Friday, June 15, 2012

Pre-Planned Aggression–20,000 Libyans In Jordan “Waiting for Health Care,” 50,000 Tons of Weapons Waiting In Iraq....

Elements of a Pre-Planned Aggression–20,000 Libyans In Jordan “Waiting for Health Care,” 50,000 Tons of Weapons Waiting In Iraq....

“More than 20,000 Libyan patients who are receiving medical care at health facilities in Amman at public hospitals in the northern, central and southern regions. “

‘Syrians to receive free medical care; Libyans to be treated outside Amman’

50.000 tons of weapons and the Israeli northern Iraq reached $ 2.650 million and wait for the transfer to Lebanon...

Jordan turns the area between the retail and Ramtha to the “military zone” behind closed doors without the announcement in order to set up three camps to house 18 thousand armed predecessor Libby!?

Amman, the truth (especially of: Samia Haddadin + Editorial Office) is linked to many Lebanese politicians loyal to the west close ties with decision-making in Jordan since the Lebanese civil war years. Across the Jordan quoted several shipments of weapons to the Israeli right-fascist Lebanese mid-seventies, and on his head “brigades” and the “Tigers of the free,” in full coordination with intelligence and King Hussein of Jordan personally. Some of these weapons over the already through Syrian territory when he was Assad’s father, and specifically during the war years (1975 1977), in alliance with the right in question against the PLO and the nationalist forces and leftist Lebanese, and when cooperation with the right to destroy the camp of Tel Zaatar to Rars for the refugees of the Palestinians !

These alliances, “contrary to nature” has taken another dimension after the year 1982, even though the symbols of “right” Lebanese associated with Israel, especially the “brigades” and the “Lebanese Forces” and “Tigers of the free,” remain on the close relationship with the Jordanian regime. They feel like they are created from an egg fertilized with liquid British Israeli sperm! After the assassination of Hariri in 2005, joined them, Walid Jumblatt, the realization that his star began to fade the Syrian regime, and the banner of the future became pinned to the Gulf States and its allies, it became a lion of the past, or almost. Although the re-positioning in 2008, relatively, to help us a period of “mist,” but he kept one foot in “Raghadan Palace!” He has been trying for some time the transfer by the other also to him, especially after he was “sure”, or assured him the Emir of Qatar during his lightning recently to Doha, that “no longer a lion only days you can be prepared before the end of the drink,” Qurei maté “in selected! “

However, since the outbreak of the intifada, the Syrian, and even after its transformation from a “struggle for Syria” to “conflict out” threatens its existence and existence itself, avoid the Jordanian regime, Petkoinath different, let that be a rear base for opponents of the Syrian similar to what Turkey has done. This though both Washington and Ankara, and along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it has exercised from the pressures and temptations that can not afford only a “mighty.” But “forced your brother does not champion.” Jordanian street who did not hesitate from the beginning to stand by his brothers the Syrians in their battle against tyranny, no longer the case now. And statistical information documented collected by the Jordanian intelligence, and others, indicate that more than 60 percent of the Jordanian street re-positioning in recent months after he saw his own eyes that the subject is no longer about democracy or public freedoms in Syria (unless one can believe that the system beheadings by the sword in the Wahhabi state, and the system that does not allow women led even without the advisory opinion of the legitimacy of the camel, is a fan of democracy), but a bitter struggle to win the state and the people in Syria in order to move through to the other trench. However, this street was still supportive of the demands of the Syrian street, but not at any price and whatever the result, as was the case before!

This was the clearest demonstration of him what happened behind the scenes with the government of Marouf Bakhit (photo), who resigned, or rather, deposed, in October / October last year after it raised a red card in the face of three files, a basic working and Washington, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to force Jordan to engage wrapped. In this context, conveys a close associate of Al Bakhit on the latter as saying the “truth” that Washington and Qatar, “Ergmtani to resign after he insisted on refusal to resettle Palestinian refugees permanently in Jordan and stressed the principle of the right of return, after it refused to engage in, trailing the Syrian, and opposed strongly Jordan’s accession to the GCC, because I know that the only purpose of this project is to enable the forces (Peninsula Shield) of the troops stationed on the Syrian-Jordanian borders in preparation for foreign military intervention under the banner of Arab Gulf. system of procedure of the Gulf Cooperation Council makes the territory of its members and the unit security and military one, thus giving the right forces to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf of entry to Jordan and stationed on the Syrian border. and this is what can not accept it at all. “

