalized in a Life photographer's image of the upright corpse of a rickshaw driver with both legs blown off), which was officially blamed on Ho Chi Minh. Although Lansdale was well aware of General The's authorship of these sophisticated attacks (the explosives were hidden in false compartments next to car gas tanks), he nonetheless championed the Cao Dai warlord as a patriot in the mould of Washington and Jefferson. After either French agents or Vietminh cadre assassinated The, Landsdale eulogized him to a journalist as "a good man. He was moderate, he was a pretty good general, he was on our side, and he cost twenty-five thousand dollars."

Whether by emulation or reinvention, car bombs showed up next in another war-torn French colony -- Algiers during the last days of the pied noirs or French colonial settlers. Some of the embittered French officers in Saigon in 1952-53 would also become cadres of the Organisation de l'Armé Secrete (OAS), led by General Raoul Salan. In April 1961, after the failure of its uprising against French President Charles de Gaulle, who was prepared to negotiate a settlement with the Algerian rebels, the OAS turned to terrorism -- a veritable festival de plastique -- with all the formidable experience of its veteran paratroopers and legionnaires. Its declared enemies included De Gaulle himself, French security forces, communists, peace activists (including philosopher and activist Jean-Paul Sartre), and especially Algerian civilians. The most deadly of their car bombs killed 62 Moslem stevedores lining up for work at the docks in Algiers in May 1962, but succeeded only in bolstering the Algerian resolve to drive all the pied-noirs into the sea.

The next destination for the car bomb was Palermo, Sicily. Angelo La Barbera, the Mafia capo of Palermo-Center, undoubtedly paid careful attention to the Algerian bombings and may even have borrowed some OAS expertise when he launched his devastating attack on his Mafia rival, "Little Bird" Greco, in February 1963. Greco's bastion was the town of Ciaculli outside Palermo where he was protected by an army of henchmen. La Barbera surmounted this obstacle with the aid of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. "This dainty four-door family saloon," writes John Dickie in his history of the Cosa Nostra, "was one of the symbols of Italy's economic miracle -- ‘svelte, practical, comfortable, safe and convenient,' as the adverts proclaimed." The first explosive-packed Giulietta destroyed Greco's house; the second, a few weeks later, killed one of his key allies. Greco's gunmen retaliated, wounding La Barbera in Milan in May; in response, La Barbera's ambitious lieutenants Pietro Torreta and Tommaso Buscetta (later to become the most famous of all Mafia pentiti) unleashed more deadly Giuliettas.

On June 30, 1963, "the umpteenth Giulietta stuffed with TNT" was left in one of the tangerine groves that surround Ciaculli. A tank of butane with a fuse was clearly visible in the back seat. A Giulietta had already exploded that morning in a nearby town, killing two people, so the carabinieri were cautious and summoned army engineers for assistance. "Two hours later two bomb disposal experts arrived, cut the fuse, and pronounced the vehicle safe to approach. But when Lt. Mario Malausa made to inspect the contents of the boot, he detonated the huge quantity of TNT it contained. He and six other men were blown to pieces by an explosion that scorched and stripped the tangerine trees for hundreds of metres around." (The site is today marked by one of the several monuments to bomb victims in the Palermo region.)

Before this "First Mafia War" ended in 1964, the Sicilian population had learned to tremble at the very sight of a Giulietta and car bombings had become a permanent part of the Mafia repertoire. They were employed again during an even bloodier second Mafia war or Matanza in 1981-83, then turned against the Italian public in the early 1990s after the conviction of Cosa Nostra leaders in a series of sensational "maxi-trials." The most notorious of these blind-rage car bombings -- presumably organized by ‘Tractor' Provenzano and his notorious Corleonese gang -- was the explosion in May 1993 that damaged the world-famous Uffizi Gallery in the heart of Florence and killed 5 pedestrians, injuring 40 others.

The first-generation car bombs -- Jaffa-Jerusalem, Saigon, Algiers, and Palermo -- were deadly enough (with a maximum yield usually equal to several hundred pounds of TNT), but required access to stolen industrial or military explosives. Journeymen bomb-makers, however, were aware of a homemade alternative – notoriously dangerous to concoct, but offering almost unlimited vistas of destruction at a low cost. Ammonium nitrate is a universally available synthetic fertilizer and industrial ingredient with extraordinary explosive properties, as witnessed by such accidental cataclysms as an explosion at a chemical plant in Oppau, Germany in 1921 -- the shock waves were felt 150 miles away and only a vast crater remained where the plant had been -- and a Texas City disaster in 1947 (600 dead and 90% of the town structurally damaged). Ammonium nitrate is sold in half-ton quantities affordable by even the most cash-strapped terrorist, but the process of mixing it with fuel oil to create an ANFO explosive is more than a little tricky as the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) found out in late 1971.

"The car bomb was [re]discovered entirely by accident," explains journalist Ed Maloney in his The Secret History of the IRA, "but its deployment by the Belfast IRA was not. The chain of events began in late December 1971 when the IRA's quartermaster general, Jack McCabe, was fatally injured in an explosion caused when an experimental, fertilizer-based homemade mix known as the ‘black stuff' exploded as he was blending it with a shovel in his garage on the northern outskirts of Dublin. [Provisionals'] GHQ warned that the mix was too dangerous to handle, but Belfast had already received a consignment, and someone had the idea of disposing of it by dumping it in a car with a fuse and a timer and leaving it somewhere in downtown Belfast." The resulting explosion made a big impression upon the Belfast leadership.

The "black stuff" -- which the IRA soon learned how to handle safely -- freed the underground army from supply-side constraints: the car bomb enhanced destructive capacity yet reduced the likelihood of Volunteers being arrested or accidentally blown up. The ANFO-car bomb combination, in other words, was an unexpected military revolution, but one fraught with the potential for political and moral disaster. "The sheer size of the devices," emphasizes Moloney, "greatly increased the risk of civilian deaths in careless or bungled operations."

The IRA Army Council led by Sean MacStiofain, however, found the new weapon's awesome capabilities too seductive to worry about ways in which its grisly consequences might backfire on them. Indeed, car bombs reinforced the illusion, shared by most of the top leadership in 1972, that the IRA was one final military offensive away from victory over the English government. Accordingly, in March 1972, two car bombs were sent into Belfast city center followed by garbled phone warnings that led police to inadvertently evacuate people in the direction of one of the explosions: Five civilians were killed along with two members of the security forces. Despite the public outcry as well as the immediate traffic closure of the Royal Avenue shopping precinct, the Belfast Brigade's enthusiasm for the new weapon remained undiminished and the leadership plotted a huge attack designed to bring normal commercial life in Northern Ireland to an abrupt halt. MacStiofain boasted of an offensive of "the utmost ferocity and ruthessness" that would wreck the "colonial infrastructure."

On Friday, July 21st, IRA Volunteers left 20 car bombs or concealed charges on the periphery of the now-gated city center, with detonations timed to follow one another at approximately five-minute intervals. The first car bomb exploded in front of the Ulster Bank in north Belfast and blew both legs off a Catholic passerby; successive explosions damaged two railroad stations, the Ulster bus depot on Oxford Street, various railway junctions, and a mixed Catholic-Protestant residential area on Cavehill Road. "At the height of the bombing, the center of Belfast resembled a city under artillery fire; clouds of suffocating smoke enveloped buildings as one explosion followed another, almost drowning out the hysterical screams of panicked shoppers." A series of telephoned IRA warnings just created more chaos, as civilians fled from one explosion only to be driven back by another. Seven civilians and two soldiers were killed and more than 130 people were seriously wounded.

Although not an economic knockout punch, "Bloody Friday" was the beginning of a "no business as usual" bombing campaign that quickly inflicted significant damage on the Northern Ireland economy, particularly its ability to attract private and foreign investment. The terror of that day also compelled authorities to tighten their anti-car-bomb "ring of steel" around the Belfast city center, making it the prototype for other fortified enclaves and future "green zones." In the tradition of their ancestors, the Fenians, who had originated dynamite terrorism in the 1870s, Irish Republicans had again added new pages to the textbook of urban guerrilla warfare. Foreign aficionados, particularly in the Middle East, undoubtedly paid close attention to the twin innovations of the ANFO car bomb and its employment in a protracted bombing campaign against an entire urban-regional economy.

What was less well understood outside of Ireland, however, was the enormity of the wound that the IRA's car bombs inflicted on the Republican movement itself. Bloody Friday destroyed much of the IRA's heroic-underdog popular image, produced deep revulsion amongst ordinary Catholics, and gave the British government an unexpected reprieve from the worldwide condemnation it had earned for the Blood Sunday massacre in Derry and internment without trial. Moreover, it gave the Army the perfect pretext to launch massive Operation Motorman: 13,000 troops led by Centurion tanks entered the "no-go" areas of Derry and Belfast and reclaimed control of the streets from the Republican movement. The same day, a bloody, bungled car bomb attack on the village of Claudy in County Londonderry killed 8 people. (Protestant Loyalist paramilitary groups -- who never bothered with warnings and deliberately targeted civilians on the other side -- would claim Bloody Friday and Claudy as sanctions for their triple car bomb attack on Dublin during afternoon rush hour on May 17, 1974 which left 33 dead, the highest one-day toll in the course of the "Troubles.")

The Belfast debacle led to a major turnover in IRA leadership, but failed to dispel their almost cargo-cult-like belief in the capacity of car bombs to turn the tide of battle. Forced onto the defensive by Motorman and the backlash to Bloody Friday, they decided to strike at the very heart of British power instead. The Belfast Brigade planned to send ten car bombs to London via the Dublin-Liverpool ferry using fresh volunteers with clean records, including two young sisters, Marion and Dolours Price. Snags arose and only four cars arrived in London; one of these was detonated in front of the Old Bailey, another in the center of Whitehall, close to the Prime Minister's house at Number 10 Downing Street. One hundred and eighty Londoners were injured and one was killed. Although the 8 IRA bombers were quickly caught, they were acclaimed in the West Belfast ghettoes and the operation became a template for future Provisional bombing campaigns in London, culminating in the huge explosions that shattered the City of London and unnerved the world insurance industry in 1992 and 1993.

Never in history has a single city been the battlefield for so many contesting ideologies, sectarian allegiances, local vendettas, or foreign conspiracies and interventions as Beirut in the early 1980s. Belfast's triangular conflicts -- three armed camps (Republican, Loyalist, and British) and their splinter groups -- seemed straightforward compared to the fractal, Russian-doll-like complexity of Lebanon's civil wars (Shiite versus Palestinian, for example) within civil wars (Maronite versus Moslem and Druze) within regional conflicts (Israel versus Syria) and surrogate wars (Iran versus the United States) within, ultimately, the Cold War. In the fall of 1971, for example, there were 58 different armed groups in West Beirut alone. With so many people trying to kill each other for so many different reasons, Beirut became to the technology of urban violence what a tropical rainforest is to the evolution of plants.

Car bombs began to regularly terrorize Moslem West Beirut in the fall of 1981, apparently as part of an Israeli strategy to evict the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) from Lebanon. The Israeli secret service, the Mossad, had previously employed car bombs in Beirut to assassinate Palestinian leaders (novelist Ghassan Kanfani in July 1972, for example), so no one was especially surprised when evidence emerged that Israel was sponsoring the carnage. According to Middle Eastern schoalr Rashid Khalidi, "A sequence of public confessions by captured drivers made clear these [car bombings] were being utilized by the Israelis and their Phalangist allies to increase the pressure on the PLO to leave."

Journalist Robert Fisk was in Beirut when an "enormous [car] bomb blew a 45-foot-crater in the road and brought down an entire block of apartments. The building collapsed like a concertina, crushing more than 50 of its occupants to death, most of them Shia refugees from southern Lebanon." Several of the car bombers were captured and confessed that the bombs had been rigged by the Shin Bet, the Israeli equivalent of the FBI or the British Special Branch. But if such atrocities were designed to drive a wedge of terror between the PLO and Lebanese Moslems, they had the inadvertent result (as did the Israeli air force's later cluster-bombing of civilian neighborhoods) of turning the Shias from informal Israeli allies into shrewd and resolute enemies.

The new face of Shiite militancy was Hezbollah, formed in mid-1982 out of an amalgamation of Islamic Amal with other pro-Khomeini groupuscules. Trained and advised by the Iranian Pasdaran in the Bekaa Valley, Hezbollah was both an indigenous resistance movement with deep roots in the Shiite slums of southern Beirut and, at the same time, the long arm of Iran's theocratic revolution. Although some experts espouse alternative theories, Islamic Amal/Hezbollah is usually seen as the author, with Iranian and Syrian assistance, of the devastating attacks on American and French forces in Beirut during 1983. Hezbollah's diabolic innovation was to marry the IRA's ANFO car bombs to the kamikaze -- using suicide drivers to crash truckloads of explosives into the lobbies of embassies and barracks in Beirut, and later into Israeli checkpoints and patrols in southern Lebanon.

The United States and France became targets of Hezbollah and its Syrian and Iranian patrons after the Multinational Force in Beirut, which supposedly had landed to allow for the safe evacuation of the PLO from that city, evolved into the informal and then open ally of the Maronite government in its civil war against the Moslem-Druze majority. The first retaliation against President Reagan's policy occurred on April 18, 1983, when a pickup truck carrying 2,000 pounds of ANFO explosives suddenly swerved across traffic into the driveway of the oceanfront U.S. embassy in Beirut. The driver gunned the truck past a startled guard and crashed through the lobby door. "Even by Beirut standards," writes former CIA agent Robert Baer, "it was an enormous blast, shattering windows. The USS Guadalcanal, anchored five miles off the coast, shuddered from the tremors. At ground zero, the center of the seven-story embassy lifted up hundreds of feet into the air, remained suspended for what seemed an eternity, and then collapsed in a cloud of dust, people, splintered furniture, and paper."

Whether as a result of superb intelligence or sheer luck, the bombing coincided with a visit to the embassy of Robert Ames, the CIA's national intelligence officer for the Near East. It killed him ("his hand was found floating a mile offshore, the wedding ring still on his finger") and all six members of the Beirut CIA station. "Never before had the CIA lost so many officers in a single attack. It was a tragedy from which the agency would never recover." It also left the Americans blind in Beirut, forcing them to scrounge for intelligence scraps from the French embassy or the British listening station offshore on Cyprus. (A year later, Hezbollah completed their massacre of the CIA in Beirut when they kidnapped and executed the replacement station chief, William Buckley.) As a result, the Agency never foresaw the coming of the mother-of-all-vehicle-bomb attacks.

Over the protests of Colonel Gerahty, the commander of the U.S. Marines onshore in Beirut, Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor, Robert McFarlane, ordered the Sixth Fleet in September to open fire on Druze militia who were storming Lebanese Army Forces positions in the hills above Beirut -- bringing the United States into the conflict brazenly on the side of the reactionary Amin Gemayel government. A month later, a five-ton Mercedes dump truck hurled past sandbagged Marine sentries and smashed through a guardhouse into the ground floor of the "Beirut Hilton," the U.S. military barracks in a former PLO headquarters next to the international airport. The truck's payload was an incredible 12,000 pounds of high explosives. "It is said to have been the largest non-nuclear blast ever [deliberately] detonated on the face of the earth." "The force of the explosion," continues Eric Hammel in his history of the Marine landing force, "initially lifted the entire four-story structure, shearing the bases of the concrete support columns, each measuring fifteen feet in circumference and reinforced by numerous one and three quarter inch steel rods. The airborne building then fell in upon itself. A massive shock wave and ball of flaming gas was hurled in all directions." The Marine (and Navy) death toll of 241 was the Corps' highest single-day loss since Iwo Jima in 1945.

Meanwhile, another Hezbollah kamikaze had crashed his explosive-laden van into the French barracks in West Beirut, toppling the eight-story structure, killing 58 soldiers. If the airport bomb repaid the Americans for saving Gemayal, this second explosion was probably a response to the French decision to supply Saddam Hussein with Super-Etendard jets and Exocet missiles to attack Iran. The hazy distinction between local Shiite grievances and the interests of Tehran was blurred further when two members of Hezbollah joined with 18 Iraqi Shias to truck-bomb the U.S. embassy in Kuwait in mid-December. The French embassy, the control tower at the airport, the main oil refinery and an expatriate residential compound were also targeted in what was clearly a stern warning to Iran's enemies.

Following another truck bombing against the French in Beirut as well as deadly attacks on Marine outposts, the Multinational Force began to withdraw from Lebanon in February 1984. It was Reagan's most stunning geopolitical defeat. In the impolite phrase of Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, "Essentially we turned tail and ran and left Lebanon." American power in Lebanon, added Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, was neutralized by "just 12,000 pounds of dynamite and a stolen truck."

Part II. Car Bombs with Wings: The CIA's Car Bomb University (the 1980s)

"The CIA officers that Yousef worked with closely impressed upon him one rule: never use the terms sabotage or assassination when speaking with visiting congressmen." -- Steve Coll, Ghost Wars....

Gunboat diplomacy had been defeated by car bombs in Lebanon, but the Reagan administration and, above all, CIA Director William Casey were left thirsting for revenge against Hezbollah. "Finally in 1985," according to the Washington Post's Bob Woodward in Veil, his book on Casey's career, "he worked out with the Saudis a plan to use a car bomb to kill [Hezbollah leader] Sheikh Fadlallah who they determined was one of the people behind, not only the Marine barracks, but was involved in the taking of American hostages in Beirut… It was Casey on his own, saying, ‘I‘m going to solve the big problem by essentially getting tougher or as tough as the terrorists in using their weapon -- the car bomb.'"

The CIA's own operatives, however, proved incapable of carrying out the bombing, so Casey subcontracted the operation to Lebanese agents led by Amine Gemayel and Johnny ABDO Lebanese military intelligence officer and financed by Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar. In March 1984, a large car bomb was detonated about 50 yards from Sheikh Fadlallah's house in Bir El-Abed, a crowded Shiite neighborhood in southern Beirut. The sheikh wasn't harmed, but 85 innocent neighbors and passersby were killed and 200 wounded. Fadlallah immediately had a huge "MADE IN USA" banner hung across the shattered street, while Hezbollah returned tit for tat in September when a suicide truck driver managed to break through the supposedly impregnable perimeter defenses of the new U.S. embassy in eastern (Christian) Beirut, killing 23 employees and visitors.....

Despite the Fadlallah fiasco, Casey remained an enthusiast for using urban terrorism to advance American goals, especially against the Soviets and their allies in Afghanistan. A year after the Bir El-Abed massacre, Casey won President Reagan's approval for NSDD-166, a secret directive that, according to Steve Coll in Ghost Wars, inaugurated a "new era of direct infusions of advanced U.S. military technology into Afghanistan, intensified training of Islamist guerrillas in explosives and sabotage techniques, and targeted attacks on Soviet military officers."

U.S. Special Forces experts would now provide high-tech explosives and teach state-of-the-art sabotage techniques, including the fabrication of ANFO (ammonium nitrate-fuel oil) car bombs, to Pakistani intelligence service (or ISI) officers under the command of Brigadier Mohammed Yousaf. These officers, in turn, would tutor thousands of Afghan and foreign mujahedin, including the future cadre of al-Qaeda, in scores of training camps financed by the Saudis. "Under ISI direction," Coll writes, "the mujahedin received training and malleable explosives to mount car-bomb and even camel-bomb attacks in Soviet-occupied cities, usually designed to kill Soviet soldiers and commanders. Casey endorsed these despite the qualms of some CIA career officers."

Mujahedin car bombers, working with teams of snipers and assassins, not only terrorized uniformed Soviet forces in a series of devastating attacks in Afghanistan but also massacred leftwing intelligentsia in Kabul, the country's capital. "Yousaf and the Afghan car-bombing squads he trained," writes Coll, "regarded Kabul University professors as fair game," as well as movie theaters and cultural events. Although some members of the National Security Council reportedly denounced the bombings and assassinations as "outright terrorism," Casey was delighted with the results. Meanwhile, "by the late 1980s, the ISI had effectively eliminated all the secular, leftist, and royalist political parties that had first formed when Afghan refugees fled communist rule." As a result, most of the billions of dollars that the Saudis and Washington pumped into Afghanistan ended up in the hands of radical Islamist groups sponsored by the ISI. They were also the chief recipients of huge quantities of CIA-supplied plastic explosives as well as thousands of advanced E-cell delay detonators.

It was the greatest technology transfer of terrorist technique in history. There was no need for angry Islamists to take car-bomb extension courses from Hezbollah when they could matriculate in a CIA-supported urban-sabotage graduate program in Pakistan's frontier provinces. "Ten years later," Coll observes, "the vast training infrastructure that Yousaf and his colleagues built with the enormous budgets endorsed by NSDD-166 -- the specialized camps, the sabotage training manuals, the electronic bomb detonators, and so on -- would be referred to routinely in America as ‘terrorist infrastructure.'" Moreover the alumni of the ISI training camps like Ramzi Yousef, who plotted the first 1993 World Trade Center attack, or his uncle Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who allegedly designed the second, would soon be applying their expertise on every continent.

Cities under Siege (the 1990s) "The hour of dynamite, terror without limit, has arrived." -- Peruvian Journalist Gustavo Gorritti, 1992

Twenty-first century hindsight makes it clear that the defeat of the U.S. intervention in Lebanon in 1983-84, followed by the CIA's dirty war in Afghanistan, had wider and more potent geopolitical repercussions than the loss of Saigon in 1975. The Vietnam War was, of course, an epic struggle whose imprint upon domestic American politics remains profound, but it belonged to the era of the Cold War's bipolar superpower rivalry. Hezbollah's war in Beirut and south Lebanon, on the other hand, prefigured (and even inspired) the "asymmetric" conflicts that characterize the millennium. Moreover, unlike peoples' war on the scale sustained by the NLF and the North Vietnamese for more than a generation, car-bombing and suicide terrorism are easily franchised and gruesomely applicable in a variety of scenarios. Although rural guerrillas survive in rugged redoubts like Kashmir, the Khyber Pass, and the Andes, the center of gravity of global insurgency has moved from the countryside back to the cities and their slum peripheries. In this post-Cold-War urban context, the Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks has become the gold standard of terrorism; the 9/11 attacks, it can be argued, were only an inevitable scaling-up of the suicide truck bomb to airliners.

Washington, however, was loath to recognize the new military leverage that powerful vehicle bombs offered its enemies or even to acknowledge their surprising lethality. After the 1983 Beirut bombings, the Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico began an intensive investigation into the physics of truck bombs. Researchers were shocked by what they discovered. In addition to the deadly air blast, truck bombs also produced unexpectedly huge ground waves.

"The lateral accelerations propagated through the ground from a truck bomb far exceed those produced during the peak magnitude of an earthquake." Indeed, the scientists of Sandia came to the conclusion that even an offsite detonation near a nuclear power plant might "cause enough damage to lead to a deadly release of radiation or even a meltdown." Yet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 1986 refused to authorize the emplacement of vehicle barriers to protect nuclear-power installations and made no move to alter an obsolete security plan designed to thwart a few terrorists infiltrating on foot.

Indeed, Washington seemed unwilling to learn any of the obvious lessons of either its Beirut defeat or its secret successes in Afghanistan. The Reagan and Bush administrations appeared to regard the Hezbollah bombings as flukes, not as a powerful new threat that would replicate rapidly in the "blowback" of imperial misadventure and anti-Soviet escapades. Although it was inevitable that other insurgent groups would soon try to emulate Hezbollah, American planners -- although partially responsible -- largely failed to foresee the extraordinary "globalization" of car bombing in the 1990s or the rise of sophisticated new strategies of urban destabilization that went with it. Yet by the mid-1990s, more cities were under siege from bomb attacks than at any time since the end of World War Two, and urban guerrillas were using car and truck bombs to score direct hits on some of the world's most powerful financial institutions. Each success, moreover, emboldened groups to plan yet more attacks and recruited more groups to launch their own "poor man's air force."

Beginning in April 1992, for example, the occult Maoists of Sendero Luminoso came down from Peru's altiplano to spread terror throughout the cities of Lima and Callao with increasingly more powerful coche-bombas. "Large supplies of explosives," the magazine Caretas pointed out, are "freely available in a mining nation," and the senderistas were generous in their gifts of dynamite: bombing television stations and various foreign embassies as well as a dozen police stations and military camps. Their campaign eerily recapitulated the car bomb's phylogeny as it progressed from modest detonations to a more powerful attack on the American embassy, then to Bloody-Friday-type public massacres using 16 vehicles at a time. The climax (and Sendero's chief contribution to the genre) was an attempt to blow up an entire neighborhood of "class enemies": a huge ANFO explosion in the elite Miraflores district on the evening of July 16 that killed 22, wounded 120, and destroyed or damaged 183 homes, 400 businesses and 63 parked cars. The local press described Miraflores as looking "as if an aerial bombardment had flattened the area."

If one of the virtues of an air force is the ability to reach halfway around the world to surprise enemies in their beds, the car bomb truly grew wings during 1993 as Middle Eastern groups struck at targets in the Western Hemisphere for the first time. The World Trade Center attack on February 26 was organized by master al-Qaeda bomb-maker Ramzi Yousef working with a Kuwaiti engineer named Nidal Ayyad and immigrant members of the Egyptian group, Gama'a al-Islamiyya, headed by Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman (whose U.S. visa had reputedly been arranged by the CIA). Their extraordinary ambition was to kill tens of thousands of New Yorkers with a powerful lateral blast that would crack the foundations of one WTC tower and topple it on its twin. Yousef's weapon was a Ryder van packed with an ingenious upgrade of the classic IRA and Hezbollah ANFO explosive.

"The bomb itself," writes Peter Lange in his history of the bombing, "consisted of four cardboard boxes filled with a slurry of urea nitrate and fuel oil, with waste paper as a binder. The boxes were surrounded by four-foot tanks of compressed hydrogen. They were connected by four 20-foot-long slow-burning fuses of smokeless powder wrapped in fabric. Yousef balanced on his lap four vials of nitroglycerine." The conspirators had no difficulty parking the van next to the load-bearing south wall of the North Tower, but the massive explosive proved too small -- excavating a four-story deep crater in the basement, killing 6 and injuring 1,000 people, but failing to bring the tower down. "Our calculations were not very accurate this time," wrote Ayyad in a letter. "However we promise you that next it would will [sic] be very precise and the Trade Center will be one of our targets."