Bakhit, who would soon travel to Syria at the head of a large delegation representing a wide range of forces of nationalism and democracy of Jordan, as I learned the “truth” sources close to it, will assure the Syrians that “the people of Jordan, along with the Jordanian army as well, will not be allowed at all to turn the territory of Jordan to the rear base of armed Syrians. ” But they also confirm that “the forces of nationalism and democracy have become Jordan believes that the root of political reforms and urgent in Syria, is the only way to block outside interference, and will be the deciding factor in the thwarted if it happened.” It also will assure them that “the presence of U.S. Special Forces to the area of retail was after the overthrow of his government, it was not possible during his stay at the head of the government,” in reference to the revelations in the “truth” in its report on 10 December / December last year , and confirmed by the media American later.

At this level, reveals that among the military intelligence, Bakhit of Jordan, “piercing to the core U.S. and Israeli”, has in recent weeks, and without announce it officially, to transfer the border region with Syria, between the towns of Mafraq, Ramtha, ie, p Li along about 30 km and a depth of about 10 km, to the “military zone” Ihzeraly any person entering or approaching them. And confirm these circles that the purpose of establishing this zone is to create three larger camps to house about twenty thousand Libby of fundamentalist organizations incitements of the “Brigade of Tripoli” with the leadership of Abdul Hakim Belhadj, who began arriving to Jordan under the guise that they are “wounded in need of treatment!” And these circles reveal that the number of Libyans in Jordan is now 43 thousand, of whom 18 thousand professional fighters from the Salafis, and the rest of the escorts them to their family members observed that most of them boys! Come down and those in hotels, hospitals, military in three key areas is the city and the suburb of Amman, “Abdoun” affiliate and the city of Irbid in the north. With regard to the latter, says among the former prime minister’s “truth” that hospitals “Royal Medical Services,” the military in Jordan, as well as hotels, are full of her father’s reel Libyan militants who paid the expenses of the Qatari government stay in Jordan. Because of overcrowding in the hospitals with them, it came to an end take down a large portion of them in the “hospital founder King Abdullah” in Ramtha, ie, a few kilometers from the shield! According to these circles that these Libyans “are not sick or injured at all, although there may be some among them who apply to them as such, but they are fighters Salafists participated in the battles of Tripoli, Misurata, was not able to U.S. intelligence, Jordanian, and behind them finance the country, brought to Jordan However, under the title of hospitalization, especially since their numbers in the thousands! ” But these sources exclude that allows the Jordanian government for them to carry out any military activity against Syrian territory at the moment, stage, which will come their role in which, according to what was agreed upon between Amman and Doha and Washington, is when you “get away with things in Syria from the scope of central government control Syrian whether as a result of the disintegration of the Syrian army or military intervention under the guise of an Arab and / or international. ” In the meantime what of those Libyans but Ieithoa havoc and chaos in Jordan, where it is many Jordanians submit complaints to the Jordanian authorities of harassment suffered at the hands of these thugs mercenaries (harassment, assault on private property, breaking light bulbs in the streets, stealing cars etc. ..)!

At this level, too, reveal the community itself for the “truth” that dozens of officers of the intelligence of Turkey began arriving recently to Jordan, and most of them residing in the “Marmara”, located in Mecca Street in “Rabia”, which turned into an “operations room of the intelligence Turkish!” They work for weeks to recruit the largest number of these Libyans and their transfer to the banner of Alexandretta occupied to attend to “the Syrian army free”, given that the battle will start from Jordanian territory “might take some time,” and thus may be long waiting for them in Jordan and may miss the train ” Jihad. ” While this battle in the “Mountain of the corner” was launched long time ago, it did not stop, and will have a major role in the days and the next few weeks!

But where site Lebanese politicians from all this!?