Two weeks after the WTC attack, a car bomb almost as powerful exploded in the underground parking garage of the Bombay Stock Exchange, severely damaging the 28-story skyscraper and killing 50 office workers. Twelve other car or motorcycle bombs soon detonated at other prestige targets, killing an additional 207 people and injuring 1,400. The bombings were revenge for sectarian riots a few months earlier in which Indian Hindus had killed hundreds of Indian Moslems. The attacks were reputedly organized from Dubai by exiled Bombay underworld king Dawood Ibrahim at the behest of Pakistani intelligence. According to one account, Dawood sent three boats from Dubai to Karachi where they were loaded with military explosives. Indian customs officials were then bribed to look the other way while the "black soup" was smuggled into Bombay.

Corrupt officials were also rumored to have facilitated the suicide car bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 17, 1993 which killed 30 and injured 242. The next year, a second "martyr," later identified as a 29-year-old Hezbollah militant from southern Lebanon, leveled the seven-story Argentine-Israel Mutual Association, slaughtering 85 and wounding more than 300. Both bombers carefully followed the Beirut template; as did the Islamist militant who drove his car into the central police headquarters in Algiers in January 1995, killing 42 and injuring over 280.

But the supreme acolytes of Hezbollah were the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, the only non-Moslem group that has practiced suicide car bombings on a large scale. Indeed, their leader Prabhaakaran "made a strategic decision to adopt the method of suicide attack after observing its lethal effectiveness in the 1983 suicide bombings of the US and French barracks in Beirut." Between their first such operation in 1987 and 2000, they were responsible for twice as many suicide attacks of all kinds as Hezbollah and Hamas combined. Although they have integrated car bombs into regular military tactics (for example, using kamikazes in trucks to open attacks on Sri Lankan army camps), their obsession and "most prized theater of operation" in their struggle for Tamil independence has been the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, which they first car-bombed in 1987 in a grisly attack on the main bus terminal, burning scores of passengers to death inside crowded buses.

In January 1996, a Black Tiger -- as the suicide elite are called -- drove a truck containing 440 pounds of military high explosives into the front of the Central Bank Building, resulting in nearly 1,400 casualties. Twenty months later in October 1997 in a more complex operation, the Tigers attacked the twin towers of the Colombo World Trade Center. They managed to maneuver through barricades and set off a car bomb in front of the Center, then battled the police with automatics and grenades. The following March, a suicide mini-bus with shrapnel-filled bombs affixed to its sideboards was detonated outside the main train station in the midst of a huge traffic jam. The 38 dead included a dozen children in a school bus.

The Tamil Tigers are a mass nationalist movement with "liberated territory," a full-scale army and even a tiny navy; moreover, 20,000 Tiger cadres received secret paramilitary training in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu from 1983 to 1987, courtesy of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and India's CIA -- the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). But such sponsorship literally blew up in the face of the Indian Congress Party leadership when Indira's son and successor Rajiv was killed by a female Tiger suicide bomber in 1993. Indeed, the all-too-frequent pattern of surrogate terrorism, whether sponsored by the CIA, RAW, or the KGB, has been "return to sender" -- most notoriously in the cases of those former CIA "assets," blind Sheik Rahman and Osama bin Laden.

The Oklahoma City bombing in April 1995 was a different and startling species of blowback, organized by two angry U.S. veterans of the Gulf War rather than by Iraq or any Islamist group. Although conspiracy theorists have made much of a strange coincidence that put Terry Nichols and Ramzi Yousef near each other in Cebu City in the Philippines in November 1994, the design of the attack seems to have been inspired by Timothy McVeigh's obsession with that devil's cookbook, The Turner Diaries. Written in 1978, after Bloody Friday but before Beirut, neo-Nazi William Pierce's novel describes with pornographic relish how white supremacists destroy the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. with an ANFO truck bomb, then crash a plane carrying a hijacked nuke into the Pentagon.

McVeigh carefully followed Pierce's simple recipe in the novel (several tons of ammonium nitrate in a parked truck) rather than Yousef's more complicated WTC formula, although he did substitute nitro racing fuel and diesel oil for ordinary heating oil. Nonetheless, the explosion that slaughtered 168 people in the Alfred Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995 was three times more powerful than any of the truck-bomb detonations that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and other federal agencies had been studying at their test range in New Mexico. Experts were amazed at the radius of destruction: "Equivalent to 4,100 pounds of dynamite, the blast damaged 312 buildings, cracked glass as far as two miles away and inflicted 80 percent of its injuries on people outside the building up to a half-mile away." Distant seismographs recorded it as a 6.0 earthquake on the Richter scale.

But McVeigh's good-ole-boy bomb, with its diabolical demonstration of Heartland DIY ingenuity, was scarcely the last word in destructive power; indeed, it was probably inevitable that the dark Olympics of urban carnage would be won by a home team from the Middle East. Although the casualty list (20 dead, 372 wounded) wasn't as long as Oklahoma City's, the huge truck bomb that, in June 1996, alleged Hezbollah militants left outside Dhahran's Khobar Towers -- a high-rise dormitory used by U.S. Air Force personnel in Saudi Arabia -- broke all records in explosive yield, being the equivalent perhaps of twenty 1,000-pound bombs. Moreover, the death toll might have been as large as the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1993 save for alert Air Force sentries who began an evacuation shortly before the explosion. Still, the blast (military-grade plastic explosive) left an incredible crater 85-feet wide and 35-feet deep.

Two years later, on August 7, 1998, al Qaeda claimed the championship in mass murder when it crashed suicide truck bombs into the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, in a replay of the simultaneous 1993 attacks on the Marines and the French in Beirut. Located near two of the busiest streets in the city without adequate setback or protective glacis, the Nairobi embassy was especially vulnerable, as Ambassador Prudence Bushnell had fruitlessly warned the State Department. In the event, ordinary Kenyans -- burnt alive in their vehicles, lacerated by flying glass, or buried in smoldering debris -- were the principal victims of the huge explosion, which killed several hundred and wounded more than 5,000. Another dozen people died and almost 100 were injured in Dar-es-Salaam.

Sublime indifference to the collateral carnage caused by its devices, including to innocent Moslems, remains a hallmark of operations organized by the Al-Qaeda network. Like his forerunners Hermann Goering and Curtis LeMay, Osama bin Laden seems to exult in the sheer statistics of bomb damage -- the competitive race to ever greater explosive yields and killing ranges. One of the most lucrative of his recent franchises (in addition to air travel, skyscrapers, and public transport) has been car-bomb attacks on Western tourists in primarily Moslem countries, although the October 2002 attack on a Bali nightclub (202 dead) and the July 2005 bombing of hotels in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh (88 dead) almost certainly killed as many local workers as erstwhile "crusaders."

Form Follows Fear (the 1990s)

"The car bomb is the nuclear weapon of guerrilla warfare."

-- Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer

A "billion-pound explosion"? One meaning, of course, is the TNT yield of three or four Hiroshima-size atomic weapons (which is to say, only a smidgen of the explosive power of a single H-bomb). Alternately, one billion (British) pounds ($1.45 billion) is what the IRA cost the City of London in April 1993 when a blue dump-truck containing a ton of ANFO exploded on Bishopsgate Road across from the NatWest Tower in the heart of the world's second major financial center. Although one bystander was killed and more than 30 injured by the immense explosion, which also demolished a medieval church and wrecked the Liverpool Street station, the human toll was incidental to the economic damage that was the true goal of the attack. Whereas the other truck bomb campaigns of the 1990s -- Lima, Bombay, Colombo, and so forth -- had followed Hezbollah's playbook almost to the letter, the Bishopsgate bomb, which Moloney describes as "the most successful military tactic since the start of the Troubles," was part of a novel IRA campaign that waged war on financial centers in order to extract British concessions during the difficult peace negotiations that lasted through most of the 1990s.

Bishopsgate, in fact, was the second and most costly of three blockbuster explosions carried out by the elite (and more or less autonomous) South Armagh IRA under the leadership of the legendary "Slab" Murphy. Almost exactly a year earlier, they had set off a truck bomb at the Baltic Exchange in St. Mary Axe that rained a million pounds of glass and debris on surrounding streets, killing 3 and wounding almost 100 people. The damage, although less than Bishopsgate, was still astonishing: about 800 million pounds or more than the approximately 600 million pounds in total damage inflicted over 22 years of bombing in Northern Ireland. Then, in 1996, with peace talks stalled and the IRA Army Council in revolt against the latest cease-fire, the South Armagh Brigade smuggled into England a third huge car bomb that they set off in the underground garage of one of the postmodern office buildings near Canary Wharf Tower in the gentrified London Docklands, killing two and causing nearly $150 million dollars in damage. Total damage from the three explosions was at least $3 billion.

As Jon Coaffee points out in her book on the impact of the bombings, if the IRA like the Tamil Tigers or Al Qaeda had simply wanted to sow terror or bring life in London to a halt, they would have set off the explosions at rush-hour on a business day -- instead, they "were detonated at a time when the City was virtually deserted" -- and/or attacked the heart of the transport infrastructure, as did the Islamist suicide bombers who blew up London buses and subways in July 2005. Instead, Slab Murphy and his comrades concentrated on what they perceived to be a financial weak link: the faltering British and European insurance industry. To the horror of their enemies, they were spectacularly successful. "The huge payouts by insurance companies," commented the BBC shortly after Bishopsgate, "contributed to a crisis in the industry, including the near-collapse of the world's leading [re]insurance market, Lloyds of London." German and Japanese investors threatened to boycott the City unless physical security was improved and the government agreed to subsidize insurance costs.

Despite a long history of London bombings by the Irish going back to the Fenians and Queen Victoria, neither Downing Street, nor the City of London Police had foreseen this scale of accurately targeted physical and financial damage. (Indeed, Slab Murphy himself might have been surprised; like the original ANFO bombs, these super-bombs were probably a wee bit of serendipity for the IRA.) The City's response was a more sophisticated version of the "ring of steel" (concrete barriers, high iron fences, and impregnable gates) that had been built around Belfast's city center after Bloody Friday in 1972. Following Bishopsgate, the financial press clamored for similar protection: "The City should be turned into a medieval-style walled enclave to prevent terrorist attacks."

What was actually implemented in the City and later in the Docklands was a technologically more advanced network of traffic restrictions and cordons, CCTV cameras, including "24-hour Automated Number Plate Recording (ANPR) cameras, linked to police databases," and intensified public and private policing. "In the space of a decade," writes Coaffee, "the City of London was transformed into the most surveilled space in the UK and perhaps the world with over 1500 surveillance cameras operating, many of which are linked to the ANPR system."

Since September 11, 2001, this anti-terrorist surveillance system has been extended throughout London's core in the benign guise of Mayor Ken Livingstone's celebrated "congestion pricing" scheme to liberate the city from gridlock. According to one of Britain's major Sunday papers:

UNIIIC - II - Reports Revisited ...Karl Rove's White House Murder Inc,....

The role of Assef Shawqat's covert operatives is crystal clear, factual, with irrefutable evidence at hand... since January 24th, 2002 car-bombing in Beirut, of Lebanese Member of Parliament, ex-Minister and Popular Christian political leader Mr. Elie Hobeika. The car bombings by Shawkat's operatives gave critical plausible deniability to CIA2 and Mossad. Hobeika was, according to our intelligence sources, aware of the links between Shawkat, Larijani, the United States, and Israel.... That knowledge, and the fact mentioned in earlier intelligence reports, that he adamantly refused repetitive US offers, inducing him to join this covert US strategy , since the latter part of the 1990s, and because it is a given, for people "in the know", that had he been alive today, he would be able to decipher with great ease, all these covert links..., was considered dangerous in some circles in Damascus, Jerusalem, and Washington...where rogue operations became the "norm" for the crowd of PNAC Killers, ....who started planning their deeds since the MID Nineties at least.... The murder of Itzhak Rabin is a case in point....

"In his law practice, "Mallat" is known for being an accomplice
to MURDER, by bringing the case of Victims of Sabra and
Shatila vs.. Ariel Sharon et al., at the instigation of his BUDDY
Paul Woolfowitz.... to serve MOSSAD and OSP, under the law
of universal jurisdiction in Belgium, where he won a judgment
against the accused before a change in Belgian law removed
the jurisdiction of the court...after the MURDER of ELIE HOBEIKA
has been executed, courtesy of DOD, MOSSAD and Asef Shawkat."
The Sabra and Shatila case in Belgium in 2001, and ALL its
various aspects was a "Noisy Operation", created for the
sole purpose of consuming the terrible crime against
Elie Hobeika by Mossad, Assef Shawkat and CIA.
The whole case and the Belgium law, was very swiftly killed,
immediately after the terrorist car bomb of January 24th 2002,
after the Assassination of Mr.Elie Hobeika, Fares Sweidan,
Dimitri Ajram, and Waleed El-Zein, in Hazmieh... the heart
of Lebanese Military Intelligence and the "SCS"...

When I started my investigations of this horrendous
assassination in January 24th 2002, a veteran U.S.
intelligence operative with experience subcontracting
both for the CIA and the NSA suggested a similar
possibility. "It was a noisy operation", the veteran
intelligence operative said. The operative referred me
to the film Victor, Victoria. "It was about a woman
playing a man playing a woman. Perhaps you should
think about this from that aspect and ask yourself if
you wanted to have something that was in your face,
that didn't make sense, that couldn't possibly be them".
The intelligence operative added, "Think of it this way:
how could the experts think this could actually be
something of any value? Wouldn't they dismiss what
they were seeing?"

'AS SOON AS certain topics are raised," George Orwell once wrote,
"the concrete melts into the abstract and no one seems able to
think of turns of speech that are not hackneyed: Prose consists
less and less of words chosen for the sake of their meaning, and
more and more of phrases tacked together like the sections of a
prefabricated henhouse." Such a combination of vagueness and sheer
incompetence in language, Orwell warned, leads to political

No issue better illustrates Orwell's point than coverage of this
special investigation, into the murder of a Lebanese Hero; Mr. Elie
Hobeika. I have deliberately chosen to confuse the issue with a wide
Triumvirate and a web of false... names and bogus decoys that seem to
demonstrate vagueness and confusion. The crux of the matter is to
keep "them" guessing .... I will have the last Word on this one, no
matter what the cost is , and no matter the threats and intimidation
tactics, used over the years... in 8 different countries... !

It is noteworthy that the State Department's list of global terrorist
incidents for 2002 worldwide failed to list the car bombing attack on
Hobeika and his party.... But Listed a small Hand Grenade thrown at a
U.S. franchise in the middle of the night when the place was closed, empty
and no one was hurt? The White House wanted to ensure the terror attack
on Mr. Elie Hobeika, and his party of three young men with families, was
censored from the report. The reason was simple: this attack ultimately had
Washington's and Israel's fingerprints all over it....

Given the actual climate of political cacophonies, deceit, deception and
intrigue in Lebanon of today, Lebanon of the LIARS of NEOCONVILLE,
it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Mr. Elie Hobeika
was a visionary Leader and a Hero.
Lebanon will probably never know a Leader of this caliber.
My dear friend ELIE, you have been reborn on January 24th 2002.
Heroes are reborn the day of their Martyrdom .

ELIE, you are more alive today, than many living political corpses,
walking and talking in Beirut Lebanon every day, until resurrection.

At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"
- G. Orwell

A U.S. intelligence source revealed to me, that in the world of intelligence
"carve out" subcontracts such confusion is often the case with "plausible
deniability" being a foremost concern in ALL covert operations, especially
in Elie Hobeika's case on January 24th 2002, & Hariri's Feb. 14th 2005...
Notwithstanding Jacques CHIRAC's gesticulations and false sorrow for
the loss of his "friend" Rafic HARIRI, he has been regularly organizing
official meetings in Paris for Asef Shawkat with his services to secure SYRIA
for and with Asef Shawkat,hence,In a series of secret meetings in Israel and
Europe, between 2000 and July 2006, Syrians, Americans and Israelis
formulated understandings for orchestrating several murders in Lebanon ...
and were executed well, with great precision and excellent timing like clock
work, the extreme sophistication of Hariri's MURDER is a case in point for
later comments in due course...

By Way of Deception, Deceit and Murder.

Fabrications, LIES , False Flag operations, CIA2 and MOSSAD2...
Assef Shawkat and LB Killers...

It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that ALL stories which came out immediately
after the Assassination of Mr.Elie Hobeika, Fares Sweidan,
Dimitri Ajram, and Waleed El-Zein, were completely &
utterly FALSE. It was a pure fabrication by the KILLERS;
AND the CIA'S Foreign Denial and Deception Committee (FDDC),
to cover their tracks. Standard operating procedure...101
I mean by that, the stories relating to Elie trying to find
IMAD Moughnieh, the alleged attempted contacts with CIA,
MOSSAD, etc. , the missing Iranian diplomats, the 9 most
wanted by CIA, whose names have been circulated then,
on purpose by CIA, to 7 ministers in the Lebanese
Government, etc. [names which CIA has completely forgotten now,
one of them has proven since to be a CIA asset himself...]
ALL these were a tortuous web of lies to cover the
tracks of the Murderers of CIA, MOSSAD, and their Syro-Lebanese

Special ongoing Investigation.

*******- On September 15, 2001, just four days after the 9-11 attacks,
CIA Director George Tenet provided President [sic] Bush with a Top Secret
"Worldwide Attack Matrix"-a virtual license to kill targets deemed to be a
threat to the United States in some 80 countries around the world. The Tenet
plan, which was subsequently approved by Bush, essentially reversed the
executive orders of four previous U.S. administrations that expressly
prohibited political assassinations. Mr. Elie Hobeika will be the first
target of the US administration, to pave the way for its Iraq Invasion .
It planned to directly control the "Energy Basin" and ALL the OIL
Transportation routes,from Pipelines to the Maritime avenues and choke
points in the Gulf areas, and from central Asia to Mauritania and beyond.
But most of all, Mr. Elie Hobeika will be made to pay dearly with his life,
for daring to change his politics and views, after experiencing first hand,
and their CULTURE OF VIOLENCE , Intrigue, murder & very bad Politics.
The BUSH+CHENEY Energy MATRIX, coming to a place near you SOON.
The awakening is near. It will be like a hurricane passing with untold fury.
Mark my Words: In the 80s... the Catch phrase in Washington DC was , is :
Ohh: " Senator, I Don't Recall... " during the Iran-Contra Gate... of R. Reagan.
In the coming years, very soon, the Catch Phrase in Washington DC, is for sure,
and will be : " Senator: It is YET to be determined..." because we learned well;
the lessons of Iran/Contra... we think we managed to hide our dirty deeds WELL;
" Who did what, to the energy security of the USA, where and When...???
" It is Yet to be determined ??? Is the Senate & the House "In" on the
In the New Energy World War IV , NEOCONVILLE Matrix GATE... ????
It's going to be HELL on the POTOMAC.... Mark My Words.... unless a
huge Financial meltdown of USA occurs in time for 2008 elections....

Elie Hobeika knew first hand about ALL their dirty tricks and deeds,
and he knew first hand, all about their sources and methods & tools, in
the 70s and 80s, they wanted him out, because the US was about to
re-enact the same deeds in IRAQ and beyond, to fracture the whole
area along sectarian lines, in order to serve Israeli and American
interests for decades to come.
Cheney's back office and OSP were to make this operation a prime
example of what is to come in the New Middle East of BUSH.

The Domination of the Energy resources and its ROUTES, could now begin in
earnest, for Mr. Cheney and his GANG, wanted for friend and Foe, to be
forewarned of the Harsh consequences of opposing their monstrous and
Machiavellian Plans for the New " New Middle East " second or third edition.
This Jan. 24th 2002, will be made an example to see worldwide... within
Intelligence circles worldwide, especially in Lebanon and the immediate

This targeted Political assassination would pave the way for another attempt
by the USA, to reshape the Politics of Lebanon, by re-engineering its Pawns
and tools, the Trio Joumblatt, Geajea, A.Gemayyel with the Hariri sauce,
after taking out the cumbersome Hariri Senior 3 years later, in a strikingly
similar operation, for as the manipulation and penetration of the Syrian and
Lebanese Intelligence services is exactly identical in nature and pawns.....
Hence the US of A , will do its utmost to make sure that the HOBEIKA
Murder will not be investigated in any way, shape or far.
No free press, no courage, no guts , no glory for the Lebanon, the land
of the legendary Cedars? Despite the fact that some of the journalists,
know quite a bit on many issues relating to this and other murders, as well
as some Politicians....

The relationship between the United States and Syria is still contradictory
and obscure. Washington is facing increasing problems in the Middle East.
In his speeches, Bush continues to accuse both Iran and Syria of causing
instability in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, although some
political moves seem to suggest that a distinction has been made between
these two countries, because it is clear and obvious that they are partners
in some of the covert political assassinations that took place in Lebanon,
through manipulations, penetrations of secret services and military intelligence
structures in Syria and Lebanon to directly serve US and Israeli interests.
Hence, the International tribunal has no legs to stand on as of yet, and the
jury is still out to see whether it will ever take shape or where it will be driven
to achieve goals which have nothing to do with "Truth", Justice or the like.
The obvious game of these parties, "playing enemies" is very very clear and
transparent for the world to see.

People tend to forget so quickly that the USA, especially the Pentagon, was
the main driving force behind the elimination of the Belgian Law of 2001,
which was the main reason for indicting Ariel Sharon for the sabra Shatila
Massacre, and the most adamant adversary of such tribunal was the US

The US has a long history of opposing such international bodies and such
claims to International investigations and criminal courts run by "international
judges".... this will not change now, to the contrary the US will do its
utmost to KILL any such jurisdictions... and they will do it using the usual
proxies to do the dirty work for them, and they will keep pretending to be
for Justice, freedom, Peace and democracy, which is utterly False.

ALL the Investigations since the Hariri Murder of Feb. 14th 2005,
which has striking resemblance with the Hobeika Murder of Jan. 24th 2002,
in its Modus Operandi PRIOR and after the horrendous Car bombs, in the
sense that both personalities have been demonized since 1998 in shady
publications in Beirut and elsewhere , like the infamous book [The Black
Hands ]which was fabricated by Jameel El-Sayyed from Lebanese
Intelligence, and Military Intelligence which provided a lot of the info
on Hariri Senior, on the shady deals of Fouad Sannioura and complete
fabrications and lies about Mr. Elie Hobeika, which proved utterly baseless
since, like all the other publications which came out in the ensuing years,
and continue to this day... It seems that CIA has to find an ongoing "safe"
to burry all its dirty laundry in Lebanon... From "VEIL" to MEHLIS !
The clown who was chosen to put his name on this book ( Black Hands ) is a
rabid buffoon by the name of Najah Wakim. Just like Naji N. Najjar has done
2 years later with another book, using another criminal idiot as "Author", in
a similar Intelligence operation to smear another target for assassination,
Mr. Elie Hobeika, as a prelude to a bigger HIT on Rafic Hariri, 3 years later.
These operations are linked and the criminal mind is the same.

The project of this book is the work of a Sunni tool of Jameel El-Sayyed ,
another puppet, tool like so many others, Tahseen Khayyat, Chairman of
NTV or NEWTVSAT,who is but another lackey who made a fortune
from printing several million copies of the Holy Qoran in Saudi Arabia,
and is but another pawn in the Lebanese Chess game, masterminded by
CIA, Saudi Intelligence, CIA & MOSSAD, among other Intelligence
agencies fighting for "space" on the Lebanese Turf....

Jamil Al-Sayyed was/is CIA, with a direct link to MOSSAD also .
He is a multidimensional agent, working for Syrian Israeli and American
Intelligence, instead of working for the Lebanese National Interest.
Jameel El-Sayyed is the Master Manipulator in Lebanon.
He masterminded the arrival of Lahoud in 1998, together with CIA.
Stories abound in Lebanon about Jameel Al-Sayyed being the "real"
President and the real power behind the facade of the Lebanese
institutions for years. His "Training in the early 80s, his career
path, his personal friendship with Bashar Al-Assad, his known and
documented contacts with American and Israeli handlers, speaks
volumes about this "classic" manipulation Made In Langley and Herzlia.
Emile Lahoud is absolutely perfect for the period 1998/2008, because
they know that he is a harmless idiot, and will accept to be completely
and utterly manipulated by Jameel-El Sayyed.

Jameel el-Sayyed was the main conduit and mastermind of the Hariri
Assassination, which he started planning for since 1998.
Jamil El-Sayyed is well known for being extremely smart, intelligent
and extremely manipulative. He was/is a FAVORITE of the weasel Walid
Joumboulatt, and his main contact and main source of information
for years, during the Pax Syro-Americana in Lebanon. Waleed Joumblatt
is part and parcel of the Israeli American manipulation to eliminate
Rafic Hariri, despite his outward signs of sorrow and fake emotions.
Waleed is a master clown in disguise, and a pathological liar, just
like his masters in Neoconville. The remaining "tools" are : Geagea
the Killer, who did not hesitate in murdering his own brother in law,
in front of his son, blowing his brains out... , Amine Gemayel who at
the behest of CIA, ordered the terror car bomb of Bir El-Abd, targeting
Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah in 1985, killing 85 innocent civilians
in the process, in retaliation to the Marine Barracks bombing of 1983.
A storm ensued in USA at the time, hence the charade of the Book: VEIL
authored by Bob Woodward, another CIA asset...
This was another extra-judicial assassination attempt ordered by the US
government in the 80s. The tools were Lebanese Military Intelligence and
Amine Gemayel. More later.

The Lebanese people are still not fully aware, that there is absolutely
no free press in Lebanon whatsoever. ALL the Media in Lebanon are
completely and utterly manipulated to serve specific interests and ALL
these interests are not Lebanese in any way shape or form.... so far...
No rude awakening as of yet ???
Subsequent "extension" of the UN so-called commission
investigating the Hariri Murder, have been carefully and deliberately
crafted by USA and its Chief Neocon and friend of Karl Rove, Jeffrey
"Neozionist" Feltman, to hide the obvious link between the two terror
bombs of Hobeika and Hariri , & make sure any attempt at investigating
" political Murder " in Lebanon starts from October of 2004 and beyond,
to avoid at ALL cost getting to Elie Hobeika's Murder, which is ,
MADE IN USA... It is even forbidden to talk about the Elie Hobeika
murder in Lebanon's Media and official circles, thanks to the growing,
direct and overwhelming influence of the US Government agencies in this
"particular" Sinniora shadow of a government, filled with weak cronies,
made to measure in USA's Neocons Dark rooms of Condi Rice and
Dick Cheney & Elliot Abrams ,to obediently serve American Neocons
Interests in the " New Middle East...".