According to Jordanian sources informed that the Jordanian intelligence, which monitors the situation closely, recorded last month, the transfer of more than fifty tons of Israeli weapons to the airport of Erbil in Kurdistan in favor of armed Syrians, worth more than $ 650 million paid by the Qatari government for a company, “Rafael” Industries Israeli military. These include weapons launchers and anti-tank mines and Guenasat and shields individual fighters and communication devices and large quantities of ammunition for the weapons attached to them unnecessary. These sources reveal that the visit of Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt to Qatar recently, and then to Iraqi Kurdistan, and on to Turkey yesterday, specifically relating to this shipment. The visit to Erbil Samir Geagea in 12 of the last month, was directly linked to the case itself. According to these sources, the stakeholders have difficulty now is to transfer the shipment to the north of Lebanon in order to be passed to Damascus, Homs, especially after the Lebanese army deployed a number of its units in the region of “Wadi Khaled” adjacent to Homs, having stepped up “Party of God” Activity watchful eyes along the border areas where it has a social Bhadhanh. For this guide, Walid Jumblatt yesterday to Turkey in order to explore the possibility of passage of the shipment from Kurdistan to the insurgents in the province of Idleb Syria through Turkish territory, instead of Amrarha to Homs and Damascus through the port of Jounieh Lebanon, which was exposed during his past two days. It was Walid Jumblatt, according to the same quarters, he sent one of the most prominent security of its officials during the civil war, Hisham Anis Nasir al-Din, to Jordan to discuss the issue itself, but it did not reach a positive outcome. The Jordanians had told him that Jordan “is not interested in any involvement in the hot Syrian issue, at least at the current stage.” He told him the same thing Jordanians to Samir Geagea, a cowardly assassin, head of a CIA Proxy Militia of thugs since 1986...., as well! And confirm these sources that, in the case of failure of Jumblatt persuade the Turks to agree to the transfer of a shipment of arms across the land, will not only survive re-transfer to the port of Jounieh Lebanon under the control of the security apparatus of Samir Geagea, in order shipped overland through Zahle and Arsal, even if it involves adventure After finding that a large port!

These data revealed that intersect with the CIA disinformation outfit..... “center of the Stratfor intelligence” in Washington recently. Center has confirmed that the smuggling of arms to Syria through the Lebanese port of Jounieh under the supervision of Colonel WiSam Al-Hassan occupies a prominent place in this area currently, albeit less than optimal due to control the Lebanese army intelligence. The center says in this regard that Colonel Hassan, President of the Information Branch of the Lebanese Internal Security, known ties to Washington and France, is one of the supervised person on the smuggling of weapons into home Syrian, and therefore tried to Syrian intelligence management process to assassinate him recently been discovered by the Jordanian intelligence, which coordinates with him!? According to the report, “Stratfor”, the weapon that is being brought through the port of Jounieh, being transferred to the area of Zahle in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, which is the incubator is important for the group, Samir Geagea, while the surroundings one of the cans, “Future Movement” Hariri, and the parties Atsaaadan now in arms smuggling Syrian to the inside through the “Monastery of the tribes” and “Arsal” and “bottom”.

The remaining signal finally to that Faris Saeed, General Secretary of the Alliance “March 14″ of Lebanon, which is supported by Washington and Israel, was delivered the day before yesterday the word as “the Syrian National Council” and its president Burhanuddin pipe in the celebration of the Central, which was held in Beirut to mark the seventh anniversary of the assassination of Hariri! This is the first coordination and cooperation of a formal public between the two parties at this level, which is added to the total evidence accumulated over the past months about the “Syrian National Council,” which confirms that it is not in essence more than Israeli project before it is a Western, if we put aside the fact that at least five of its leaders, led by Basma Qdmana, reside in official relations with Israel since many years (Ms. Qdmana Ministry of Israel in 2008 under the name of Basma Qdmana Darwish; any time were still carries the nickname of her ex Nabil Darwish, Broadcaster in Monte Carlo). He was a prominent member of the “Council”, Khaled Khoja, has sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that “the support of the Syrian Revolution” because “Israel’s interest is with the Sunnis against Shiites,” and because the survival of the Syrian regime “will enable Iran and the Shiites the elimination of the State of Israel! ” The letter repeated the video and audio in a live interview with Israel’s Channel X on the eighth of this month! He was noting that none of the members of the “National Council” or his supporters, including the intellectuals adult Ksubha iron and Farouk Mardam or your Faraj Bayrakdar, has been convicted of or condemn or denounce what he had done Khoja!?