According to high level European intelligence officials, Bush's counselor,
Karl Rove, used the new presidential authority to silence a popular Lebanese
Christian politician who was planning to offer irrefutable evidence that
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon engineered the massacre of hundreds of
Palestinian men, women, and children in the Beirut refugee camps of Sabra
and Shatilla in 1982. In addition, Sharon provided the SLA forces & IDF who
carried out the grisly task. At the time of the massacres, Elie Hobeika was
intelligence chief of Lebanese Christian forces in Lebanon who were battling
Palestinians and other Muslim groups in a bloody civil war. He was also the
chief liaison to Israeli Defense Force (IDF) personnel in Lebanon. An
official Israeli inquiry into the massacre at the camps, the Kahan
Commission, merely found Sharon "indirectly" responsible for the slaughter
and fingered Hobeika as the chief instigator, while in fact Mr. Elie Hobeika
was never anywhere near Sabra or Shatila in Sep. 82, he was very busy
investigating the assassination of President elect Bashir Gemayel .

The Sabra and Shatila Massacre was planned within the Invasion plans
of the IDF in 1982 when it invaded Lebanon, and it appears under the
name of Operation Spark, and Operation Iron Brain... P.G. gave the
direct orders to join IDF in the camps after the initial assault of the
Sayyaret Metkal's initial wave of killings on day one...with specific
name lists at hand....

Its finer details were worked out between the 1st of September when the
alliance with Bashir collapsed, and the 12th of the same month when Sharon
met with Bashir. The LF was perceived as unreliable and that the mopping up
of the camps was to proceed with or without them. AMAN could rely on the
SLA to get the job done, and it would assist them with IDF Special Forces,
or Sayerets as they are called in Hebrew. It is quite clear that the
Sayerets were in the camps as the former fighters in the camp have told us
repeatedly . But the presence of the Sayerets indicates clearly that the
Massacre was what is called in intelligence lingo a Black Operation, which
is a secret operation that is carried out by the intelligence agents and
special forces upon a decision taken by the Chief Executive and a few of his
ministers. Israeli Secret Services and the Sayerets have carried out many
Black Operations, including the Qibya Massacre of 1953, the attack on the
Beirut International Airport in 1968, and the assassination of Abu Jihad in
Tunisia, 1988. During the 1982 Invasion, and according to IDF historian
Samuel Katz, the Sayerets were deeply involved in the military operations.
These forces,which like all Special Forces in the world, are made up of hard
brutal killers, who volunteer for the job and know exactly what it entails.

In short, Israel's Secret Services' role in Sabra and Shatilla Massacre is
not only undeniable, but is far more involved than what "Kahan Commission"
stated. One day when Appendix B finally comes to light, this theory will
be proven, although it is clear that there is enough evidence to back it up.
As an epilogue, Israel's secret services, CIA & the Mossad, assassinated
Elie Hobeika in Beirut in 2002, using CIA & local witting proxies, in what
is obviously an attempt to conceal the truth about the Massacre. If anyone
doubted the involvement of the Israeli intelligence, this should silence the
naysayers. Mr. Elie Hobeika Never set foot at Sabra & Shatila in September
of 1982, nor had anything to do with that horrible crime, in any way shape
or form. It was an IDF operation with AMAN and MOSSAD at the Helm.
Besides Sayyeret Metkal's units in the camps, there were three additional
units which came from 3 different entrances to the camps, and the SLA
forces of Saad Haddad, brought into Beirut by IDF.
ALL these units were under direct orders of IDF officers, and IDF troops
were totally occupying Beirut militarily .
The First unit was lead by Z.M. , The second unit was lead by M.M. and
the 3rd by C.G. It is noteworthy to say that M.M. had met and had dinner
with B.N. in his home in west Beirut, before entering the camps, he dined
and spent the night there....but these units were brought in the camps on
the last day of the operations, to set them up for the world media to see
and portray as if they were the instigators. Combatants who were there said
that upon arrival to the camps, they were shocked to see all the killings,
because ALL of these units arrived there when the Sayyarets had finished
the job completely with the SLA forces of Saad Haddad. These are eye witness
accounts. Those LF will be forced into the mountain war within few months,
and a new trap will be set up for them by IDF, whereby eye witness accounts
say that every time they advanced into a new village, winning a very bloody
battle with casualties, orders will come for them to retreat from IDF officers.
In some cases IDF artillery were shooting at both sides,reigniting the battles
again and again. Thousands of Christians were massacred, their villages in
ruins in a futile fight until exhaustion and complete retreat.
This is the legacy of IDF in Lebanon over 60 years.

The Kahan Commission never called on Hobeika to offer testimony in his
defense. However, in response to charges brought against Sharon before a
special war crimes court in Belgium, Hobeika was urged to testify against
Sharon, according to well-informed Lebanese sources. Hobeika was prepared
to offer a different version of events than what was contained in the Kahan
report. A 1993 Belgian law permitting human rights prosecutions was unusual
in that non-Belgians could be tried for violations against other
non-Belgians in a Belgian court. Under pressure from the Bush
administration, the law was severely amended and the extra territoriality
provisions were curtailed.

Hobeika headed the Lebanese forces intelligence agency since the mid- 1970s
and he soon developed close ties to the CIA. He was a frequent visitor to
the CIA's headquarters at Langley, Virginia. After the Syrian invasion of
Lebanon in 1990, Hobeika held a number of cabinet positions in the Lebanese
government, a proxy for the Syrian occupation authorities. He also served in
the parliament. In July 2001, Hobeika called a press conference and
announced he was prepared to testify against Sharon in Belgium and revealed
that he had evidence of what actually occurred in Sabra and Shatilla.
Hobeika also indicated that Israel had flown members of the South Lebanon
Army (SLA) into Beirut International Airport in an Israeli Air Force C130
transport plane, in full view of dozens of witnesses, including members of
the Lebanese army and others. SLA troops under the command of Major Saad
Haddad were slipped into the camps to commit the massacres. The SLA troops
were under the direct command of Ariel Sharon and an Israeli Mossad agent
provocateur named Rafi Eitan. Hobeika offered evidence that a former U.S.
ambassador to Lebanon was aware of the Israeli plot. In addition, the IDF
had placed a camera in a strategic position to film the Sabra and Shatilla
massacres. Hobeika was going to ask that the footage be released as part of
the investigation of Sharon.

After announcing he was willing to testify against Sharon, Hobeika became
fearful for his safety and began taking precautionary moves. Hobeika was
not aware that his threats to testify against Sharon had triggered a series
of fateful events that reached well into the White House and Sharon's
On Jan. 24, 2002, Hobeika's car was blown up by a remote controlled bomb
placed in a parked Mercedes along a street in the Hazmieh section of Beirut.
The blast was a "cone-shaped charge" that used "moldable high explosives
such as SEMTEX H," shaped to create a high-speed, high temperature blast
wave. The blast took place in two stages over a fraction of a second.
During the first stage, the blast "forces all the air out with tremendous
force," creating a vacuum, but as air rushes back in, it creates another
tremendous force that causes further damage. "It's a trademark of bombs
made by CIA and the Pentagon", in their regular training of proxy forces
over the years, in various exchanges of military expertise with Lebanese
Army Intelligence, and the Lebanese forces in the 1980s, and elsewhere in
the world.
Such expertise was deliberately aimed at eliminating Sheikh Muhammad
Hussein Fadlallah, the chief interpreter of Islamic law for the Shia'.
An attempt was made on Fadlallah's life on March 8, 1985, when an
explosive-packed car was driven into a Beirut suburb about 50 yards
from Fadlallah's residence. The car disappeared in a blinding blue
flash that killed 85 people and wounded 200 more. Longs weeks of
training were carried out in various places, including Safra, where
Israeli and American expertise was also brought to bear, in order to
insure success for this major operation of CIA and MOSSAD, with
Lebanese Army Intelligence, and it was supposed to be a revenge for
the Marine Barracks Bombing of 1983, in which 241 service members
died in a suicide operation, believed to have been carried out by
Hezbollah in its infancy....
This operation was a total failure, and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein
Fadlallah survived miraculously, but the whole neighborhood was
devastated. CIA scrambled in Washington Dc and elsewhere to cover
their tracks and hide all evidence of their DIRECT involvement in
this operation from the US Congress, hence a book was written then,
by BOB WOODWARD, "VEIL" to fabricate a story about this US/Israeli
operation. It is interesting that Sheikh Fadlallah read Woodward's
book and cites its content in some of his interviews....
Hezbollah tracked several of the "executors" of the operations,
and at least 2 of them were executed....
A former State Department official said that the group behind the
bombing had been trained in the United States, and that there was
direct American involvement in the assassination attempt, CIA and
Lebanese Army Intelligence, headed then by Officer Johnny ABDO,
during the tenure of Amine Gemayel, and on direct orders from President
Amine Gemayel. Both Johnny Abdo and Amine Gemayel were/are, the Darlings
of all American Administrations until today....

The bomb exploded when Hobeika and his three associates, Fares Souweidan,
Mitri Ajram, and Waleed Zein, were driving their Range Rover past the
C4-laden Mercedes at 9:20 am Beirut time. The Range Rover's four passengers
were killed in the explosion. In case Hobeika's car had taken another route
through the neighborhood, two additional parked cars, located at two other
choke points, were also rigged with C4. The powerful bomb wounded a number
of other people in the vicinity. Other parked cars were destroyed and
buildings and homes were damaged. The Lebanese president, prime minister,
interior minister and the Military Prosecutor, all claimed that Israeli
agents were behind the attack, which was partially true, but they also
knew this to be, a CIA operation par excellence, since the Chief Architect
of the "Local" plans, timing , etc. was Jamil El-Sayyed , the head of the
Surete Generale, with direct assistance from Lebanese Military Intelligence,
and some latitude for the "end users" in the area of the crime... in a
specific building, with 3 floors...ideally situated for the surveillance and
execution of the crime... etc.etc. etc.

The IED in the Bomb laden Mercedes, was a "Shaped Charge " with a very
specific signature, hence the immediate arrival of large water tanker trucks
of the civil defense, to cleanse the area with high powered water guns for a
long long time... with specific direct orders from Baabda & Anjar and the
infamous Interior Minister Elias MURR, who will be given TOP honors from
Richard Noble of Interpol & FBI for a job well done in removing any traces
of the American/Israeli assassination of Hobeika, courtesy of AZAR...
Ghazi Kanaan will do the rest to cover ALL tracks and " reassure " the
grieving folks and relatives of his "deepest sorrow" and close this chapter
securely, in order to forbid any official investigations for Good, for he
was to serve his AMERICAN HANDLERS... well, very well , until 2005.

It is noteworthy that the State Department's list of global terrorist
incidents for 2002 worldwide failed to list the car bombing attack on
Hobeika and his party. The White House wanted to ensure the attack was
censored from the report. The reason was simple: the attack ultimately had
Washington's fingerprints on it.

The Mossad in the CIA.

It might be of public interest to know that a significant number of Israeli
Mossad agents are now working in the United States as employees of
the Central Intelligence Agency. These agents, some of whom are listed
below, are initially paid by the Israeli Embassy in Washington but Israel
then bills the U.S. Government for the salaries and is reimbursed in full
on a monthly basis.

Here is a partial listing of identified Mossad agents (as of 1 January, 2007)
along with their dates of birth and salaries. They do not have American
Social Security numbers and do not pay American taxes.

Gadi Regev 12/17/1975 $63,000 per annum
Betzalel Yanay 9/4/1978 $75,000 “
Eyal Artzel 5/27/1977 $ 87,000 “
Sharon Rotem 8/12/1977 $ 75,000 “
David Susi 1/9/1975 $90,000 “
Dana Sasson 8/10/1980 $70,000 “
Morin Biton 7/14/1980 $ 63,000 “
Gilad Lifschitz 9/17/1978 $87,000 “
Maya Maimon 12/26/1978 $65,000 “
Marco Fernandez 4/13/1977 $54,000 “
Keren Touyz 8/20/1978 $75,000 “
Nofar Bahidi 21/2/79 $53,000 “
Michal Gal 8/10/1979 $92,000 “
Ophir Baer 11/11/1956 $102,000 “
Dilka Borenstein 3/15/1979 $ 67,000 “
Michael Calmanovic 9/6/75 $102,000 “

Most of these U.S.-subsidized spies live in Potomac, McLean, Georgetown
and Arlington. I have their addresses and these will be published ASAP.
These are Israeli citizens but many of the middle level CIA officials are
American-born Jews and not included in this list but we do know who
they are. All of them, without exception, work for Israel and Israeli
interests, not American interests and more than a few are known to
be friendly with a number of the so-called Neocons, a significant
number of whom are also Israeli citizens.... More later.
A U.S. intelligence source revealed to me, that in the world of intelligence
"carve out" subcontracts such confusion is often the case with "plausible
deniability" being a foremost concern in ALL covert operations, especially
in Elie Hobeika's case on January 24th 2002, & Hariri's Feb. 14th 2005...
Notwithstanding Jacques CHIRAC's gesticulations and false sorrow for the loss
of his "friend" Rafic HARIRI, he has been regularly organizing official
meetings in Paris for Asef Shawkat with his services to secure SYRIA for
and with Asef Shawkat,hence,In a series of secret meetings in Israel and
Europe, between 2000 and July 2006, Syrians, Americans and Israelis
formulated understandings for orchestrating several murders in Lebanon ...
and were executed well, with great precision and excellent timing like clock
work, the extreme sophistication of Hariri's MURDER is a case in point for
later comments in due course...

High level European intelligence sources now report that Karl Rove
personally coordinated Hobeika's assassination. The liaison with American
Intelligence was done through Bahjat Suleiman from Syrian Intelligence.
French DGSE played a major role in Paris, by helping in the " orchestrated "
attack on Mr. Elie Hobeika , with various shady books and publications, and
by giving refuge in France & sanctuary to criminal elements directly linked
to MOSSAD and CIA who authored these phony publications .
This help was provided prior to the murder, by tolerating a full fledged
smear campaign, orchestrated by intelligence operatives preparing the
grounds for a horrendous murder, and help continued after the murder has
been well executed , and after ALL the facts were available to the French
Government and DGSE, and even more phony publications by the same
individuals were willingly nurtured and publicized.

French DGSE knew full well the criminal history of these individuals,&
French DGSE knew full well that those guys were proven LIARS, but still
gives them sanctuary, help, assistance and more... in France today.
It is well established that CIA has a MAJOR base of operations in Paris,
together with DGSE , since Sep. 11th 2001, against the so-called war on
" Terror ", despite the highly publicized positions of Jacques Chirac,
critical of the Iraq invasion, prior to 2003 and beyond....

The hit on Hobeika was sold by CIA through a tortuous web & employed
Lebanese CIA agents. Syrian President Bashar Assad was trying to
curry favor with the Bush administration in the aftermath of 9-11 and was
more than willing to help the White House, and Ghazi Kanaan did everything
he could to help CIA in this Murderous Endeavour to assassinate Mr. Elie
Hobeika, and did ALL he could after the Murder to cover ALL tracks and
wash the crime scene with high powered water guns in the hour that followed
the Terror Car Bomb in Hazmieh...

Syria believed that the massive support it gave Washington in the
investigation of Al-Qaeda activists - "after September 11, the Syrian
leader, Bashar Assad, initiated the delivery of Syrian intelligence to the
U.S. The Syrians had compiled hundreds of files on Al-Qaeda, including
dossiers on the men who participated, and others who wanted to participate,
in the September 11 attacks," Seymour Hersh wrote in the July 28 issue of
The New Yorker - it would be able to "protect itself" in the face of
American pressure.

According to Sy Hersh, he uncovered close ongoing relations developed
between Syria , the CIA and FBI, in the course of which Syria transmitted
information that saved many American lives. "In one instance," Hersh writes,
"the Syrians learned that Al-Qaeda had penetrated the security services of
Bahrain and had arranged for a glider loaded with explosives to be flown
into a building at the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet headquarters there." Thanks to
Syria's help, the operation was thwarted. Agents of the CIA and FBI were
allowed to conduct "intelligence-gathering operations" in Aleppo, where they
questioned people who knew Mohammed Atta, one of the planners and
implementers of the September 11, 2001, attacks, and the family of bin
Laden, in Latakia. George Tenet, the director of the CIA, was a frequent
visitor to Syria and received full cooperation. At one stage, the CIA wanted
to establish a permanent "back" channel with Damascus but apparently ran
into some obstacles: the State Department, which didn't want the CIA poking
around in foreign policy...

CIA has prevailed over the state department, and CIA has now a permanent
base in Syria. Syria is still providing precious help to CIA on Al-Qaeda,
and this has been confirmed this summer by none other than the DCI
Michael Hayden himself, when he said specifically that Syria's information
on Al-Qaeda and other intelligence matters provided to the USA, are
Indispensable for CIA, and he refused to sign on the attack by Israel
on Syria ..... It seems that Syria still has a lot of information up its
sleeves on the Various assassinations in Lebanon, which are without a
shadow of a doubt, A joint Venture and a Joint US/SYRIAN operation with
Israeli blessing and tacit approval and logistical support, whenever this
is needed.... to further the technical skills of the Syrian Intelligence
apparatus of Asef Shawkat and other " penetrated bodies of Intelligence "
in Damascus and Lebanon.... More Later.

Hafez Assad, had been an ally of Bush's father during Desert Storm, a period
that saw Washington give a "wink and a nod" to Syria's occupation of
Lebanon. Rove wanted to help Sharon avoid any political embarrassment from
an in absentia trial in Brussels where Hobeika would be a star witness. Rove
and Sharon agreed on the plan to use Syrian Military Intelligence agents to
assassinate Hobeika. Rove saw Sharon as an indispensable ally of Bush in
ensuring the loyalty of the Christian evangelical and Jewish voting blocs in
the United States. Sharon saw the plan to have the United States coordinate
the hit as a way to mask all connections to Jerusalem.

Turning a blind eye was ordered by Assef Shawkat, the number two man in
Syrian military intelligence and a good friend and brother in law of Syrian
President Bashar Assad. Assad's intelligence services had already cooperated
with U.S. intelligence in resorting to unconventional methods to extract
information from al Qaeda detainees deported to Syria from the United States
and other countries in the wake of 9-11.
It is noteworthy here to disclose to the world, that Asef Shawkat had arranged
for the "Car accident"/assassination of Basil Al-Assad in 1994, in order to
pave the way for his marriage with Bushra Al-Assad. Basil was adamantly
opposed to this relationship and Asef knew that the only way to get his way,
is to KILL Basil Al-Assad....which he did.... more later!

The security was ordered to be completely removed , months before, from
Hobeika's neighborhood by General Raymond AZAR, the head of Lebanese
Military Intelligence and his deputy. CIA "arranged with their KILLERS"
remote controlled cars to be parked along Hobeika's route in Hazmieh; only
few hundred yards from the Barracks of Syrian Special Forces which are
stationed in the area near the Presidential palace , the ministry of Defense
and various Government and officers quarters. The KILLERS were ALL CIA
operatives who got DIRECT operational help from the Deuxieme Bureau,
the Lebanese Army's Military Intelligence Arm, and the USA's Embassy in
Awkar, their names, and names of their "Handlers", will be disclosed in due

This particular area is covered 24/7, by a very sophisticated American
multi-agency surveillance system to monitor Syrian and Lebanese security
activities, and is a " Choice " area to live in for its perceived high
security, [Courtesy of the Special Collections Services "SCS" , which is a
joint CIA & NSA & DIA team endeavor worldwide .]see below:

Our sources inform us that as part of the global encrypted and classified
communications services at the US State Department's Communications
Annex facility (State Communications Annex - SA26 - in Beltsville, Maryland,
just outside of Washington, DC. Also affected to this Murder Inc. is the joint
National Security Agency-Central Intelligence Agency Special Collection
Service (SCS) (F6) ("CSSG") located in a building off Springfield Road and
located adjacent to SA-26, which is located at 8101 Odell Road.
The SCS relies on the State Department backbone secure satellite
communications for its links to covert listening posts and devices around
the world. Agencies involved by the communications links are the State
Department, NSA, CIA,CIA2, NCTC, and Department of Defense....and :
Nathan Hale Hall on NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland complex.
Among other units, the building housed the 902nd Military
Intelligence Unit, which maintains the Threat and Local
Observation Notice database used to survey threats to
Army bases and personnel. "Threats" included peace and
veterans groups....and ex-Intelligence personnel and some

The plan to kill Hobeika had all the necessary caveats and built-in denial
mechanisms. If the Syrians were discovered beforehand or afterwards, Karl
Rove and his associates in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans would be
ensured plausible deniability, given the professional denigration effort
started in earnest, years ahead, in USA,Israel,France,Lebanon,using multi
layered organizations to denigrate Mr. Elie Hobeika in books and shady
publications, in print and on the Internet. The operation took years in
planning, but succeeded in eliminating a Lebanese Icon, using Syrian,
and Lebanese operatives, with the full "tacit" agreement of a complex
web of actors, after years of intense covert disinformation, an Operation
run by highly skilled professionals, who use "witting" and "unwitting
elements"...a Classic Black operation for the people in the "Know"....

From David Halevy in Time Magazine in 1982, to Barbara Newman, & from
USCFL to local and other International creepy actors and seedy players,
Mr. Elie Hobeika bore the brunt of a skilled disinformation machine,
single-handedly, for well over 20 years. In other words, during Times of
WAR, and in "Peace Times" of the NEOCONS.,(FDDC),& DOD's OSP,
THE TRUTH will always be the first Victim.

Hobeika's CIA'S SHADOW.... in Beirut, a man only referred to as "Jason" by
Hobeika, was a frequent companion of the Lebanese politician during official
and off-duty hours. During Hobeika's year 2000 election campaigns for his
parliamentary seat, Jason was often in Hobeika's office offering support and
advice. After Hobeika's assassination, Jason became despondent over the
death of his colleague. Eventually, Jason disappeared abruptly from Lebanon
and reportedly later emerged in Pakistan. Jason was very close to Hobeika.
Karl Rove's involvement in the assassination of Hobeika may not have been
the last "hit" he ordered to help out Sharon. In March 2002, a few months
after Hobeika's assassination, another Lebanese Christian with knowledge of
Sharon's involvement in the Sabra and Shatilla massacres was gunned down
along with his wife in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A bullet fired at Michael Nassar's
car flattened one of his tires. Nassar pulled into a gasoline station for
repairs. A professional assassin, firing a gun with a silencer, shot Nassar
and his wife in the head, killing them both instantly. The assailant fled
and was never captured. Nassar was also involved with the Phalange militia
at Sabra and Shatilla. Nassar was also reportedly willing to testify against
Sharon in Belgium, as a nephew of SLA Commander General Antoine Lahd,
may have had important evidence to bolster Hobeika's charge that Sharon
ordered SLA forces into the camps to wipe out the Palestinians.
But further detailed Investigations proved that the HIT on Nassar was
only a Diversion ordered by CIA and carried out by Ghassan Touma , Ragi
Abdo, Alias "Al-Capitaine" - Naji Najjar & their Killers in Brazil... and
elsewhere! More Later... on a related topic and Robert Nassar ???

Based on what European intelligence claims is concrete intelligence on
Rove's involvement in the assassination of Hobeika, the Bush administration
can now add political assassination to its laundry list of other misdeeds,
from lying about the reasons to go to war to the torture tactics in
violation of the Geneva Conventions that have been employed by the Pentagon
and "third country" nationals at prisons in Iraq , Guantanamo Bay,
Morocco, and various East European locations, among others....

It is noteworthy that the State Department's list of global terrorist
incidents for 2002 worldwide failed to list the car bombing attack on
Hobeika and his party.... But Listed a small Hand Grenade thrown at a
U.S. franchise in the middle of the night when the place was closed, empty
and no one was hurt? The White House wanted to ensure the terror attack
on Mr. Elie Hobeika, and his party of three young men with families, was
censored from the report. The reason was simple: this attack ultimately had
Washington's and Israel's fingerprints all over it....

Both Israel and SYRIA are Murderous KILLERS , and they are BOTH the
Protégés of the USA... they are still playing enemies, while they all work the
assassinations in Lebanon a la queue le leu... Stop kidding yourselves.

Ever since this story came Online, there was a tremendous interest in
reading this ....., by very noteworthy INTELLIGENCE agencies....,
as outlined below:

This is some of the evidence for you and for the World...article&sid=1052
~encrypted/logs/access ====>> INTELLIGENCE Agencies Servers footprints.
Not to mention hundreds of private companies and governments........!

See Below : INTELLIGENCE Agencies , INTELL. :

Lines 10-36 of my logfiles show a lot of interest in this article: =1052
# grep sid=1052 /encrypted/logs/access_logawk '{print$1,$7}'sed-n'10,36p'. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
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NATO Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Nato Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
Strategic Air Command US Intel. /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
European Parliament Intel. Unit /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Department of Justice... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Department of Justice... /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Treasury Department /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
USA Treasury Department /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
CIA Langley /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
CIA Langley /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052
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On US “Diplomacy”…

La diplomatie de l’alliance US & Co. fait perdre souvent le sens de vérité aux mots partout dans le monde…, normal pour les diplomates de ” l’ouest…” et des “Juifs de cour” englués dans la Galout…

The contrast between the raw display of people power and the stunningly irrelevant gatherings of so-called leaders in an idyllic Swiss alpine resort at the very same time could not have been starker. At the same time that popular uprisings were raging 
furiously, the rich and the famous were feasting on caviar and champagne buffets, outdoing each other with comically clueless pronouncements about political, fiscal and social responsibility, and generally feeling very satisfied about their own sense of importance….

Only when diplomats will be selected based on meaningful qualification criteria and not based on the amounts of money they contributed to a politician or a political party, only then can we expect women and men who practice diplomacy as the art of conducting negotiations and bridging between nations, without supercilious arrogance and patronizing hostility… And only then will we finally be able to bury the old, decrepit habits and shout with joy: Diplomacy is dead… Long live diplomacy!

The great contribution of the last ten years, to the understanding of US evil has been to expose unpalatable truths about the Infamous White House Murder INC, and those criminal lackeys in the EU and the Levant who tag along with its odious machinations….

Hezbollah has never been and will never be a threat to pluralism and Democracy in Lebanon. Hizbullah is part and parcel of participatory democracy in Lebanon, and has absolutely no intention of changing one iota now or in the future…

Why does the US-Israeli propaganda machine describe Hezbollah as the “A-Team of terrorism” if Hezbollah only matters in a “little slice of Lebanon” as you all put it? There are several reasons:

1) Hezbollah has in the past, and will in the future, defeat the Israeli war machine anytime…. Thus, in the mid-long term, Hezbollah will be the main force which will bring down all of the Israeli Apartheid regime…

2) Hezbollah is a living example, that even a VERY SMALL but truly religious and dedicated group of people can hold their ground against the entire USraelian Empire. The Divine Victory in 2000 and 2006 was not only a defeat for Israel, it was a defeat for the entire worldwide US/Zionist power configuration…just look at Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco…,Yemen, Bahrain, etc.

3) Very importantly, by NOT, repeat, NOT engaging in terrorism, Hezbollah proves wrong all the Zionist propaganda which says that all Muslims are terrorists or all Resistance to the crumbling Empire is terrorist….

4) Hezbollah offers the Muslim world a VIABLE alternative to the Wahhabi crazies on one hand, and the corrupt dictators a la Mubarak, Abdallah, Saleh and Assad on the other….

All these are the reasons that while it is wrong to call Hezbollah the “A-Team of terrorism” it would be fair to call Hezbollah the “A-Team of the Resistance to the Empire”. To tell you the truth, I believe that Hezbollah has more power than even a major country and regional superpower like Iran….,as long as no comprehensive peace is in sight…

As for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, I consider him the indisputable leader of the world wide resistance to the utterly corrupt and crumbling evil Empire….

Hezbollah and Sayyed Nasrallah are no Lilliput. They are *giants* which the Zionists have very good reason to hate and fear….They are a superb, dedicated and very successful Lebanese Nationalist Resistance.

Could you tell me whom you would single out as the most influential leader and/or movement in the resistance to the Empire?

Yet again, Sayyed Nasrallah and Hezbollah have played their hand just *beautifully*, I would say in an ‘Aikido-like’ manner: they used every move made by their opponents to turn the situation to their advantage… Even this ill-conceived puppet STL ‘tribunal’ will end up having made Hezbollah only much stronger….despite all the machinations of the US Treasury Dept. and the Corrupt/AIPAC Congress or any “Israel Firsters” in USA…

This, yet again, only further confirms my belief that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah are by far the smartest political actors on the planet….and they will know how to deal with any “new situation” that might materialize in Syria, or anywhere else…

Iran has been and will always remain a key strategic partner in the ME, the Persian gulf and Eurasia.

The relationship with Iran never runs smooth for either Arabs, US or Eurasia… Iran is a complex country of great sophistication in culture, politics and society and is not an easy partner to understand. Nonetheless, it is one of those pivotal countries with which unless you have a meaningful understanding and cooperation, your overall regional policies remain by far sub-optimal or even ineffectual… The United States never quite regained its rhythm in the Middle East after the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979….but, even if the Assad Mafia and cronies are toppled in Syria, Iran will find a way to continue its steadfast support for the Valiant Lebanese Resistance of Hezbollah, since the Syrian people are nationalist supporters of the Resistance of Hizbullah, and Iran will manage to have a good working relationship with any new Democracy in Syria, sure to come soonest…

I do not admire Hezbollah for being incorruptible, they mostly are… My very first exposure to Hezbollah came from a friend of mine who spent time in South Lebanon and who told me “the only truly honest men in Lebanon are Nasrallah and Hezbollah”. That is what piqued my interest, but after studying them for over a decade (and I think that I know more about them than most people) I came to the conclusion that not only is Shia Islam the branch of Islam I admire the most, but the one represented by Hezbollah, whose spiritual leader is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is the most “advanced” or “refined” school of Islamic thought… Furthermore, I consider Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as most definitely the most intelligent and wise man in the Middle-East, if not of the world. To really see that, you have to read or listen to many of his speeches, you have to immerse yourself in his thought. He is a complex and subtle individual who can only be understood after a prolonged study…., and that is precisely why the Infamous White house Murder INC, wants him assassinated yesterday, if they can, since the debacle of IDF in 2000 & 2006…. Contrary to what some seem to think, I am not at all an unconditional admirer of Iran or, even less so, Ahmedinejad… But Nasrallah yes, I admire him deeply…

The Iran nuclear problem always had a larger-than-life significance. The Iran problem is all about the ABC of the international system. The US’ doublespeak is at once apparent: it camouflages geopolitics as its non-proliferation agenda in the Middle East… Everyone knows that Iran situation is a litmus test of the end of the ‘unipolar’ era.

The US-Iran standoff for what it is essentially, namely a geopolitical shadow play, the fallout could be beneficial for many countries soon….

The point would be that to employ US “tools” effectively requires a rational world view of what America’s interests really are, and that this is totally absent… We have the tools, but not the wisdom… In Egypt you can see the recent results in US dithering and then decision to back revolution wherever it may occur or lead…

The great contribution of the last ten years, to the understanding of US evil has been to expose unpalatable truths about the Infamous White House Murder INC, and those criminal lackeys in the EU and the Levant who tag along with its odious machinations since 1996….

La diplomatie de l’alliance US & Co. fait perdre souvent le sens de vérité aux mots partout dans le monde…, normal pour les diplomates laches de ” l’ouest…” et des “Juifs de cour” englués dans la Galout…

The contrast between the raw display of people power and the stunningly irrelevant gatherings of so-called “leaders” in an idyllic Swiss alpine resort at the very same time could not have been starker. At the same time that popular uprisings were raging 
furiously, the rich and the famous were feasting on caviar and champagne buffets, outdoing each other with comically clueless pronouncements about political, fiscal and social responsibility, and generally feeling very satisfied about their own sense of importance….

Only when Ambassadors will be selected based on meaningful qualification criteria and not based on the amounts of money they contributed to a politician or a political party, only then can we expect women and men who practice diplomacy as the art of conducting negotiations and bridging between nations, without supercilious arrogance, criminality, covert-ops., Psy-ops., and patronizing hostility… And only then will we finally be able to bury the old, decrepit habits and shout with joy: Diplomacy is dead… Long live diplomacy! Realpolitik versus rosy election slogans of human rights, freedom and democracy for the world… American diplomats are thinking of how to negotiating the balance between strategic concerns and human rights these days…

The “enlightened” criminal fascists of the US of A. in a few words…

Remember last year…, a trial in Italy and subsequent conviction in absentia of several people involved in renditions… This included a number of CIA agents… The supreme court judge there in Italy was undeterred by the numerous personal threats prior to the trial… Haven’t heard a word since….

America’s legacy – and, yes, MUBARAKOBAMA is continuing it without stop… If you can stand it, it is important to watch the videos embedded in this report:

America’s Legacy of Mutagenic War

So very sad we all permit this madness…and the Infamous White House Murder INC, And, even support it with our own Dollars and labor!

Goddamn the ogres who run this US fascist enterprise! May those behind this kind of thing have it returned on their heads – and, their families – ten thousand fold…

I am very aware about the “Happenings” in the good old USA and elsewhere…and I don’t give a damn about those cowardly KILLERS/Assassins…who hide behind balcony walls to press a remote control button to assassinate innocent people/leaders…for cheap political aims…

I have told all “concerned” mentioned in my posts about the Infamous White House Murder INC, in person and in writing…exactly what I KNOW about them…. I have done that since 2002…and again in 2005 prior to the HIT on Hariri…which I knew exactly that it was coming…give or take 2/3 weeks…and I tried to do something about it…but failed… and I have done that repeatedly…[ Telling them exactly what I know and what I feel about them...] and yes, I do visit those countries frequently….

Trust me, they are ALL F*/**g COWARDS, The US, The Syrians, The Israelis and the French…and I am listing those countries on purpose…

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah should continue to be extremely cautious and weary of Syrian assassins’ prying eyes…

U.S. President Barack Obama’s appointment of a U.S. Ambassador to Syria is definitely related to the situation in Lebanon….. and is a direct result of Syria accomplishing a “valuable mission” for the U.S.A./Israel nexus…, when Asef SHAWKAT’s goons assassinated Imad F. MOUGHNIEH in Damascus in 2008, and it is part and parcel of a number of missions Syria is expected to fulfill to mobilize a few pending issues in the Middle East…. One such mission, is Syria’s role in preventing Hezbollah from executing any military actions as part of its campaign against the Special CIA/MOSSAD Tribunal for Hezbollah defamation ….
Future missions expected of Syria since 2008 revolve around the urgent need of CIA/MOSSAD to attempt the assassination of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah soonest … with Asef SHAWKAT’s valuable help as usual for the infamous White House Murder INC, since January 24th 2002….in all the assassinations in the Levant….”
If the Assad Mafia is to continue to be protected from STL’s shenanigans, it is expected of them to deliver Hassan Nasrallah’s head on a silver platter to CIA/MOSSAD….and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is absolutely right to continue to take all necessary precautions from Shawkat’s prying eyes at all times, wherever he goes….

On the 3rd anniversary of Imad F. Moughnieh’s assassination at Kfar Soussa in the heart of Damascus, by Asef Shawkat and his MI goons…

The JPost has come up today with a new theory about this assassination…in order to cover the tracks of Asef Shawkat.
The JPost and many other Israeli/US/EU publications have offered many wild and fantastical concocted stories during the last 3 years, precisely to cover the tracks of Asef Shawkat’s assassins, working on behalf of the Infamous White House Murder INC, since January 24th 2002, up until Feb. 12th 2008…and counting…

SHN & Hezbollah know exactly who assassinated Imad F. Moughnieh in Damascus, and Hizbullah knows precisely that it is Asef Shawkat and his MI killers who took Moughnieh out, in a trade-off with STL’s masters…who will afford protection for the Assad Regime from any indictments in the Hariri case…

So, if Hizballah still wants to retaliate for Imad F. Moughnieh’s assassination, the address is Damascus Syria… the MI squad of assassins and Asef Shawkat.

Show me any “set of behaviors” and I will show you an example of just such behaviors in the Land of the Free, over the last few decades… A properly administered legal system is what keeps these unspecified behaviors in check….and we obviously never had it in Lebanon, and still don’t today…

Suffice it to say, that the whole Belgium trial issues were a complete Charade…, as well as the lawsuit… It was never meant to go to actual trials… It was meant to give enough “reasons”… to pretend that the assassination of Elie Hobeika was directly linked to those events, law suit, books, etc. …It was not….The whole scam was designed as chaff in the wind…and it was part and parcel of the disinformation, demonization campaigns, destined to provide Plausible Deniability for ALL involved…in the Infamous White House Murder INC, and their local chapters…

The Americans were absolutely adamant about not wanting those kinds of trials…. more than the Israelis….because it would have a direct bearing on their Army’s operations later on…and they would have done everything to shut it down ASAP, as soon as the assassination of Elie was “consumed”…

As to your question about Why would Syria take him out? The quick answer to that is that Syria was very close to the Americans after 9/11, especially the MI and Asef Shawkat, who is the liaison with US Intel., Renditions, security cooperation, intel sharing on terror, etc, which is La Devise Syrienne par excellence…and to make a long story short… You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours…etc. and Syria knew that no one would allow such trials to fruition in any way shape or form…

Later on, this “experience” from the HIT on Elie…would be used by the US/Israel to Bamboozle Asef Shawkat and the SMI into doing another very big one…as an encore…


Of course none have yet explained just why the US supported the Syrian occupation of Lebanon for 30 odd years ….(remember that?), or just why the US gave a green light to the Israelis to invade in 1982 , 93, 96, 2006, (remember that?), or…why the US cut and ran like cowards in 83…, or what did they say to the LF in 84…? only to do exactly the opposite in 86…, Or….the actions of the Infamous White House Murder INC, from 2002 to 2008, Or….

ALL what is said about Mr. Elie Hobeika is pure hearsay with the obvious intent of further demonizing Elie unfairly, because none of you really knows anything about the man and his real record during the long war…

On the other hand you March14th idols’ record is well established and well documented…

Samir Geagea was behind many atrocious deliberate assassinations that are too numerous to even count: Tony Frangieh and his family, kids and about 21 innocent people. This particular hit was also orchestrated by the Gemayels, with a very heavy Mossad input. Geagea also assassinated a sitting Sunni Prime Minister by the name of Rashid Karame. Geagea also assassinated Dany Chamoun, his family and kids. Geagea also lined up against the wall with a firing squad, many Lebanese Army officers during his battles with Michel Aoun in 1988/89 with hundreds of casualties. Geagea also launched an insurrection against comrades in arms in 1986 to secure total control over his sector of the country, whereby over 650 young Christian combatants lost their lives in a futile battle of wills. Geagea blew up a Patriarchate and a Church killing and maiming many innocent by-standers…Geagea stole hundreds of Millions of USD from the coffers of the LF. Geagea was tried and convicted in 94 for some of those crimes and was sentenced for three consecutive life sentences and served 11 years in solitary confinement. He was recently Pardoned in 2005 following American/CIA machinations, because CIA needed his “services” again and has re-launched his political party and other related CIA/subversive activities etc. confronting again the policies of GMA [ General Michel Aoun ] in a political rematch of sorts…

The US takes the same failed projects and US puppet personalities…draws similarly eerie plans from the past…and seems to always take off the “shelves” past operations for an Encore…The end result is all around us with what is taking place today all over the ME…and from Quetta to Darfur…

My view is that nothing can be done about US Foreign policy until the American people wake up and take charge of their Government again, throwing all the rascals out….

I understand you were distracted, far away and busy, these were times when events were moving faster then any of you could keep pace with…

To deny the essential hubris of the everlasting, all conquering Self was always to hold dear something older, some vague memory of higher ideals, greater meaning….History will be fair to our fallen Heroes no matter what is thrown at them by the gullible ignorant few....

again and again…!

The most accurate and precise account of exactly what happened in Sep. of 1982 can be found in the book of Alain Menargues: Les Secrets de la guerre du Liban. The “alleged Master mind” is definitely not Elie Hobeika and ALL the MSM accounts of that tragic event have been regurgitated callously ever since. The late Elie Hobeika has never ever been accused of any crime in a court of law, never indicted about any crimes whatsoever, and should be left alone to rest in Peace, now that he has been cowardly assassinated by the infamous White House Murder INC, in 2002 at the advent of the neocons and their sordid plans…and for very specific reasons having nothing to do with what you are alluding to, but that’s another story…

For more details see this:

I have also said that we have been deeply hurt, wounded, and are still in mourning for the loss of Elie and his 3 wonderful companions…. NINE years after the fact….and the wound is still very deep indeed…Or do you advocate that only the Hariri’s have a right to cry foul….

Discharging from a much deeper wound…which has befallen upon us unjustly from USA/Israel and their criminal Ziocons and their henchmen in the Levant…. It’s the least we can do, in memory of our beloved fallen comrades, savagely assassinated by the Infamous White House Murder INC, to voice our determined and persistent disgust…and we have yet to disclose 10% of what we know first hand…about these despicable criminals…

Much of US involvement in the ME involves deception....

Much of US involvement in the ME involves deception (of others and our own US population), willful refusal to deal with rational actors, and the exploitation of a particular set of political networks…. to spread never ending disinformation…which is typical of Gambill or Stratfor…. [ Stratfor is CIA disinformation wall to wall, Texas funded and Texas based ]
Assad certainly got off too easy here… The number one problem of Syria is the Alawite’s systematic corruption spanning decades, a la Mubarak or worse….

A bunch of special interests does not a strategy make. For outsiders like Gambill, Stratfor, and others, Washington seems like a talking head gallery/echo chamber…for compounded CIA Disinformation…and Gambill’s stint with USCFL few years back is a glaring example….

Sweet words and noble rhetoric conveyed in “academic” statements are meaningless and reveal nothing about real US/Israeli intentions….

Once America adopted the ZIOCONIC view of the world, America suffered from an isolation and resentment that has spread across the world but most severely in the Middle East….and it is getting worse by the day, since the Neocon left behind network in DC is still active…. Fabricated intelligence is often the handmaiden of stupid policies, and the US is still in denial….

The people of Syria should finally get the opportunity to actively shape their own future without corrupt elites in league with outside forces continuing to successfully be able to hinder true independent paths of development that benefit more than a tiny dictatorial Alawite minority desperately clinging to power in Syria….

Everything here is filtered through ultra-political prisms that distort what might or might not be the best thing for the country in question, as far as Syrian & US “court Media” Gambill and his ilk are concerned…. Syria’s problem is not just in the Party structure, but in the military-security apparatus of the Assad Dictatorship and its utter corruption, which is well known in Washington for ages….where it is policy not to offend the regime of the ASSAD Mafia in Damascus, often doing the bidding of CIA/MOSSAD in various ways, especially within the confines of the Infamous White House Murder INC, and its criminal machinations in the Levant since 2000….[ Gary C. Gambill was part and parcel of that criminal disinformation enterprise while in USCFL.]

Still, he could get off easy as the darker side of Syrian involvement in Lebanon is (somewhat) plausibly deniable for now…
The two state solution now, of course, is chaff in the wind….and continuing an endless “Process” of peace has been proven to be a farce….whether comprehensive or strictly with Syria…The most likely outcome from this turmoil is for the Israelis to rekindle the “Jordanian option”….

The imperial system Gambill is working so hard to prevent from collapsing, based around networks of individuals and interests binding the US, Britain, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and their more minor pawns in the region, looks pretty shaky now….

That area has been a mess for hundreds of years and the recent one is over a century old and could continue a few more. Hopefully, Americans will start to recognize that propping up dictators is not all that productive anymore. However, unless there are strong local civic institutions in Syria, Egypt, etc. full democracy is just a dream and can become a nightmare….

"The Observer has discovered that MI5, Special Branch and the Metropolitan Police began secretly developing the system in the wake of the 11 September attacks. In effect, the controversial charging scheme will create one of the most daunting defence systems protecting a major world city when it goes live a week tomorrow. It is understood that the system also utilizes facial recognition software which automatically identifies suspects or known criminals who enter the eight-square-mile zone. Their precise movements will be tracked by camera from the point of entry… However, civil liberty campaigners yesterday claimed that millions had been misled over the dual function of the scheme, promoted primarily as a means of reducing congestion in central London."

The addition in 2003 of this new panopticon traffic scan to London's already extensive system of video surveillance ensures that the average citizen is "caught on CCTV cameras 300 times a day." It may make it easier for the police to apprehend non-suicidal terrorists, but it does little to protect the city from well-planned and competently disguised vehicle bomb attacks. Blair's "Third Way" has been a fast lane for the adoption of Orwellian surveillance and the usurpation of civil liberties, but until some miracle technology emerges (and none is in sight) that allows authorities from a distance to "sniff" a molecule or two of explosive in a stream of rush-hour traffic, the car bombers will continue to commute to work.

The "King" of Iraq (the 2000s) CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6.

"Insurgents exploded 13 car bombs across Iraq on Sunday, including eight in Baghdad within a three-hour span."

Car bombs -- some 1,293 between 2004 and 2005, according to researchers at the Brookings Institution -- have devastated Iraq like no other land in history. The most infamous, driven or left by sectarian jihadists, have targeted Iraqi Shiites in front of their homes, mosques, police stations, and markets: 125 dead in Hilla (February 28, 2005); 98 in Mussayib (July 16); 114 in Baghdad (September 14); 102 in Blad (September 29); 50 in Abu Sayda (November 19); and so on.

Some of the devices have been gigantic, like the stolen fuel-truck bomb that devastated Mussayib, but what is most extraordinary has been their sheer frequency -- in one 48-hour-period in July 2005 at least 15 suicide car bombs exploded in or around Baghdad. The sinister figure supposedly behind the worst of these massacres is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian arch-terrorist who reportedly criticized Osama bin Laden for insufficient zeal in attacking domestic enemies like the "infidel Shias." Al-Zarqawi, it is claimed, is pursuing an essentially eschatological rather than political goal: a cleansing of enemies without end until the Earth is ruled by a single, righteous caliphate.

Toward this end, he – or those invoking his name -- seems to have access to an almost limitless supply of bomb vehicles (some of them apparently stolen in California and Texas, then shipped to the Middle East) as well as Saudi and other volunteers eager to martyr themselves in flame and molten metal for the sake of taking a few Shiite school kids, market venders, or foreign "crusaders" with them. Indeed the supply of suicidal madrassa graduates seems to far exceed what the logic of suicide bombing (as perfected by Hezbollah and the Tamil Tigers) actually demands: Many of the explosions in Iraq could just as easily be detonated by remote control. But the car bomb -- at least in Al-Zarqawi's relentless vision -- is evidently a stairway to heaven as well as the chosen weapon of genocide.

But Al Zarqawi did not originate car bomb terrorism along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates; that dark honor belongs to the CIA and its favorite son, Iyad Allawi. As the New York Times revealed in June 2004:

"Iyad Allawi, now the designated prime minister of Iraq, ran an exile organization intent on deposing Saddam Hussein that sent agents into Baghdad in the early 1990s's to plant bombs and sabotage government facilities under the direction of the CIA, several former intelligence officials say. Dr. Allawi's group, the Iraqi National Accord, used car bombs and other explosives devices smuggled into Baghdad from northern Iraq… One former Central Intelligence Agency officer who was based in the region, Robert Baer, recalled that a bombing during that period ‘blew up a school bus; schoolchildren were killed.'"

According to one of the Times' informants, the bombing campaign, dead school kids and all, "was a test more than anything else, to demonstrate capability." It allowed the CIA to portray the then-exiled Allawi and his suspect group of ex-Baathists as a serious opposition to Saddam Hussein and an alternative to the coterie (so favored by Washington neoconservatives) around Ahmed Chalabi. "No one had any problem with sabotage in Baghdad back then," another CIA veteran reflected. "I don't think anyone could have known how things would turn out today."

Today, of course, car bombs rule Iraq. In a June 2005 article entitled, "Why the car bomb is king in Iraq," James Dunnigan warned that it was supplanting the roadside bomb (which "are more frequently discovered, or defeated with electronic devices") as the "most effective weapon" of Sunni insurgents as well as of Al Zarqawi, and thus "the terrorists are building as many as they can." The recent "explosive growth" in car ownership in Iraq, he added, had made it "easier for the car bombs to just get lost in traffic."

In this kingdom of the car bomb, the occupiers have withdrawn almost completely into their own forbidden city, the "Green Zone," and their well-fortified and protected military bases. This is not the high-tech City of London with sensors taking the place of snipers, but a totally medievalized enclave surrounded by concrete walls and defended by M1 Abrams tanks and helicopter gunships as well as an exotic corps of corporate mercenaries (including Gurkhas, ex-Rhodesian commandos, former British SAS, and amnestied Colombian paramilitaries). Once the Xanadu of the Baathist ruling class, the 10-square-kilometer Green Zone, as described by journalist Scott Johnson, is now a surreal theme park of the American way of life:

"Women in shorts and T-shirts jog down broad avenues and the Pizza Inn does a brisk business from the parking lot of the heavily fortified U.S. Embassy. Near the Green Zone Bazaar, Iraqi kids hawk pornographic DVDs to soldiers. Sheik Fuad Rashid, the U.S.-appointed imam of the local mosque, dresses like a nun, dyes his hair platinum blond and claims that Mary Mother of Jesus appeared to him in a vision (hence the getup). On any given night, residents can listen to karaoke, play badminton or frequent one of several rowdy bars, including an invitation-only speakeasy run by the CIA."

Outside the Green Zone, of course, is the ‘Red Zone' where ordinary Iraqis can be randomly and unexpectedly blown to bits by car bombers or strafed by American helicopters. Not surprisingly, wealthy Iraqis and members of the new government are clamoring for admission to the security of the Green Zone, but U.S. officials told Newsweek last year that "plans to move the Americans out are ‘fantasy.'" Billions have been invested in the Green Zone and a dozen other American enclaves officially known for a period as "enduring camps," and even prominent Iraqis have been left to forage for their own security outside the blast walls of these exclusive bubble Americas. A population that has endured Saddam's secret police, U.N. sanctions, and American cruise missiles, now steels itself to survive the car bombers who prowl poor Shiite neighborhoods looking for grisly martyrdom. For the most selfish reasons, let us hope that Baghdad is not a metaphor for our collective future....

WMR's scoop on Dawood Ibrahim being behind Mumbai attacks now supported.

WMR's scoop on Indian crime boss Dawood Ibrahim as the main perpetrator behind last month's terrorist attacks on Mumbai are being supported from a number of quarters around the world.

The director of Russia's Federal Anti-Narcotics Service, Viktor Ivanov, told the Russian newspaper Rossiskaya Gazetathat "The gathered inputs testify that infamous regional drug baron Dawood Ibrahim had provided his logistics network for preparing and carrying out the Mumbai terror attacks by the militants."

Ivanov added, "The super profits of the narco-mafia through Afghan heroin trafficking have become a powerful source of financing organized crime and terrorist networks, destabilizing the political systems, including in Central Asia and Caucasus."

The Times of India also reported on a similar claim of Ibrahim's involvement in the Mumbai attacks from Special representative of the Russian president for International Co-operation in the Fight Against Terrorism, Anatoly Safonov. Safonov said "the drug network, which
finances the terror network, was a joint problem for India and Russia and that
the two countries co-operate more closely in the area."

Ivanov's intelligence has likely picked up the involvement of the CIA in Ibrahim's heroin trafficking enterprises. WMR previously reported that the CIA does not want Ibrahim falling into the hands of India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) lest its friends in the Russian SVR foreign intelligence agency have a chance to "question" Ibrahim about his CIA connections. Ibrahim is currently under the 24-hour protection of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency in Quetta, Pakistan.

However, Britain, which has its own links to Ibrahim's crime network, shows no desire to assist Russia and India on cracking down on the Pakistan-based crime lord. In fact, the Sunday Times of London revealed on December 21, 2008, that Jon Mendelsohn, the chief fundraiser for the Labor Party and a close confidante of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is a director of the Russia Foundation, a think tank in London that is financed by exiled Russian oligarch and Russian-Israeli Mafia opponents of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev. The Russia Foundation was started by elements close to jailed Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Mendelsohn replaced the tainted former Labor Party chief fundraiser Lord Levy in August 2007.

Rediff News of India has also highlighted Ibrahim's CIA connections, as well as those of his terrorist allies.